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In this tab, we adjust the score setttings, like key signature, time signature and metronome. Frescobaldi can hyphenate my lyrics, I just need to go to the LilyPond menu, select Lyrics and Hyphenate lyrics text. Frescobaldi has a neat integration with Rumor, a realtime monophonic MIDI keyboard to LilyPond converter. According to the website, “it brings the aesthetics of traditionally engraved music to computer printouts.” I always rely on it every time I have to write a score.

It aims to be powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.  You can install it through your favorite package manager. This tab is related to titles and headers, so we fill out the info we want to be displayed. According to the website, “it receives MIDI events, quantizes them according to its metronome on the fly and outputs handwritten-like corresponding LilyPond notation.
This awesome software is is named after Girolamo Frescobaldi, an Italian musician and one of the most important composers of keyboard music in the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

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