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If you’re looking for a mini keyboard for a child, the one I recommend is the Casio SA-76 keyboard. Roland-Piano-Keyboards-buy-online-Australia-Derringers-Music PRODUCT NEWSRETAIL STOREHIRECONTACT USSearch MUSIC INSTRUMENTS .
We shall take a look at two types of mini keyboards, one for the aspiring musician or child, and the other, USB midi keyboards. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Later on, if your child continues to show interest in playing the keyboard you can buy a more expensive model. It is a 44-key keyboard and comes with 100 timbres 50 rhythms, 10 integrated songs, 5 drum pads, LC display, speakers, input and output headphones and 8-note polyphony.
In addition to checking it out myself, I have read many positive reviews about this keyboard online. Click here to check out the Casio SA-76 mini piano keyboard.
The Akai LPK25 sells for as low as $55, while the Korg nanoKEY can be bought for about $50.

Then there are more expensive ones like the M-Audio Axiom 25 II for $249, M-Audio Axiom 49 II for $349, M-Audio Axiom Pro 25 for $399 and M-Audio Axiom Pro for $479. As with most music keyboards, the more you spend the better it gets. You can check out a wide range of mini MIDI keyboard controllers here.

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