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Lightly place the tips of your fingers on the home keys as shown in the illustration below.
Cash Register Express is a networkable Point of Sale solution software suitable for both single store with single station or multi-store with multiple stations.
Semicron offers this POS System solution to help retail store owners manage their inventory, lower operating cost, increase accuracy and efficiency of their store operation.
Bar Code Express Software - Upgrade any Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express License to include Bar Code Printing. The profits and overall success of a retail store depends on accurate and robust inventory control.
Cash Register Express system offers a solid and friendly marketing and loyalty rewards functionality with proven methods of helping retailers attract new and existing customers into their store. Retail store owners and managers spend many hours performing various tasks manually such as figuring expenses, profits, and payroll.
Weightronix 6720 scale comes with internal display, and works with most electronic cash registers and point-of-sale systems. You will see all the Marathi Characters are not on the Keyboard, Some character are typed by using some special character code with Alt key. Inscript keyboard is standard by india government for marathi typing Take a look at Marathi inscript typing keyboard layout.
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When using the SHIFT or CONTROL keys, it is easier to use the opposing hand from the letter (or command key) you will be pressing. Simply substitute the symbol on the color coded chart, as long as the letters are all in the correct place this should not be any cause for concern.

Just scan the bar code on the item, or if the item does not have a barcode on it and you are using a touch screen monitor, simply touch a button on the touch screen.
Cash Register Express features robust and accurate inventory tracking capabilities that provides retail store owners or managers details of which products are selling more than others, and which products need to be reordered and when to order them. This retail Point of Sale system offers several other tools to retailers to help them in tracking loyalty plans automatically, and the ability to market their products directly to their customers. Cash Register Express features dozens of tools that allows them to streamline these tasks and manage their stores more profitably and efficiently.
See the below layout for krutidev typing it is also know as Remington Keyboard layout it is similar as type writer machines. The process is very simple, User can find marathi character alongwith english key on qwerty keyboard, Take a look at keyborad image below.
Right hand pinkie finger on the ; (semi-colon) key and other fingers on the L, K and J keys.
For example, for uppercase A press and hold the right side SHIFT key with your RIGHT HAND pinkie finger, and press the A key with your LEFT HAND pinkie finger. If your keyboard has a completely different layout, you can select the correct type at the top of this page. Cash Register Express software includes variety of theft prevention features that make your employees accountable. Apart from the cost of the inventory items the store sells, labor expenses is typically the highest in a retail store. The latest vacancy in Bombay High Court junior clerk and Steno Declare to use Krutidev font for typing test. This is the Marathi typing keyboard layout for shivaji font and kiran font, the most popular font in marathi typing.

Some keyboards have helpful "bumps" on the F and J keys, to allow you to quickly position your fingers by feel.
Your thumbs are used in a similar way, you can use either RIGHT or LEFT thumb to press the SPACE BAR and ALT keys.
Cash Register Express is to be faster, and requires minimum amount of touches to ring up sales and perform other functions faster than most other POS Software on the market.
The software also features a purchasing functionality module for tracking vendors, managing item costs and generating and receiving purchase orders. Theft prevention functions such as, voids, no-sales, price changes, discounts, and many more can be configured to be accessed or restricted based on an employee's status, trust level, and unique job code or login ID. CRE software is designed with time clock and labor scheduling features for managing employees and reducing labor costs. With integrated Inventory Track Express software, and Pocket Inventory software loaded on a handheld computer, inventory stock can be received away from the register or be counted.
Store owners or managers can generate various reports to identify potential theft or wrong-doing.
Shift or cashier cash discrepancies can be identified by using the strict cash control features of the CRE software. CRE also allows a security camera system to be connected to your POS System to enhance the security of your store and your employee's accountability. If you’re sure you’ve entered it correctly, go back to the product page, and click on ‘Add to basket’.

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