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If you’re looking for the entry level Yamaha Arius series of digital pianos, the see the Yamaha YDP 141. The digital piano is designed like an upright where you have the 3 pedals, soft, sustenuto and sustain pedals. There is the sliding cover as there is with the 161 and 181 to protect the keyboard from dust and grease over time.
Want the entry level Yamaha Arius series of digital pianos, that mainly focuseson the piano sound? This entry was posted in Yamaha and tagged Yamaha YDP 141, Yamaha YDP 141 Digital Piano, Yamaha YDP 141 Review, Yamaha YDP141 on May 9, 2012 by admin. Sometimes everything just comes together—and when it does, the new 01V96i is there to capture that perfect moment for you in stunning 96kHz sound. The Channel Strip consists of 5 models that employ VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) technology to recreate the sound and characteristics of several classic compression and EQ units from the 70's. The Master Strip employs VCM technology to recreate both the analog circuitry and tape characteristics that shaped the sound of open-reel tape recorders. With up to 40 simultaneous inputs and 20 buses at 96kHz, the 01V96i delivers large console power in a rack-mount sized package.
The benefits of digital technology are innumerable in terms of functionality, cost and space. Patching and assigning channels has always been one of the most trying aspects of mixing with an analog console.
All of Yamaha's professional digital mixing consoles feature motor faders for a reason. One of the greatest advantages of digital control is that it adds extraordinary power and flexibility to your console without taking up valuable space. The 01V has been used in a wide variety of applications due to its exceptional versatility.
You can group faders and mutes from any selected input channels or output buses and store the settings in multiple banks. The ability to store and recall all console parameters in an instant is a huge advantage for sound reinforcement applications. In addition to its extensive stand-alone capabilities, the 01V96i can seamlessly integrate with your computer-based DAW. Available for MAC and Windows platforms, 01V96i Editor is a total management software package that gives you complete control of all the console's parameters via your computer. With Cubase, Steinberg has essentially redefined music production software in their pursuit to provide users with the most advanced, comprehensive DAW software available.
With Cubase Al you get a stripped-down version of the Steinberg Cubase advanced music production system, using the same core technologies and interface that have won this series worldwide acclaim. Ideal for small to medium-sized shows, worship services, club systems, corporate applications, and educational institutions. Please note you will lose your question and answer privileges if your account is in debt for more than 2 weeks. To prevent your personal details being misused please do not put emails or phone numbers in questions. Visit The Pianist Studio to buy Yamaha 88-Key Digital Piano with Wooden Keys from only $2948.99 for learning purpose with almost NO Maintenance Required. Special Sale now at The Pianist Studio, Popular Yamaha Clavinovas Digital Piano CLP-525, CLP-535, CLP-545 is on SALE NOW at The Pianist Studio! Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about anything piano, from instrument comparisons and aesthetics to lessons, maintenance and practice tips. Red Dog Music acts as a credit intermediary and only offers credit products for Pay4Later Ltd via Close Brothers Retail Finance.Credit provided subject to age and status.
The P-45 improves upon the traditional AWM synthesis system to deliver stunningly real piano sounds. Slim and stylish with a depth of less than 30 cm, the P-45 requires very little space and, at only 11.5 kg, it can be easily moved anywhere in your home or used for performance outside. The Korg B1-WH could be the perfect digital piano for those who have just started or want to start playing the piano again!

Yamaha P 115 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Ghs article Get the guaranteed best price on home digital pianos like the yamaha p-115 88-key weighted action digital piano with ghs action at musician's friend.
Yamaha P 115 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Ghs article The p-45 is the lowest-cost, 88-note, weighted action digital piano that yamaha offers. Site51420485259902832124 new j19264 yamaha p115 88key weighted action digital piano with ghs action site51420245511496,site51428332609716 false. Get the guaranteed best price on home digital pianos like the yamaha p115 88key weighted action digital piano with ghs action at musician's friend get a low price.
The p45 is the lowestcost, 88note, weighted action digital piano that yamaha offers this digital piano has a basic set of features, ideal for the needs of the. Yamaha's ghs (graded hammer standard) weighted action has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano.. The yamaha pseries, loaded with real piano and rhythm functions, is now compatible with ios apps!
Yamaha digital piano pak including the p115 in black finish xframe stand xframe bench headphones piano style pedal dust cover and lesson book. Above you can read article and ebook that discuss about Yamaha P 115 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano With Ghs .
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Yamaha announce the all-new PSR-EW400 Digital Arranger Keyboard, a new edition to the PSRE family of Digital Arranger Keyboards. Since its initial release in 1998, the 01V has been the mixer of choice for a wide variety of applications, ranging from recording and production environments to live sound and installation setups.
Yamaha's acclaimed VCM effects faithfully model the analog circuitry of classic effect units right down to the very last resistor and capacitor, bringing the richness and warmth of analog to a digital environment. Vintage Stomp gives you three distinctly different phasers modeled after the most sought-after stompbox effects units of the 70's. The REV-X programs feature the richest reverberation and smoothest decay available, based on years of dedicated research and development. Analog outputs include the main stereo output, stereo monitor outputs, a stereo 2-track output, four OMNI outputs, 12 channel TRS insert points and a headphones output, matched with coaxial 2-track outputs and 8-channel optical ADAT for digital output.
However the physical, intuitive aspects of analog style mixers can never be discounted either. Centralized control means you'll never have to run around to physically re-patch cables whenever you need to reconfigure the system. A mixing engineer needs to be able to see exactly where levels are at all times, and without motor faders, every time you recall a previously stored scene or remotely control your mixer from external devices, the mix you hear will be totally different from what is represented by the faders on the console. This Yamaha-designed configuration has become a classic as well the de-facto industry standard, and is familiar territory to most experienced engineers.
Multiple stereo channels can thus be controlled from a single layer with a whole list of linked parameters. Highly customizable, the 01V96i can be configured to meet specific demands of various environments and greatly benefit your operation of the console. The group function is very convenient for various applications including sound reinforcement.
In addition to the bi-directional 16 x 16 USB2.0 audio integration, the 01V96i also functions as a powerful controller for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
Editor provides comprehensive monitoring as well as real-time display of selected channel status once it is connected to the console and online. The 01V96i comes with the latest version of Cubase AI to give you a flexible, intuitive platform to realize your full creative potential. Together with the 01V96i, both MAC and Windows PC users will have access to a full system solution with all the tools they need for composing, recording, editing and mixing studio-quality music whether you're in the studio or not.
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While all models offer Yamaha’s outstanding Graded Hammer 3 action, the CLP-480, CLP-470 and CLP-S408 debut a new feature called Linear Graded Hammer. Call us at 800-373-2000 and ask to speak with a Piano Associate, or use the button below to access our contact form. The feel of the keyboard gradually changes according to the register, so that it feels heavier when playing bass parts and lighter when playing treble parts, just like an acoustic piano.

