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New updates are exciting for many users, but there are also some users that worry what will happen to battery life, app compatibility and app crashes on iOS 8. When you get a phone call there is a notification on Mac and iPad with the call, turning your device into a speakerphone for the iPhone.
It’s also easier to use the iPhone as a personal hotspot when it is near your Mac, without diving into settings.
In iOS 8 third-party keyboards are an option that allow users to pick the keyboard they love to use, and make it the default across all apps. Forget buying the same app for each family member or figuring out which account you need to buy a movie on so that each device in your house can watch it. When you make an edit on a document stored in iCloud it is shared across all devices, and you can access it form the iCloud Drive on your devices. In iOS 8 Apple includes the Health app and a tool for developers to connect their apps and accessories into a central space for your health data. When you want to send a photo you see your last two or three photos without leaving the message screen, and can also scroll to see more.
This is a big change from iOS 7, which does not support fast photos, videos or audio messages inside iMessage.
I know your message was a few months ago but I hope this helps to either fix it, or at least understand it. Despite not being an avid user of third-party keyboards in iOS 8, I’m always eager to try out any new soft-keyboard that hits the App Store. I just think it was really smart of Apple to let soft-keyboards access iOS 8 typing shortcuts. Speaking of keyboards, were you cognizant that third-party keyboards in iOS 8 are permitted to tap into your custom typing shortcuts? Would be helpful if Swype implemented this so I could use my emoji shortcuts on the Swype keyboard. I can’t find any good sources to use their Predictive Lexicon dictionary of English as well as other languages. And I don’t believe that every developer would be creating the database themselves for all the languages they provide. Hah, actually I discussed this with their support team a whole afternoon via email as Fleksy released.
Messaging has come a long way since people started texting on their cell phones several years ago. Apple didn't dedicate much of its iOS 8 announcement to the enterprise, but the new mobile OS is actually packed with features that will appeal to both IT admins and business users. Apple spent only a minute or so of its two-hour WWDC keynote discussing the enterprise features in its upcoming iOS 8 mobile OS, which is set for release this fall. Though Apple dedicated a short amount of time to the enterprise, some of the most exciting "consumer features will also be valuable to business users.
In iOS 8, mail, third-party apps, calendar, contacts, reminders, notes, messages and all user credentials are password-locked after a reboot. Apple's iOS 8 will support a number of new IT policies to give administrators additional tools for deploying, managing and removing books, PDFs and other documents.
IT can also remotely set device names, stop users from enabling their own restrictions and block the device wipe feature. Corporate iOS 8 users also get a new setting that lets them see some of the specific IT policies that have been applied to their devices, so they can understand restrictions and the associated limitations.
Apple very quietly announced support for Wi-Fi calling in iOS 8, but the feature could be truly valuable to enterprises looking to reduce, or in some cases eliminate, wireless calling fees. Apple made a ton of notable enhancements to the Mail app in iOS 8 and added a number of new features. External email addresses can be set to display in red, so users know whenever they're sending messages to recipients outside of their organizations. Apple's iOS 8 makes it simpler to work on a variety of document types across Apple and Windows devices.
Location Sharing: A common feature in third-party messaging apps, iOS 8 Messages will let you share your location with your friends via a message. As rumored, Apple unveiled a new Health app and HealthKit platform to maintain a centralised location for all your health and fitness data. TestFlight beta testing: Apple recently acquired TestFlight, a popular app beta testing service. Along with the new QuickType keyboard, Apple is also letting developers develop their own keyboards for iOS 8 devices. With iOS 8, third party apps can define Widgets, that live in the Notification Center, or in Safari. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
And though evolutionary rather than revolutionary, we have no doubt in our minds that iOS 8 is going to significantly improve the functionality of Apple’s mobile platform, and perhaps even give some folks less reasons to jailbreak. Standard disclaimer applies here: some capabilities are hardware-dependent and, as such, only work on certain iPhone models. Keep in mind that some features are unavailable in certain markets over legal and licensing reasons.
App Store Bundles enable the creation of special software sets by letting developers bundle up to ten of their apps into a single item that can be purchased with a tap.
