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What do you do when you want to add symbols like smily, copyright, trademark etc while typing in documents or posting to Facebook, Google+ or even Twitter? If you are using a laptop or a keyboard where you don't have dedicated numeric keys on the right,  you can use the number keys on the top.
Pinterest badge A pinterest social plugin for blogs to show latest pins and follower count. Did you know you could just type a smiley, copyright symbol or a trademark directly from your keyboard. Then there’s the much more precise method of using specific keyboard shortcuts, which are integrated into Mac OS X, for quickly and easily typing special characters and symbols without summoning the viewer and furtively hunting with the mouse.
That said, the above is a small sample of the special characters And symbols available in OS X, most of which can’t be typed using a keyboard shortcut. The information, illustrations and code contained in my "Microsoft Word Tips" are provided free and without risk or obligation. I've been a mouse man for a very long time.  Primarily I use the mouse because, if for no other reason, I can't remember the keyboard shortcuts for all the various Word commands! Using the following macro, I can create a composite, complete listing of keyboard shortcuts that I can save as a Word document or print. Do you want to make a payment for consulting work or donate to help support this site?

A few month ago I released menukeys an now an upvote remind me of this question, so I’d like to announce the package here. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged symbols packages osx or ask your own question. I bet you would just try remembering a web page where you have seen the symbol, open it and do a copy-paste. What you do is to press the left ALT key and type the corresponding ASCII number using the numeric keys keeping the ALT key pressed. But first make sure you press "Num Lock" key and the number lock indicator (green led in most cases) is turned on. That means you can key in these symbols in any web based text input including your favorite Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others. Thereupon, in order to obviate wasteful mousing around, set up a keyboard shortcut (link above) for summoning the Special Character Viewer — I use ? + ? + T (Command + Option + T).
When finished, you will have a complete listing of all of your keyboard shortcut in a document form that you can format to suit your taste and save or print as a reference.
If you have any comments or suggestions about the page layout send a mail to ROOT support, or contact the developers with any questions or problems regarding ROOT. But instead of the long route, you can actually type these characters yourself directly from the keyboard.

Please note that the appearance of the symbols will be different with different fonts just like text. The half comes via assigning keyboard shortcut for summoning the Special Character Viewer and then hunting.
Otherwise, it will probably be helpful to print out one of the available downloadable formats. Ashraf spends insane hours on dotTech (usually writing articles but sometimes doing absolutely nothing except staring). I guess this would be nice to have TikZ snippets of the Apple's symbols - could produce nice results as well.
That means you can vary their size by simply increasing font size or even changing the font family as well.

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