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Does any body fancy drawing a piano note name cut out like the one my daughter made in this photo below. When first  sold (in the early 90's), it came with a keyboard which had an rs-232 - like serial interface instead of midi and the software ran under MS-Dos!
Hopefully, Piano booster can grow to fulfil the potential that this early package was not able to deliver. I have a few changes, perhaps it should be on two pages and then we could write instructions on the sheet. This sheet can be used with Piano Booster to label the names of each note on your piano keyboard. I also think it should have two stave's that run right across the two pages with a treble and base clef so that it looks more like standard piano music. Important: To see and hear our 'live' music examples you will need to install the free Scorch plug-in for PC and MAC systems. We have met all the symbols shown in the score detail above, except for the key signature, but music means nothing to most of us until it has been translated into the sounds produced by a musical instrument. Teachers of music theory recommend that you should master the rudiments of a musical instrument if you want to understand why music is notated the way it is. A keyboard is made of keys that have been arranged in the pattern we have illustrated above.

The keyboard convention that naturals are faced in white and accidentals are faced in black was commonly reversed during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We have no evidence that the convention for colouring musical keyboards was arrived at with any of the angst created when choosing the colours for computer keyboards that the story below, first printed in the San Jose Mercury News, describes.
Designers of the new product realized lighter-colored keys would make the device look more like a PC than the all-black keys of the 95LX did.
Many argued the company was foolish to deliberately design a product that appeared less powerful than its predecessor. If you've ever looked closely at a piano keyboard you may have noticed that the widths of the white keys are not all the same at the back ends (where they pass between the black keys).
Here's the piano sheet to the theme song of one of the most popular and classical films ever.
The above graphics are in high definition 600 DPI and will print brilliantly even if the screen display is not that good.
This can really help beginners who want to learn to read music and it works especially well now I have included the note names in the next release. I found these to be enormously helpful in forming the neural pathways needed to auto associate the printed staves with both note locations on the keyboard AND fingers to use.
Towards the end it worked with Windows and any midi keyboard, which is the one that I still have and occasionally use.

Certainly it did not have the active community forum around it and so was not able to tap in to collaborative development resources.
To make the pattern clearer, and to show the way the pattern repeats, we have coloured all the notes 'C' yellow, and, in addition, marked 'middle C' with an asterix.
It is an example of a scale (from the Latin scala meaning a ladder); in this case, a chromatic scale. But others maintained raw power was not as important in computers as it was in calculators, and said the entire division needed to reshape its thinking to the realities of a new world. Sadly, it wasn't open source so when those who built it went on to other things, development and even sales of the system stopped.
The pitch of any note is lower than that of all the keys to its right and higher than all those to its left. The white keys bear the names of the letters of the alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) and are called 'naturals'.

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