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Although it might be advisable to seek a formal course on playing the piano, you can opt to learn the instrument by yourself.
There are those who skip the understanding of basic notes and proceed to learn the piano by key. Try to recall your basic music class and you would  find that do, re , mi, fa, so, la, ti  notes are equally represented by the piano keys C, D, E, F, G, A, B.
After identifying the basic notes or keys, you would need to go on the second level of understanding.
The smallest interval on the Western music scale is the minor second, which is made up of two notes that are only a half-step apart — for instance, E and the next F, or B and the next C. You don’t have to learn all of them at once, but most piano players must learn them eventually. When learning how to play chords, many students start out with triads, which are the most basic form of three-note chords. Diminished and augmented triads occur far less frequently than major and minor triads, especially in the types of music usually played by beginning pianists. Beyond intervals and triads, the range and terminology of piano chords only becomes more layered and complex. Keyboard Primer Deluxe Edition by Lee Davis is designed for the absolute beginner keyboard or piano player and covers all the basics.

The Introduction to Keyboards DVD by Lee Davis is a 60 minute video lesson for the beginning keyboard or piano student and is the companion video to the Keyboard Primer book.
That is why it is not surprising to find individuals who want to pursue a course in learning how to play the piano. To help you have an overview of the keys, let’s divide them into two: keys on your right hand have high-pitch sounds while keys on your left hand have low-pitched sounds.
By determining which note that particular white key is beside with, you will be able to decipher its sharp note. This will make more sense when you practice playing triads; major and minor triads will sound familiar and comfortable to the ear, while diminished and augmented triads will sound stranger and more dissonant. You will learn proper technique, hand and body positions, scales, chords, and note reading. It covers all the basics of playing – including proper technique, hand and body positions, scales, chords, and note reading. Whether you’re a budding musician or just want to have something to while away your time with, being able to play the piano is really a point to add in your repertoire of skills. Learning it from your comfort zone will also provide you the benefit of managing your own schedule. Before you jump on aspiring to play solo piano recital-worthy piece, you should be able to play and identify which keys to press to achieve particular notes.

You would also see that the black keys follow a common pattern—they are either grouped in two’s or three’s. So when the white key after the black key is on C, then that black key before it is the C#. The student plays along with a full band on familiar songs like Ode to Joy, When the Saints, and Canon in C. The student plays along with a full band on familiar songs which are played at 2 speeds (slow for practicing and performance tempo). The F or fa key, on the other hand, is the white key that rests at the front of the three black keys grouped together.
Our unique split screens show both hands in detail and utilizes onscreen notation for all of the music, with a bouncing ball type pointer showing each note as it is being played.

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