Bundles typically cost less than the sum of the individual apps contained within, making them an attractive promotional tool for games makers and developers of enterprise software. And like the “Complete My Album” feature on iTunes, there’s a “Complete My Bundle” option to purchase the bundle without paying the price of the apps you already own. The proportion of battery used by each app in the “Last 24 Hours” or “Last 7 Days” is shown (as a percentage), but only when the device is not charging.
In other words, installing an app also makes its custom actions, if any, available system-wide, through the multi-purpose Share sheet. Custom action buttons in the Action sheet can be re-ordered (see below) so oft-used actions are only a tap away. Custom actions enable deeper interactions between third-party apps and drive massive improvements as a result of third-party ingenuity and innovation. Perhaps the biggest long-term change in iOS 8, Extensibility allows your apps to interact with one another in ways commonly associated with Android and not possible on Apple’s platform before. App Extensions, as these things are called, are distributed as part of their app binaries and are therefore installed automatically by downloading the host app. Share extensions, as mentioned before, provide more options to share photos, videos, websites and other content with online services.
Storage Providers are interfaces between apps and custom storage locations such as, for example, Dropbox. Check out  the Today widget of Hours for iPhone below (also coming to the Apple Watch), it really changes the way you use the app for the better.
Custom Keyboards are self-explanatory (more on these later) while the previously mentioned Custom Actions let you perform specific tasks like translating a webpage, watermarking documents and more, in any app which supports iOS’s standard Share sheets.
Available under the iCloud section in Settings, Family Sharing requires that you define a ‘master’ device which must have a credit card on file. Family Sharing can also be used to automatically share photos, calendars and reminders among family members, and even track iOS devices — including those that belong to your family or friends.
Not all purchases are eligible for Family Sharing as Apple provides developers with an option in their iTunes Connect developer portal to choose whether or not they want their apps to be enabled for Family Sharing.
In addition to standard three-dimensional aerial views in Apple Maps known as Flyover which debuted as part of the iOS 6 launch back in 2012, iOS 8 has now added scripted virtual tours of select landmarks and cities, like the Yosemite National Park, Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California, Wellington in New Zealand and more. To access Flyover City Tours, turn on 3D view in Apple Maps by hitting the “i” button in the upper-right and find a desired location using the search field at the top. The feature is region-dependent so not all Flyover locations have Flyover City Tours. A list of locations with Flyover City Tours enabled can be found on the iOS 8 Feature Availability webpage. Handoff is the central part to Apple’s philosophy concerning Continuity, asset of technologies it designed for seamless transitioning between iOS devices and Macs. In a nutshell, Handoff helps you complete tasks across multiple devices authorized with the same iCloud account.
Grab it with your finger and pull up, or click the icon in the Dock, and you’ll be immediately taken to the app with content exactly as you left it on the previous device. Taking advantage of the new HealthKit in iOS 8, Apple’s conceived the Health app as a central repository for all your health and fitness related data. For example, you can permit the data from your blood pressure app to be automatically shared with your doctor. Using this data, Health can over time provide a comprehensive picture of your well-being via an easy?to?read dashboard that can be customized to include and exclude items like heart rates, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol and what not.
In addition to managing the different types of data being managed by Health, you can also create an emergency card which will be accessible by swiping left on your Lock screen and tapping Emergency and then Medical ID. Siri in iOS 8 now has an always-listening mode, but only when your device is plugged into a power source. You even get a handy Buy button to purchase the recognized song on iTunes and another one to open Shazam for more information. That free iCloud storage (currently five gigabytes per Apple ID), can now be at last used to store both personal files and app documents into the cloud. The feature also makes it possible to open a document stored in another app’s folder, which is incredibly convenient as apps can finally share files with one another in more logical ways than before. As a result, it’s now possible to store more photos in iCloud Photo Library than your device can hold and still scroll through them with ridiculous ease, as if stored locally.
