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Sign up for our monthly e-zine "The Piano Player"- filled with tips and tricks for beginner pianists. Print free piano keyboard diagram templates and learn all about the names of the notes on the piano keys. How to Read Piano Notes Faster Jul 22, 16 03:53 AMThere are easier ways to read piano notes! How to Practice Piano Arpeggios Jun 26, 16 05:22 PMPracticing piano arpeggios is part of an important exercise routine for all pianists!

This is a useful tool when you are first starting to learn to play the piano, so you will not feel lost among all the piano keys! These are the white keys.5 are the Altered Notes, a semitone or half step higher or lower from the basic notes. By playing all the keys one by one, both the white and the black keys, you can play a chromatic scale. When learning a new piano piece it is important to learn the piano music notes as soon as possible. Prepare Yourself For Your First Lesson Jun 30, 16 05:47 AMAs you are beginning piano lessons, you probably want to learn more about our fantastic instrument!

In classical piano technique, arpeggios and broken chords are studied as separate technical challenges.
Here you will explore the history of the piano, layout of the keyboard, names of the keys and more.

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