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Our most popular lesson, the home row (homerow) keys, definitely offers a challenge for those beginning to type.
You can evaluate your own performance or that of your kids or students at any time by simply looking at charts.Typing Tutor tracks your progress, and allows you to view your results at any time. The Internet offers a very wide assortment of opportunities to play typing games, with so many websites available that it can be difficult to choose from. Free Typing Games for KidsTo make full use of online typing games, kids need a quiet place where they can focus on the computer screen and concentrate on typing quickly and efficiently. The following are some of the best websites that feature very fun and high-quality online games. My Typing GamesThe aptly named website, My Typing Games is a great place to start for free typing games.
Some include "Swim with Letter", where kids must type letters floating in the ocean and "Save the books", where kids just need to type the falling letters to save the books piled on the right side of the screen. Fun to TypeFun to Type is a site that has even more games to choose from, with really fun typing games like Keyboard Ninja, Type-a-Balloon, Bomb Squad and Typing Defense.
You wouldn't think that there could be this many ways to make typing fun, but this site proves you just never know how much fun typing can be until you've practiced your skills inside of a high-paced, very exciting game. All of these games creatively introduce an element of arcade into the seemingly dry practice of practicing typing. Alpha Typing GamesOne of the most popular typing game sites online - one that you'll see with listings all throughout Google - is Alpha Free Typing Games. The games here are a little more "cartoonish" than other sites, which makes them great choices for younger kids that are learning to type. This game includes just typing the words that are floating by across the screen as quickly as possible.
The typing games at this site are very unique and a great deal of fun that any kid will enjoy. Type RacerOne website that only features a single game - but a very fun game - is TypeRacer.
The Typing PlaygroundThe last site for kids to have lots of fun while practicing typing is The Typing Playground.
A few examples include "Keyboard Simon" that's like the usual "Simon Says" game, but with letters, "Typing Trek" where kids use the keyboard to navigate obstacles, and "Falling Words" where kids need to type words as fast as possible before they hit the bottom of the screen. Your mission is to guide the alien fleet through the galaxy, typing letters before they stop you.
Here, you can always download the latest versions of Rapid Typing Tutor, directly from the development team.We do not sell RapidTyping, it really is free.

With Rapid Typing Tutor you will learn using your keyboard more efficiently in just a few easy lessons for absolutely free. When you want to learn how to type, sometimes just using free typing applications is a very effective way to either learn to type or to improve your existing typing skills. Typing games are an effective way to get kids interested in learning how to type, and then fine-tuning their typing abilities.
Most of the sites are focused on advertising, and don't offer very valuable or high-quality games. So, in a classroom environment, it's important to set the computer that will be used either in a quiet corner or in a room where there are few distractions. Any of these would be great for your students, or for your own kids if you want to help them practice typing at home.
Kids will get swept away in the excitement of games like Type-a-Balloon, where kids have to type the letter on the balloon in order to pop it before the ballpon is able to escape into the sky. This site has just under twenty games, including fun titles like Fowl Worlds, Type Type Revolution (very fun), and Cup Stacking. Kids won't even realize they're learning to type faster as they play Querty Warriors and fire at other tanks with their quick typing skills, or play Cup Stacking to pile taller pyramids of cups by typing the right letters. This is a site that has almost 70 games to choose from, and include some of the best typing games that you'll find online. Words flow at different speeds, so the faster you can type larger words, or faster-flowing words, the more points you can accumulate. A few great examples here include "Typing Olympic", where you must type sentences to compete as an Olympic athlete, "Typing Race" where you compete against other players to be the fastest typist on the race track, and "Meteor Game" where you need to destroy meteors as fast as you can by typing letters on the keyboard. At TypeRacer, kids get to test their typing skills against other people online that are ready to race as well.
You can choose any of the sites above, or choose them all - and link to them from your classroom computer or your home computer.
Kids can learn by playing a typing game, while adults can take pre-configured courses or create their own training lessons. However, there are a number of sites with some great typing games that are not only fun to play, but are sure to help increase your student or child's typing skills in a very short time span. Students will feel like they are enjoying an actual video game, when in reality they are actually increasing their typing skills.
All you have to do is click on "Enter a Typing Race" and they will show up on the screen as a race car, waiting for other players. If your kids or students want to play video games, encourage them to play these games instead, and watch as their typing skills increase dramatically.

Rapid Typing Tutor is perfect for adults and kids, students and teachers, and provides comprehensive reporting and progress tracking for every student. Powerful statistics include 15 different parameters, including words-per-minute, characters-per-minute and accuracy reports.The innovative typing tutor has a cheerful and intuitive user interface full of colors to make learning to type fun. Here is the official description for RapidTyping - Typing Tutor: Enhance your typing skills with a new-generation typing tutor!
The typing tutor features a variety of visual cues to help adults and kids master the computer keyboard, and provides full course statistics in tables and charts. Rapid Typing Tutor will help you learn how to use your keyboard more efficiently in a few easy courses for absolutely free.
Supporting multiple users makes Rapid Typing Tutor usable at schools, colleges and universities.Secretaries, teachers and writers will find the ability of Rapid Typing Tutor to create their own courses custom-tailored to each student truly indispensible.
Children will learn by playing a fun game, while students and adults can choose pre-configured lessons or create their own training courses.
Custom courses make it possible creating your own typing tutor meeting your own requirements. Rapid Typing Tutor teaches adults and kids, students and teachers, and has advanced reporting and Progress tracking for every student.
Whether you need to master a specific key, set of keys or a keyboard layout that you need to master, a custom-built typing tutor is your best solution.The free typing tutor includes a full virtual keyboard with both hands moving over it to display the proper typing position for each hand and finger. Advanced statistics include 15 different parameters, such as words-per-minute, characters-per-minute and accuracy reports. Highlighted zones for each finger make placing your fingers correctly a second nature in no time.For non-standard layout users, Rapid Typing Tutor automatically creates a new virtual keyboard based on the layout. You can take typing lessons for multiple keyboard layouts by quickly switching between them. Custom lessons and courses allow designing your very own typing tutor tailored specifically to your needs.
Whether it's a certain key, set of keys or a keyboard layout that you need to learn, a custom-made typing tutor is your best bet.

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