And don’t worry, an option in Photos to download whole albums in their full-resolution glory is just a tap away. Among them: way better group-chatting with the ability to mute notifications for message threads, support for exchanging quick videos and short walkie-talkie-like audio snippets, location sharing, the ability to video all media attachments, Handoff support and more. Simply tap the Details button in the upper right corner of your conversation thread, set Do Not Disturb to ON and you’ll no longer receive notifications from that conversation (messages will still reach your device). Connecting your iPad or Mac to your phone’s personal hotspot is no longer a multi-step affair requiring that you create and use a network password.
Stock apps, for example, allow you to swipe alerts on the Lock screen in order to reveal options. Another example: interactive Calendar notifications include the handy Accept and Reject buttons. Mail in iOS 8 makes extensive use of all-new swipe gestures that can be performed from the inbox list to help you sort through your emails with breeze and fewer taps.

Moreover, Mail in iOS 8 now recognizes a reservation, flight confirmation, or phone number in an email and produces a notification allowing you to, say, add an event to your calendar or a phone number to your contacts.
There are also notifications for replies to email threads to alert you each time someone has replied to a designated email thread, ensuring you’re always on top of things. Apple’s keyboard in iOS 8 now, much like Android’s predictive text entry, speeds up your typing by displaying suggested words as you type.
This means that QuickType’s suggestions of words or phrases follow the casual style you might use in Messages, the more formal language you probably use in Mail and more.
The more you use it, the smarter QuickType becomes because the more your iPhone will learn about the way you text. Now when someone sends you a message and you receive a notification, you can pull down on the banner alert and up pops the keyboard. To record an audio message, use the new microphone icon in the bottom right of your message view. The other side will receive an interactive notification for an incoming message, like this. With Raise To Listen enabled, one can simply hold the handset to one’s ear to listen to the audio. Options in Settings let you define for how long you’d like to keep audio messages stored on your device, with two expiration options, “Never” and “After 2 Minutes”.
Like audio, Messages uses the same radial interface for quickly attaching a short video to your message.
Now you can finally capture those must-see moments straight away, instead of having to go through multiple steps to record and send videos. Note that media like videos and images are now organized in their own panel in Messages (tap Details in the upper right to access it) so you no longer have to scroll indefinitely to find a picture from earlier in the conversion. Our own Jeff has put together a nice video showing off the best new features in iOS 8 Messages. For starters, searching for movies in Spotlight now produces richer information like nearby theaters, showtimes and ratings. Its expanded scope enriches your search results with snippets of news articles, inline Wikipedia definitions (with a picture and a short summary), iTunes media and App Store app links, suggested websites, nearby restaurants (including the phone number and hours it’s open) and lots more. As a bonus, all of the above can be done from both Spotlight itself and Safari — just tap Safari’s address bar to search with Spotlight integration, with the results appearing alongside your Top Hits and suggestions.
Once the app is installed, the embedded custom keyboard becomes available to use system-wide. So just as Touch ID on the iPhone 5s simplifies device unlocking and authorizing iTunes purchases, it’ll do the same in your apps and hopefully kill the password once and for all. Now hit the Record button and your device will start snapping up photos at predetermined intervals. Today widgets are third-party App Extensions that appear in the Notification Center and offer quick information at a glance. Today widgets are bundled with their apps so downloading one with a widget included automatically makes the widget available to add to the Today view.
Just pull down from the screen top to bring up the Notification Center and then tap the Edit button at the bottom. Most developers we’ve spoken to are committed to providing widgets (hello, jailbreakers!), including Philips which is working on an iOS 8 widget for controlling Hue lights. And here are iOS 8 features that our writers, contributors and editors have cherry-picked as their best or most exciting ones. No longer do we have to wait until our favorite apps gain, for example, the ability to share items on Pinboard or Path or implement Dropbox file picker. In portrait mode, 123 button is on the left and next to it, on the right, is the globe button. I am not a fast typer, but pretty sure it’s annoying for anyone who is into text messaging. With today's release of iOS 8, a number of new systemwide alternative keyboards will also be debuting in the App Store. Fleksy's primary claim to fame is speed, having been recognized as the fastest keyboard in the world. Fleksy also includes built-in support for hundreds of emoji, as well as a resizable keyboard and support for 40 languages at launch. That's rather the Shift key, because Caps Lock is kinda intuitive with that small horizontal line at the bottom. Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more. Over the weekend well-known mobile phone leaker Evan Blass predicted that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus would releaseA the week of September 12. Apple today announced that it recently sold its one-billionth iPhone, marking a major milestone for the company.
