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We used to start off with a "Hello" song, where everyone's name was sung as we sat round in a circle.
As Karen grew up her tastes in music changed from nursery rhymes and songs like the Wheels on the bus to pop music. Karen enjoys listening to the radio, listening to tapes and listening to live music as long as it's not too loud.
It took place at the City Literary Institute near Covent Garden which was an Adult Education Centre. This was very different from the informal music group and was very structured and scientific. By the time she was eleven she was enjoying the school disco at Christmas and at the end of the summer term and gradually acquired a huge collection of pop music tapes.
The last photograph on this page is one of many pictures Karen has taken of her favourite things.
You can view and download a large number of the best selected photos and images from around the web in comfort.
One was a Hat song where one child wore a top hat and would go something like "Chloe has a friend and her name is Karen.

She regularly spends her pocket money on cassettes and one day we will bow to the inevitable and get her a personal CD player and then she can start squandering her money on CDs. Especially for you we have divided all the pictures by the most popular categories, so you can easily find the photos you need and pictures. She has a more sophisticated tape recorder now but still enjoys recording anything and everything.
Chloe's going to give her friend the hat" (at which point the top hat would be solemly removed and placed on the friends head like a coronation) Karen's got the hat.
She particularly likes sitting watching a favourite video and recording the sound on tape and then listening to the soundtrack of the video. But as she got older, she learned to use the record button and used to love recording family conversations, or would bug guests without their knowledge. Anyway, there was a teacher in the adult group who at the request of some of the adults decided to set up a music group for children, all under six, at the other end of the age range. The music group lasted for more than five years and during the course we had verses to the song which ranged from "Karen is learning to use a potty, Karen is learning to use a potty, Karen is learning to use a potty. They took place in a specialist therapy room at the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy centre in North London, one of many Nordoff-Robbins therapy centres all over the world. What could be quite embarrasing was when she would record the family (including any arguments or embarrassing sitations) and then take the tape on the school bus where she would hand it to the driver, or to the teacher during a music listening session. She had enjoyed carol concerts but at some stage developed a fear of loud drums and does not like amplified music so has never been to a pop concert. I was able to observe the sessions through a one way mirror on occasions although I usually sat in the waiting room.

They would assume it was taped music from a radio or other music and then our family life, in all its uncensored detail would be broadcast to whoever was around!
The sessions always took place at about 9:30 AM once a week so that Karen was wide awake and ready to learn. Instead of all sitting in a circle to sing, at this point one child would be selected to come into the middle where there was a wonderful wooden drum. Karen had an opportunity to play the piano, to play various instruments and to sing along to the music.
Then a song was sung "Bobby Bubble beats the drum" and the child would have a chance to bang the drum with four rhythmic beats bong, bong, bong, bong and then this was repeated. Most of the children had Downs Syndrome but some had other disabilities, and many brought along their brothers and sisters. One of the leaders would play some soft improvised flute music and all kids, mums, dads, would sit on the floor and relax. Karen used to do cookery at school and for some reason thought the word "cook" meant to stir something in a big bowl.
Hence whenever I was not watching her, she would look for interesting mischief to be up to and one of these was to go to the kitchen, get a bowl and wooden or plastic spoon and empty a bottle of tomato ketchup, some eggs and anything else she could find and mix it all up while seated on the kitchen floor.

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