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The Korg SP-250 digital piano offers rich sound in a portable package, including a sustain pedal and stand to put your keyboard at the perfect playing level. There is no horrid dying reverberation of digital fingerprint left behind in the wake of a key stroke, thus I am more than satisfied.
It features simplicity and ergonomic integrity to its class, I have no complaints as there has been no feature marketed that was less than expressed by the manufacturer. It works very well as a control key set for my Korg M50 Music Workstation's MIDI functionality and is very simpatico. This is not a "Keyboard" of the utilitarian variety, rather an techno-acoustic hybrid in its mechanical likenesses and sound distribution design. Overall, I love my digital piano and I use it on a daily basis, although I would probably still prefer Yamaha if they were on my budget. Considering the price it's awsome, some pro's use this on stage and they could aford so much more. Had pretty much every thing I was looking for in my budget, being A nice piano tone and weighted 88 keys with a solid build.

The other instruments available are similarly unrealistic, but I don't care about them since it's a piano sound I want. Parts is Parts, established in 1982, is the world's leading supplier of amplifier and guitar parts, and your official Vox and Korg parts center.
Soundwise it have about 10 instruments (if I'm not mistaken), each has 3 different voices that are similar but different. But do read the manual, because they have extra features that you won't figure out on your own.
Altho one thing that I notice when I first got it was there was sort of a soft "click" on one of the note if you wiggle it left-right. This could be biased though, since I grew up using Yamaha, so I tend to prefer their key weights and their sounds.
The Grand being one of the best sounds on board with the strings and electric pianos close behind.
The bass is not terrible, maybe a bit dull, but the treble is distorted, unrealistic and several notes are buzzy.

The pedal slides around a lot on the stand but could probably be stuck down with something. The action is a lot better than I expected and I can play faster with better articulation than on my old Roland. I got on the phone with a techician quickly, who suggested that this was not normal and I should return the piano. For me, an Asian, it's hard to find a balance between having a taller chair so I can play the keyboard comfortably, and still having my feet reaching the pedal. But you may want to consider this fact to try out the height before you go and buy the keyboard.

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