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Our short Digital Champion course provides top tips on inspiring and supporting people to get online. Along with the mouse, being able to use a keyboard is a pretty important part of using computers and the internet. If you’re ready to find out more, move your mouse arrow over the ‘Start Using a Keyboard’ button and click. The image is available as a set of stickers that are easily applied to the keys on your keyboard.  This means that every time you sit at your computer or desk top you are reminded where to put your fingers (on the home keys) and which finger to use for each key (1, 2, 3 or 4).
Just reading this has reminded me of a lesson I had a couple of years ago which has taken me from 4 WPM to 10 [ little ] WPM ! Of course, the last two considerations are not specific to Asset and could be offered by any manufacturer of any layout. Asset's design is English-centric, but I did consider the above frequency information in my design. Though better than Qwerty, Asset requires more same-finger digraphs and "same hand row jumping" than Colemak and probably Dvorak.

It may look like there are an awful lot of buttons or ‘keys’ as they are often called, but it’s easy once you know how! By doing this course you’ll learn how to type words and numbers, and how to delete any mistakes. By continuing to use this website you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our policy. Great tips here, not just for anyone who wants to learn typing – but also for anyone wanting to improve their typing skills, to get faster or become more accurate.
Most things are easy when you break them down into bite sized pieces – and learning to type is no exception. Small issues like the placement of "A" (6.2%) on the pinky are also done for Qwerty similarity.
Upper-case letters and symbols appearing on keys in the numbers row are typed by one hand with the little finger of the other hand holding down the SHIFT key.5. The typist is entirely focused on the text being typed, reading the words and phrases as the fingers type the text reflexively.

Try to locate the right key with your fingers.Advice for successful touch typing practice 1. Touch typing can be learned by performing special exercises.Stage one of the process begins with learning the home row of the keyboard (the row beginning with the Caps Lock key).
The optimum height of the tabletop or under-desk keyboard drawer is 68 to 73 cm from the floor.6. The chair and table height should be chosen so as to expose the shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles to the least possible strain.
The base position on the numeric pad is the number 5 key for the middle finger, 4 for the index finger, and 6 for the ring finger.

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