AWM is a technology that uses digital recordings of original instruments and allows you to experience a realistic grand piano sound wherever you are. The 01V96i represents the next step in the evolution of an industry standard, building on the proven configuration of its predecessors to create a compact digital mixer that meets the needs of an expanding user base. USB connectivity also provides extensive two-way communication of MIDI data allowing you to seamlessly combine the precise physical control of your console with all the capability of the latest Cubase AI software that comes bundled with the 01V96i.
With this clear, unaltered medium as the foundation, all of the color, shape and expressive elements of your sound are entirely in your hands. Yamaha's VCM technology gives these outstanding recreations all the warmth and atmosphere of the original vintage units, and combines it with the control and processing flexibility that a digital environment affords.
REV-X Hall, REV-X Room, and REV-X Plate programs are provided, with new parameters such as room size and decay envelopes that offer unprecedented definition and finer nuance control. When you need more, Yamaha offers a range of mini-YGDAI expansion cards that can be inserted into the 01V96i’s expansion slot.
The channel faders can be instantly switched to handle input channels 1-16, 17-32, MASTER (8 AUX and 8 BUSES) or REMOTE via the console's LAYER switches. In live situations in particular, the console's personalized functions add a familiar touch while streamlining your workflow tremendously.
Offline you can edit and manage scene data, patch lists, and other functions for a significant boost in control and work efficiency.
The keyboard has a responsive, natural feel together with matte finish black keys for a truly authentic piano playing experience. But in this post i will explain The yamaha p-series, loaded with real piano and rhythm functions, is now compatible with ios apps! I enjoy keeping up with the latest equipment at stores and friends who also have a collection of audio gear so we can compare and review a heap of audio equipment.
With onboard converters operating at the full 24bits and 96kHz, you can be sure that nothing is lost in the digital representation of the warm, transparent output from these exceptional preamps. The REV-X Hall and REV-X Room programs have a very open sound, while REV-X Plate delivers a brighter tonality that is ideal for vocals. It was with this philosophy in mind that we made the best use of the technology at our disposal to offer digital features that make a difference, without overshadowing the familiar analog attributes of mixing.
The Instant Group Assignment function allows you to use these keys to set up mute group masters quickly— ideal for live applications where groups of instruments or sound sources need to be muted instantly. If you are using a rental or another installed console, you can easily save your settings to a computer, then load them into the other console at your convenience. All models deliver dense, warm reverb that does not interfere with the natural timbre of the source. Yamaha's 100mm motor faders are the end result of the extensive research and analysis put into making our top-line digital mixers. The Fader MODE keys switch the 01V96i faders between fader and auxiliary level control instantaneously. You can do basic setup on your laptop, and then transfer the data to the console at the venue. MIDI control tables can also be created to provide compatibility with MIDI-compatible DAW systems. With the intuitive, physical control they afford, these precision faders will ensure that your previously stored settings not only sound exactly the same, but look just as they did when you saved them.
Powered by fast, precise motor-driven mechanisms, the faders respond immediately by moving to the settings of the corresponding mode. The NP-12 features a “Piano-Style keyboard”, it is amazingly natural and expressive, and you can take it anywhere to play With Piaggero, you can practice and play more because it's light enough to be carried in one hand and runs on batteries, you can take it anywhere. What's more, multiple monitor mixes can be recalled and modified instantly and intuitively via the sends on fader function. Now you can easily take advantage of top-end analog sound-shaping techniques in real time using the Yamaha 01V96i digital console.

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