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Formed in Oakland, California in late 1985, Neurosis developed a style blending industrial, heavy metal, and alternative rock with often spiritually focused lyrics. Keeping up a long-held tradition of bringing forth some of the heaviest music from the darkness of the Pacific NW, Seattle's legendary Tad Doyle (formerly of TAD, Hog Molly), delivers his strongest songwriting and playing to date with his newest band Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth. Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth bring together the collective and extensive rock histories and experience of the three members in the worlds of punk, hard rock and metal.
Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and Tad Doyles' own Witch Ape Studio in Seattle and mixed by Billy Anderson, Brother's Of The Sonic Cloth's self-titled full length consists of five immense songs, with two bonus tracks on the CD.
The trio's work on their debut offering is welcomingly unfamiliar, splicing serrated riffs through chilling post-punk drumming and hulking compositions which blow soulfully hot and desolate cold.
The record begins with an ominous eruption of riffs forged from deep within the earth, with "Lava", and continues on this path throughout; a mammoth, relentless spirit on a timeless journey. A newly formed band consisting of members of Isis, Old Man Gloom,Botch, Russian Circles, Baptists.
Members Steve Von Till (guitar, vocals, percussion), Dave Edwardson (bass, vocals), Scott Kelly (bass, vocals), Jason Roeder (drums), Noah Landis (keyboards, samples, tape effects), and Pete Inc.

Their longform pieces present the kind of mature ideas and expansive progressions which outpace the listener's short-term memory and lead you off the map; familiar landmarks like sludge, post-metal, rock all but disappeared over the horizon. Authentic and authoritative, this album is as much a persistent thudding body punch of sonic destructive force as it is a thoughtful statement of awareness and the inescapable raw condition of life.
Both Souls at Zero and The Word as Law appeared in 1992, followed by Enemy of the Sun a year later.
Released in 1996, Through Silver in Blood became the band's most popular release, and 1999's Steve Albini-produced Times of Grace helped build upon that breakthrough.
In 2001, Sun That Never Sets stuck with more tribal-like beats and composition, while 2004's The Eye of Every Storm, despite retaining a patina of smoky folk, found the group returning to its sludge metal roots. Given to the Rising, the band's ninth studio album, which was voted the 76th greatest metal album of the decade by Decibal magazine, arrived in 2007, followed in 2012 by Honor Found in Decay, their fifth outing to feature Albini behind the board.

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