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Stephanie Briggs - Handmade Knitting My Way Through Chronic PainI knit so I don't kill peopleLaptops vs.
I love my laptop for its light weight and transport capabilities, but entering the numbers with the single row of number keys is becoming more and more painful for my hands and wrists.
What I miss about a traditional desktop computer is the independent number pad on the far right.
Putting in a separate and secondary number pad on laptops isn’t likely to happen because it would defeat the purpose of the laptop being lighter and more portable. With amount of number work I do with my knitting patterns, I wouldn’t be without one! Sometimes I wish, if I could afford it, to have a desktop in the lounge on my desk, as well as my laptop, and integrate them into a network so all files on mine and it (and DH’s if he wished) could be shared. To the untrained eye or ear, Asian languages can appear completely incomprehensible and indistinguishable from each other. Also, I’m typing on a Korean keyboard right now, and while it does have a standard QWERTY layout, there are some special keys to allow me to switch between Korean and English and to use Chinese characters. It’s no slower for a good typist to enter hangeul or katakana than it is English, and with practice, Chinese character selection can also be done extremely quickly. Regarding how fast you can type with an IME, I did mention that this was a point of argument – some people are obviously faster than others. One thing I need to mention is that for Taiwanese, they have a totally different keyboard layout as mainland.

I put a * on Y because it only goes in front of A, U and O, while W goes in front of A and O. If you’ve always wanted to learn the piano but don’t want to invest in a real keyboard, you can always turn your PC keyboard into a Piano! MidiPiano has two windows, the keyboard with controls, and a piano roll into which you can upload midi files.
I’ve played a real piano a couple of times, and using a qwerty keyboard is a bit awkward in comparison!
The cursor keys, and numpad also let you run further up the keyboard, but it’s much more comfortable sticking to the four first rows. I currently use a mac mini, but will be switching to a laptop when I can afford it (or when it dies, which ever comes first!), because of the amount of travelling I do.
We use the laptop to watch movies on, and on low-spoon days, moving the laptop to and fro is a pain. The written characters may as well be hieroglyphs and unlike some other languages, listening in on a conversation isn’t going to give you much to go on. However, you’d have to learn a staggering 3,000 just to read a newspaper (out of around 40,000 in a Chinese dictionary).
Created in the mid-15th century, it is considered one of the most logically designed languages in the world. My friends and I play this game where we say stuff in other languages and everyone else guesses which language it is.

I also felt the concepts involved in the gramatical structure were a little more logical to understand but perhaps that’s just me! For phonetic they use Bopomofo, for orthographic the system follows section headers(or radical), which is somewhat lost in simplified Chinese. While I would certainly concur that the three mentioned languages are the first three Asian languages that come to mind, I would love to see some information about other Asian languages and their scripts.
The layout runs the white keys along four rows: starting at the bottom with the Z to M keys, then continuing with A to L, Q to P and then 1 to 0. It therefore requires less stretching of hand and wrist muscles, which could hopefully cut down on repetitive strain injuries (RSIs).
The guide below it intended to provide a simple quick start for telling apart Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
It’s arguably a bit slower to type this way but certainly more efficient than having a massive keyboard!
The record feature helpfully starts when you play your first note, and the midi file will finish with your last.

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