Parking service company Parkopedia today announced that it will begin to provide its enhanced and detailed parking information services directly within Apple Maps.
Apple today announced financial results for the third fiscal quarter (second calendar quarter) of 2016. Apple did not reveal the exact date, but should share more details at an iPhone 6 launch event this fall. Apple is in the middle of an iOS 8 beta that should help the company find and remove many bugs, delivering a better product to the regular user this fall.
The iOS 8 beta is not finished, so things may still change, but these features and details will likely remain very similar to the current state. As these two videos show, iOS 8 will let users login to an app with Touch ID, and thanks to extensions you can also use it to login to a website in Safari using a secure password stored in another app.
Sharing in iOS 7 is limited to a small number of apps that Apple built-in, but in iOS 8 developers can add in support to the sharing options, like the Touch ID app above did, and much more. Text messages show up in the Messages app when the two devices are close and when you switch devices your document can follow you fast. In iOS 7 users can only use Apple’s keyboard for all apps, and are limited to a single app if they want to use a new keyboard. In the current iOS 7 release the iPhone 5s tracks a lot of movement information that it can share with other apps.
In the beta this tracks steps, distance and caffeine intake, but the full release will support much, much more. Also, adding a hyper-link from the native calendar back to a given contact, which numerous third-party calendar apps offer, would also be a big work help.
Last night, two of my icons got moved (without my action or knowledge) from the main icon screen into a Utilities folder – my Clock and my Messages icons.
And with two million downloads on Android, little wonder that Fleksy successfully closed a new $2 million funding round. You just have to download it from a different repo because the default bigboss repo says its incompatible. If you are working on a document or browsing the web on your Mac, you can seamlessly continue this activity on your iPhone or iPad. Apple has made it much easier to share photos, videos and voice messages within the Messages app.
The response from the crowd after the business announcements was notably tame compared to the roars that followed many of the other announcements. Here's a look at 12 of the most notable new iOS 8 features for enterprises and corporate users.
If you're sending sensitive information in an email and you want the peace of mind that your content is safe, you can encrypted those messages without having to encrypt all of your less sensitive correspondence. IT also gets new control over files downloaded from corporate domains using the iOS Safari browser and documents stored in iCloud, and admins will be able to restrict the applications that can be used to open those files. A new backup-monitoring feature gives IT insight into the last time users backed up their data. Anywhere a business user has access to Wi-Fi, he could potentially place a phone call without incurring charges. The VIP Threads feature lets you mark certain conversations as urgent and then receive specific notifications for those threads, while a dedicated VIP Threads mailbox lets you quickly see only the most important conversations without sifting through all other messages. New meetings can be marked as private, and iOS users have more control over granular meeting settings, such the ability to create repeat meetings at certain intervals. Apple said iCloud Drive now integrates with some third-party cloud services, but it didn't specify which companies. You can simply type in your queries, and Spotlight automatically recognizes what you’re searching for, and shows you results accordingly. Like many other Android keyboards, QuickType will offer you predictive text suggestions as you type, and will learn from your typing habits.
You can create video or audio clips with the tap of a button and send them across to your friends or family via Messages.
Apple has partnered with a number of health providers who can see and add data from checkups. Widgets are a part of the Extensibility framework in iOS 8 that can let apps pop their own UI in other apps.
With iOS 8, Apple is appeasing harsh critics who’d frequently point out that Android is capable of things iOS cannot do, and then some more. And stemming from relaxed policies, iOS 8 boosts on-the-go productivity with deeper inter-app sharing while implementing some of the features our Android friends have grown accustomed to, but in a typical hassle-free Apple fashion, things like third-party keyboards, custom actions, photo editing extensions within the context of Photos and Camera apps and way more. Fortunately, Apple provides a handy webpage that lays out iOS 8 feature availability in layman’s terms. This screen lets you easily identify and uninstall misbehaving apps that drain your device’s battery.
