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It discusses the importance of some non-essential programming practices, and has a table of those practices.
Names start with lowercase letters, and additional words in the name start with capital letters. This second code declares variable sum at the same times as defining it, thus skipping sum’s initialization.
It can complicate concepts, however, for beginner programs, who may find declaring variables and defining variables should be separate.
Widening- (explicit) takes numbers from a smaller range to a larger range, such as from int to double.

Narrowing- (implicit) takes numbers from a larger range to a smaller range, such as from double to byte. JNativeHook is a library to provide global keyboard and mouse listeners for Java This will allow you to listen for global shortcuts or mouse motion that would  Jun 23, 2013 How to Get Keyboard Input in Java. JOptionPane object in order to use the methods.  To invoke the methods we use the class name. In this simple KeyListener Example, depending on the key typed by the user, the words are displayed in the applet window. In both languages, reading a string simply reads until the first space or the end of line is found.

The Scanner splits input into substrings, or tokens, separated by delimiters, code snippet shows how to read an integer from the keyboard.
This allows the user to backspace and retype mistakes before sending the input to the program.

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