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Piano students can become Lords of the Keyboard by learning to command the Circle of Perfect 5ths. With this fun learning activity piano students can scale the heights of Piano Land fighting evil and seeking goodness in every key around the Circle of 5ths, and always find their way back home again! For information on the benefits of piano lessons for children, read my earlier post, How Piano Lessons Benefit Young Children. To unearth keyboard knowledge and access musical potential, imagine a globe of the earth, or download the Google Earth program on your computer. Learning new hand positions is an important feature of piano methodology for beginning piano students. Piano Bears Musical Parade of Holiday Songs - Piano Solos & Duets for Every Season of the Year! In the next few minutes I'm going to reveal to you all the secrets that I use to quickly play Piano & Keyboard in a style that would take you many years to master using traditional teaching methods. How to give yourself the confidence boost you need to be the center of entertainment and attention at your next party.
How to play popular songs on your piano or keyboard without the time and hassle of taking years of lessons. The secret of sounding like you’ve been playing for years after only 40 minutes of practice.
How you can be playing some of the most popular songs around in no time at all without having to learn to read music. How to inspire yourself into playing the Piano or Keyboard by realizing how quickly and easily you can be up and running. How to impress someone you like by playing some cool songs on Piano without needing to take sheet music everywhere you go. How to put a tick in the box next to 'Learn To Play Piano' in your 'bucket list' or 'things I would love to achieve in my life' list. My name is Samantha Griffiths and I'm a qualified piano teacher, musician, songwriter and also the creator of the SEE KEYS - a quick and easy way to play piano and keyboard.
I teach all levels, ages and ability and my passion for teaching is driven by seeing complete beginners making quick progress with their playing, getting real enjoyment from learning to play the piano and so go on and become life long pianists. James told me how much he loved listening music and was desperate to be able to play his favorite song on his keyboard, but he had a problem that was holding him back. It upset me to think that here was someone who just wanted to be able to play but there seemed to be no way forward for him. I decide that I would try and help James learn his favorite song, but I knew that I'd need to find a different way to teach him. As with many people with learning difficulities, James had bags of ability, but things just needed making much clearer for him to follow and understand.
I knew that trying to teach him the traditional way would not work, so I needed to come up with something radical. I realized that if I could get him enthused about playing that there would be no stopping him. I carefully researched color combinations, fonts and layouts that would help him make sense of what I was teaching. From the minute I saw the beaming smile on James's face as he played his first song I knew that I was onto something that could also help others with learning difficulties too. That wasn't too hard was it, and now you have been through the 'start up' lesson then you will find it very easy to play the all the SEE KEYS songs. This 8 minute lesson has given you enough basic knowledge to quickly learn how to play beautifully arranged songs on piano or keyboard without needing to read music. The SEE KEYS lessons can be downloaded directly to your PC or viewed online via any PC, Apple, iPad, Handheld Device or viewed on your TV Screen using Playstation or Xbox. The lessons are set out in the exact pattern of the song that you are learning in a step by step layout. They come with detailed videos, audio, printed sheets and of course the exclusive support forum should you require any extra help. The lessons show the Note, Chord, Fingering and Rhythm patterns EXACTLY as they should be played, so you simply look at the sequence and play along. You can watch all the lessons in detailed video which you can pause or rewind whenever you need to see clearly what you should be playing. Watch in detail both left and right hand patterns in sequence, indicating EXACTLY when the left hand should play and EXACTLY when the right hand should play. Lesson 1 - Let It Be (The Beatles): Play this classic piano song in your very first lesson. Lesson 2 - Annie's Song (John Denver): Play this classic piano song written by this legendary singer songwriter in your very first lesson.
Lesson 3 - Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison): One of the best known 'sing-a-long' piano songs.
Lesson 6 - I Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley): One of Elvis's best loved ballads and a beautiful song arrangement.
Lesson 8 - My Heart Will Go On (Theme From Titanic): Still one of the biggest films ever, this ballad is just beautiful, haunting and and amazing piece of piano and keyboard music. Lesson 10 - Candle In The Wind (Elton John): No piano repertoire would be complete without this song.
Download SEE KEYS right now and get 2 FREE BONUS lessons that will make the next party a special one.
I thought really hard about how much to charge for the SEE KEYS lessons because I wanted to make them accessible to as many people as possible, so I figured that $97 was a fair price for such specialized lessons.

I am so sure that you will really love the SEE KEYS lessons that I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for whatever reason. ClickBank is one of the most widely used and secure credit card processing companies and you can be certain that your details are completely secure.
Your purchase is risk free and protected by my 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.
Learning how to play the piano might involve buying a piano that cost a few hundred to a few thousand. There are some example notes for you to play such as Digimon, Harry Potter intro, Vivaldi’s four seasons winter, Pokemon, Jingle Bells, YMCA, my heart will go on and many more.
Free Online Piano Lessons – Discover How To Play Piano in a Way That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle! A page of music has a lot of symbols and notations that are easily interpreted when you know a few basics.
When you learn how to read music, you also need to know the rhythm a piece should be played.
Note: This simple explanation only applies when the top number is 4 and under- simple time. A sharp () is a sign which is written in front of a note and raises the pitch of that note by one half-step.
The flat, sharp and natural symbols are referred to as accidentals and only affect the note in the same octave in which it has been written.
There are times when a composer may want you to flat (or sharpen, #) all of the B’s, for example, in a particular piece. As you can see, the speed notation is the composer’s attempt to convey the feel at which the piece should be played. Playing the piano seeks to express and convey emotion and feeling through the music; so many times the composer will user emotional words and leaves it up to the musician to translate that into an appropriate tempo.