Custom actions can include some sort of interface or no interface at all, an example of the latter being the Bing Translate action that Apple demoed at WWDC 2014 which automatically replaces the existing text on a webpage with a translated version. Examples of custom actions include buttons that let users watermark documents, add something to a wish list, add an item to Pinboard, upload a photo to Flickr and more. For example, Instagram will be able to add a share sheet to iOS for quickly posting photos, and Pinterest can enable webpage or photo pinning from within a browser.
Photo Editing extensions embed photo and video editing filters directly into the stock Photos or Camera apps.
Document Pickers let you access files outside an app’s sandbox, so you can edit a single document in your favorite apps without creating multiple copies.
These lightweight extensions typically provide quick updates like stock quotes or breaking news stories, or make possible brief tasks such as posting updates on package deliveries.

The feature, which also honors your parental controls, then lets parents (the ‘master’ device) to approve purchases and downloads made on other devices.
Family Sharing-enabled iOS and Mac apps have a special label in the Information pane where the Seller, Category and other app information is listed, as depicted on the screenshot below.
You might, for example, start composing a long email on your iPhone and sit down at your desk to finish it on your Mac later, or vice versa, making the Apple experience even more seamless. As developers have been given the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to support Handoff, don’t expect each and every app on the App Store to be Handoff-enabled. Or, a nutrition app could use the Health database to tell your fitness apps how many calories you consume each day. Much like Android’s ‘Ok, Google’ function, this feature listens to a keyword — in this case ‘Hey, Siri’ — to activate the digital assistant.
Siri in iOS 8 also integrates with Shazam to identify the currently playing song — just ask “What song is playing”.
Other Siri improvements in iOS 8: 22 new languages and streaming voice recognition which displays the text of what you’re saying as you say it, as opposed to having to wait until it processes your words (network connection is still required, though). It removes much of the friction associated with working on a single document in multiple apps while increasing the flexibility of iOS workflows dramatically. Now when your iPhone is close by, its name will automatically appear in the list of Wi-Fi networks in Settings on your iPad and in the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac. For example, a Messages alert can be swiped to the left to reveal the “x” sign to dismiss it. To start receiving these alerts, swipe to the left on a desired message, choose More and then tap the Notify Me button, as shown on the screenshot below.
To disable notifications for a particular email thread, swipe to the left again, tap More and then hit the Stop Notifying button. It’s so smart it analyzes message contents so if someone asks you a question, it offers choices like “Yes,” “No,” “Later tonight” and so forth. And Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese Kanji input continue to feature predictive input. Simply type your reply, hit the Send button and continue right where you left off — no need to switch back and forth between apps just to reply to the message.
This brings up a brand new radial menu (useful for a one-handed operation), as depicted above.
To reply with an audio message, a user would again raise the handset to start talking — all from the Lock screen and without unlocking the device.
Just tap and hold the camera icon in the lower left of your message view to start recording, swipe to the right when done, or up to cancel, like this. In addition to sending quick audio and video content, Messages in iOS 8 at last allows users to quickly insert recent photos and videos, or even multiple photos or videos simultaneously. And in addition to searching across stock apps to find exact words or phrases in texts or emails stored locally on the device, Spotlight can now retrieve information from a plethora of online sources. Like App Extensions, custom keyboards are not standalone downloads and are deployed as part of the app which must provide some basic functionality.
And with so many great Touch ID tweaks already available for jailbroken devices, imagine what the future holds now that Apple is OK with official Touch ID development. This new time-lapse mode lets you create some incredible effects of the sun setting, the bustling of a busy city street and such.
When you stop recording, iOS 8 groups the individual photos together into an accelerated sequence. Apple provides several built-in widgets like Calendar, Reminders and Stocks that can be interacted with. This takes you to the screen with all of the widgets available on your device, allowing you to enable or disable ones you want and change their ordering. This alphabetically-sorted list is obviously highly subjective as each writer gets to weigh in with the iOS 8 features they think are going to improve their mobile computing most. Once Pinboard and Dropbpox release their respective iOS 8 extensions, their functionality becomes available system-wide in most apps.
