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It’s a fast-paced riding adventure that takes you over a hidden course of jumps as you gallop toward the finish line. The Rulebook is posted here to allow users to learn to play Perfect Stride before owning the game, to replace a lost copy of the rules or supplement your game with additional copies of the rules for game players. The rulebook for Perfect Stride has gone through extensive tweaks and re-writes but it can’t always answer every question.
Here is a list of any rules-related questions that fans send in.  Before you send questions about rules,  check the rulebook then check here! If you are just learning how to play, we will be posting videos down the road to help teach the major concepts and game flow. The Rulebook will always be available for download above.  Just click on the rulebook picture.
Under The Rules, you can download the rulebook and read how to play on your own.  Questions we receive about the rules of the game will be posted there along with Video Tutorials. Questions and answers related to the amazing horse-themed card game Perfect Stridetm can be found below. The length of the game depends on a few things:   How many people are playing, the length of the jump course and how familiar everyone is with the rules. The game is quite fun to play even for adults.  Perfect Stride has been enjoyed by many ages including teens as well as younger and older adults.
Of course it is!  Imagine galloping across the countryside on a well-trained horse,  encountering challenging jumps and trying to be the first one up and over… all the while avoiding pitfalls and using your skill as a rider to win points.  Then imagine doing this with your friends!  What could be more fun than that?
Whether baby is sitting, walking or riding, puppy is full of rewarding music, lights and playtime excitement for little ones who are learning to walk. More than 50 songs, tunes and phrases teach baby all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, manners, opposites and more. Baby can sort colorful blocks and “feed” them to puppy too, unlocking fun surprises and learning content.

Whether your baby is sitting, walking, or riding, the Stride-to-Ride Puppy is full of rewarding music, lights, and playtime excitement! For more than 30 years, PlanToys has been consistently developing its products and activities with a strong commitment to contribute positively to the world.
When you put your new little friend on the ground, she'll walk around and back to you, just looking for some love. Go Baby Go Poppity Pop Musical Dino This loveable turtle has fun sounds, sweet colors and a mirrored belly for peek-a-boo play! Cleaning and Care A damp cloth works great on Hape finished toys but for heavier soiling use a mild, not-toxic cleaning solution.
As baby pushes along, puppy’s nose and collar light up, fun songs play, his soft ears flop around and his head swivels side-to-side. She Has A Special Relationship With Trainees, Just Like A Great Aunt: Loving And Tender, But At Times Impatient.
The Stride-to-Ride Puppy offers more than 50 songs, tunes, and phrases that teach your baby all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, manners, and opposites.friendly puppy is full of fun ways to encourage and reward baby!
By implementing best practices and taking innovation of toy-making and design to the next level, PlanToys is not only known as being the first company to manufacture wooden toys from preservative-free rubber wood, we are a leading company that has created a new material and process as part of our zero waste goals. When you pet her on the head, she sits like a well-trained puppy - but she can't help wagging her tail!
Chuggington Wooden Railway Combines The Charm Of Wooden Train Play With The Exciting World Of Chuggington!
View larger.Helps Babies Learn Movement and ShapesThe Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy is hungry for fun, and that's good news! Continuing our commitment for a sustainable future, PlanToys has introduced PlanWood as another high quality, safe, and sustainable material in our toy-making process. Baby can sort three colorful blocks and "feed" them to the puppy through his moveable jaw or through shape slots in the side of his puppy belly.

PlanWood is an eco-friendly material because the waste is minimized and fewer trees are reclaimed. From The Manufacturer; Based On The Popular Chuggington Character, Olwin Is An Older Female Steam Engine.
As baby walks or scoots along, engaging music and positive phrases like "Great job!" encourage baby to try over and over again!Puppy's nose and collar light up, dancing along to the music, and he plays fun songs as his soft ears flop around and his head swivels side-to-side.
This FurReal Friends toy is recommended for children ages 4 and up, although it has shown to be a great source of amusement for adults, too.
This is a great way to teach young ones all about pets: how to take care of them, what they do and want, and how they can be great pals in life. Your baby's gross motor skills get a boost with the Stride-to-Ride Puppy's wide wheel base as a support for walking and balance. By sorting blocks and feeding them to the puppy, baby will have fun while developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the same time! Sustainable Play is the foundation of how our toys cultivate creative minds and bring children closer to nature.
Along with fun sing-along songs and his side-to-side head movements, baby's sensory comprehension will get some exercise too. Fun and learning have a new best friend in the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy!What's in the BoxFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy, three blocks, and three AA batteries.1.

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