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This tutorial is mainly for Gujarati community and friends who are following my techno blog and I will step by step teach you How to type gujarati from your laptop, computer PC and you also can download Gujarati typing software Free after learning this tutorial.
Internet is the best medium to learn new technologies these days and social media like Facebook, Twitter has given an open platform for people to express their thoughts and that too in their own language. Step 4: Congratulations, Your Gujarati Typing software is downloaded and Installed successfully if you receive below message. Young, Dynamics, skilled Technocrat and Admin of Various regional and international communities on Facebook, Google.
The ability to type and use a computer keyboard is an essential skill for every computer user. The program offers lessons of varying difficulty, and keeps track of your progress so you can see how well you’re doing. The program exhibits a good pictorial presentation of the keyboard and hands that show which finger you need hit for each key. The program is highly recommended for all those untrained typists who are using two fingers which look for the key and then hit it. There are large list of web software and Operating system’s software available to gain your typing speed.
Amusing, yet multi-functional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts, like QWERTY or Dvorak. Only in Stamina Typing Tutor besides the traditional finger positioning on the keyboard are you offered an alternative method (to reduce hand stress)!
The software allows you to start with basic lessons such as Home Keys for index, middle and pinky fingers and practice lessons including poetry, prose and drills. 10 Finger BreakOut is a REAL arcade game, in which you are escaping from invaders, shooting and trying to hit balls.
Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor is an excellent free application to learn touch typing, no matter the language you speak or the keyboard you use. When you first run Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor you have to select the keyboard you are using and the language you’ll use, in the case of English, choose Qwerty_en.

Kirans Typing Tutor is packaged and will help you learn Touch Typing and improve typing skills and speed in a very easy way with in the shortest possible time. Bruces Unusual Typing Wizard is well constructed typing tutor to learn and practice typing. Description: Includes step by step tutorials, hacking tips,computer hacking software and tools and how to guides . After downloading this free Gujarati typing software you will be in position to write Gujarati using your computer or laptop. Learning to touch-type(use keyboard without looking at keys) isn’t difficult, but takes a lot of practice. Typing speed can usually be significantly increased if users will just practice consistently.
In this article, I would like to list you those 10 best and popular typing tutor software which are actually for free. After having gone through the fire, water and the course, you will be able to swiftly type away long e-mails (spam), efficiently misbehave in chat rooms, ICQ, and so on without ever looking at the keyboard.
It supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English, Hebrew, Numeric-keypad and more. RapidTyping Typing Tutor is designed to teach adults and kids to use their computer keyboard more efficiently than ever. Basic typing lessons enable beginners to understand Touch typing, Kids Typing module includes five different types of lessons designed for age groups from 4 to 8 years, Numeric Typing module designed to teach numeric key pad. It is designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced typists who are looking to gain speed or accuracy.
It was originally written for use only at Great Sankey High School to replace an old program which was unable to run under Windows 95. You doesn’t need to write at one place then copy and then paste in Facebook, you directly can type in Facebook, Emails, Word, Excel and in any software you may wish to. I often recommend TypingWeb for anyone who wants to become a touch typist or just a better typist.TypingWeb is an online program that help you to learn and improve keyboard typing skills.

Firstly to teach you the basics of horizontal touch typing with a series of exercise, and  to allow you to improve your typing progressively with a series of word and sentence exercises. However, registering for an account lets you save your progress, get rid of the ads, access additional content, and you can compete with other register members for your place in the hall of fame.
You will become proficient in typing by muscle memory(without looking) only after if you spend some time each day on TypingWeb (I used to spend 25 minutes a day). The consequence is you end up with purchasing some typing software which is not worth a buck; because there are large list of free typing software available to help you increase your typing speed. Learning to type is fun with the typing game included with RapidTyping, while its extensive training statistics and customized lessons are rarely seen in the much more expensive products. This software also has a unique algorithm, which is able to detect if a user is typing slightly off and adjust the typing position. Overall, the program is designed for everyone ranging from novice users to keyboard jockeys.
The effect of regular use will be gradual, and as you get more used to the program you will begin to use it faster and faster. But sometimes you may also get confused which software will give better learning skills to you. With this free typing game you WILL have fun, but don’t worry, by playing 10 Finger BreakOut you sure will be learning to type. The online program’s interface is plain and intuitive that help you to learn about proper finger placement and keyboard keys. The program has had close to 100,000 downloads in just over 1 year, and this rate of take up does not seem to be slowing.

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