Instead of wasting time implementing Dropbox access or sharing via a third-party service, they can now focus on more pressing things and spend their energies advancing their apps.
This allows developers to extend their app’s functionality into other iOS apps, and throughout the entire system. The only fix is to stop rotating your device when you are messaging but that, of course, is silly. Yesterday, we covered SwiftKey, and today sees the introduction of another major entrant: Fleksy.
The keyboard relies on advanced autocorrect features to interpret input and includes extensive gesture support to make it easy for users to delete, add punctuation and spaces, or select an alternate autocorrect suggestion by swiping anywhere on the keyboard. And as with some other popular alternative keyboards, Fleksy learns from the user's typing patterns, improving its performance with time. It is possible that Apple plans the iOS 8 release date for September 17th, two days before the rumored iPhone 6 release date. You can also get a notification if a child iPhone user wants to make a purchase and approve or decline the purchase with a notification on your iPhone. This will connect to apps and accessories, so you may still need another app on your device, but you will have a central place to see your health data in iOS 8. If they share data with you through Find my friends you can tap on details in a message and see their location. I use both regularly and find that having them one level down in the Utilities folder, makes using them more cumbersome. The default name of the folder will be determined by the category of the icon you are dragging.
By the way, Swype, my favorite third-party keyboard, is temporarily free until next Thursday as Apple’s latest Free App of the Week.
Searching the web for predictive text produces pages of results with people asking how to turn off the feature on other mobile devices. Users can swipe up from the lock screen to reveal the document or web page that was accessed on their Mac. One can easily reply to a message with a voice recording by simply holding a finger down on the record button. The fact is, iOS 8 actually packs a set of valuable new features that demonstrate Apples strengthening relationship with the enterprise and with business users. It's also easier to quickly add reservations, flight confirmations and phone numbers that appear in messages to your calendar with a tap. A new Calendar setting lets a user quickly send a message to all meeting attendees to, say, provide a quick update before the event starts.
For example, you can quickly add and drop recipients from group messages and leave any conversation whenever you're ready. For example, movie searches will show you nearby theatres and iTunes results, place-related queries will show you Wikipedia and Maps results and so on. VSCO cam can open a photo from the Photos app, files can be fetched from any cloud service provider and so on. Apple showed the example of eBay’s widget that showed the most recent products in the Notification Center. As third-party keyboards and other App Extensions are now supported, iOS 8 introduces new ways apps might monopolize system resources. As a bonus, when you’re not using your iPhone’s cellular network iOS 8 automatically disconnects your devices to save battery life.
In the case of Mail, available interactions include flagging,  marking as read and archiving.
All told, iOS 8 allows you to interact with your favorite apps from within their notifications in ways not possible before.
Alternatively, tap and hold the globe sign on the keyboard to enable predictive input in any app. Furthermore, soft-keyboards that do require network connectivity to sync custom dictionaries are required to first request your permission. All your time-lapse videos are automatically stored inside a dedicated ”Time-lapse” album on the device. For example, the Reminders widget allows you to mark to-dos as completed, right inside the Notification Center.
Since you said they were on your main screen and that you use them often I think this is most likely what happened. Apple focused on dictation and Siri, hoping people would use their voice instead of their fingers. The feature is particularly valuable for frequent international travelers, who may incur large fees for roaming or occasionally find themselves with poor or nonexistent network coverage.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. It was so nicely straightforward in the old versions of iOS: when it was glowing like hell, it was ON. How tough could it be to show the upper-case letters in upper-case and the lower-case letters in lower-case. To delete folders, just drag the icon that’s in the folder to the bottom of the folder.
Continuity builds on the seamless experience of iCloud apps like iWork, Reminders, Notes, and Calendar.
When you drag it below the bottom border, it will minimize the folder and allow you to place it back on the main (or any other) screen.
When communicating with an informal participant, the predictive text keyboard will offer more colloquial responses. Apple might not be the first to introduce a predictive text keyboard, but they tend to refine and improve these technologies. Once you drag all icons out of a folder, it will also move the last icon out of that folder and place it back on the previous screen.

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