The numbers above the notes on the treble staff are typically for the right hand and numbers about the notes on the bass staff. Liberace would always play his piano with ascending or descending notes or keys in a sweeping motion using his thumb or other finger running it right down or up the piano keyboard in very fast motion.
I am beginner and find it damn easy to follow though I may have to read many times with practical to digest the whole lecture. If you haven’t done so already, I highly recommend you watch and listen as well to the video. Be sure to also scroll down to explore a bunch of extra to help you learn more about this left hand arpeggiation pattern and playing this Beatles piano song. If you want an example of how to do this please watch the video above or take a look at the first F chord in the Yesterday sheet music.
Essentially, you arpeggiate a left hand chord by playing the bottom note first, then the top note, then the middle note, and then the top note again…just like we do in the video above.
Often times the alberti bass features block piano chords more toward the middle of the piano. If you’re a beginner to piano and want to learn more about how to play these block chords out my lesson on lesson on the F major piano chord and the C piano chord. If you want to learn more about how to use the 9th check out this lesson on how to decorate major chords using the 9th.
I hope you had fun with this Beatles piano lesson and had fun learning the left hand arpeggio pattern. If I get enough requests I’ll teach you how to play the B section of Yesterday in another lesson. Steve many thanks for showing this tutorial on the Beatles song Yesterday hopefully you will do some more Beatles Tunes or what about Jealous Guy by John Lennon. Hi Steve I would appreciate to send the whole song of yesterday, I’m learning a lot with their lessons. 9, is a popular melody children enjoy playing by ear on the piano, usually in the key of C.
There is a top staff for the high notes, a bottom staff for the low notes, and in between the two staves is some white space, where we find a note with a short line through it - Middle C.
Now play and say each note in the new hand position again, but with eyes completely closed. Nothing seemed to click and I could feel James becoming more and more frustrated, but I was determined not to give in. Not only it is expensive, you need a place to store the piano at home and also you cannot control the volume that comes out from the piano. Although it is not the same but it gives you the feel of trying it out before spending money and time on the real piano. The next thing you need to do is learn how to use the program and also the keys that are mapped to the keyboard. Before you can master the virtual piano, obviously you will need to master your keyboard typing skills first or else you will end up looking for the keys to press. The Staff with the Treble Clef combined with the Bass Clef make what’s called the Grand Staff.
They do not affect the same note in other octaves unless they have been labeled with an accidental.
In such a case there is a shortcut that eliminates the necessity for using a flat symbol every time a B appears. Looking at a page of music and understanding it will be easy once you know these definitions.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Would you like to learn a super cool left hand piano pattern to help you expand your piano arrangements? I’ll show you how to play the verse (A Section) of Yesterday and teach you how to expand these chords.
A very important part of learning contemporary styles is to listen as well as read the music. This left hand arpeggio pattern I teach you in this lesson is actually quite similar to an alberti bass pattern. Along these lines if you wanted to simplify this arrangement more you could just play block chords in your left hand and note even worry about arpeggiating. The left hand piano pattern I teach in this video could theoretically work well at different tempos but it will particularly work great on ballads. If your hands are too small to grab the expanded left hand chords just roll your hands and use the sustain pedal to help you. Notice how the melody starts on a non chord tone (the 9th of the chord) and then eventually resolves down to the root. If you want to learn more about some pop piano techniques I also recommend you check out this piano lesson on Margaritaville. I recommend you spend some time practicing Yesterday and also applying the left hand arpeggio pattern to other songs you enjoy.
If your audio is not syncing with the video it has something to do with your current setup. Ascending up the keyboard from Middle C around the Cirlce of 5ths we find Major Key Signatures having from 0 to 6 Sharps. When they know other hand positions, they can enjoy playing this melody in other keys such as F Major and G Major.
Next, locate your city or town by typing your address in the find box and clicking on search. It is an expensive investment considering that you don’t know if you are able to pick it up or like playing the piano in the first place. Whether you are learning to play the piano through the classic method or the chord method, you’ll have to be familiar with how to read music.
This is why a natural is needed, just in case you happen to need the same note again in the same octave but without any variation in tone. In some case, the dynamic level is related to the mood; in other cases the mark is much more direct.
We’ll also talk about some piano technique tips to help you grab the left hand piano chords more easily.
Please also note that I simplified the melody in this arrangement to make it a little easier so everybody can play it. If you’ve played classical music before you should be quite familiar with this concept. By starting the melody on a non chord tone Paul McCartney creates a really subtle need for resolution and it propels the arrangement forward. It’s been used in hundreds of popular songs in both rock, pop, classical, jazz, and many other genres. Then click the note icon at is on the bottom right to show the keys that are mapped to the piano. To cancel a flat or sharp, a natural ( ) is placed on the staff before the note it is to affect or when a new measure begins.
They are generally at the beginning of a measure (and at the beginning of the music) and usually located in the space between the treble and bass staffs. Make sure you’re running the latest version of your browser and restart your browser. If the same note is always going to be sharp or flat, music writers use key signatures to indicate once and for all (see below). Once set, it’s in effect until another dynamic symbol is display or for the entire piece. Also, the videos are in HD so there is a possibility that your internet connection may lag a bit.
This variation of the melody adds interest to compositions and gives students a fun and motivating reason to learn to play in different key signatures.
C sharp and D flat are the same key and will produce the same note when played on a keyboard.
To reverse direction and return to the original key,  students create a transition or bridge home that walks the melody back down to the Tonic note in the original key. Without this connection many students who can read notes quite well (name them) may be unable to find them on the piano.
To overcome this learning gap, visualize the keyboard by keeping eyes on the music, not looking down at the hands, once they are in position.
This simple, down-to-earth habit of keeping eyes on the music makes learning scales, chords, memorizing music, music theory, and note reading much easier.

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