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Today we will discuss the 88 keys on the piano and also keyboards so you have a better understanding of where each note is.
Let’s discover all of the notes in the white keys starting with the traditional 88 key piano.
What we’ve talked about above is seriously a simplified method to taking a look at piano notes. Black keys are not the only notes that have enharmonic equivalents, lets look at white keys.
At times a piano note may be called a double flat or double sharp, or perhaps a triple sharp or flat. After you’ve discovered the note C, it is extremely simple to discover the other notes. They are named following the very first seven letters with the alphabet as well except for the fact that they are able to be either sharp or flat.

This key also can be named D flat (Db) simply because it’s 1 key towards the left of D. If keys are referred to by greater than a single name, we will name them by enharmonic equivalents. The note F also can be named E sharp E# considering the fact that it really is one particular half step higher than E. Every single note that comes before a set of two black keys is C and will be our reference point. Middle C is also the note halfway among the bass clef (left hand) and the treble clef (other hand). Basically put, sharp means to go up a higher note or to move to the right side on your keyboard.
After that we go to F sharp and F# or you guessed it G flat Gb, can you see the pattern that follows?

Understand more about half steps, complete measures, tones, semitones, sharps and flats will be discussed here. As is definitely the case together with the white piano notes, the pattern keeps repeating. They’re the identical key around the piano keyboard but can have different note names based on the key signature.

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