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You must provide a way for any device orientation changes to display content in the manner most readable and comfortable to the user. Mobile devices are small, portable and unlike desktop computers can therefore be manipulated and viewed in any manner.
Variations in Orientation generally follow the device form factor, and consider the effectiveness of the overall device, including input methods.
For automatic sensing devices, much leeway must be granted before a rotation is committed to. Please do not change content above this line, as it's a perfect match with the printed book.
Naturally, users will rapidly face the screen the correct direction, but after this should be allowed to choose their preferred viewing Orientation. Fixed form-factors, and especially "all touch" devices generally should use automatic sensing to switch from portrait (vertical) to landscape (horizontal) modes.
Never leave blank space, allow content to fall off the screen or otherwise take shortcuts that use the new orientation in a less than optimal manner.
If, for example, you want to argue about the differences between, say, Tidwell's Vertical Stack, and our general concept of the List, then add a section to discuss.
This hardware, and any other OS-level orientation changes should be respected by all applications and other content.

Content must be presented in a useful format in whichever orientation is chosen, modified to fit the screen, but without changing context, or modifying existing user entry. Sensors have generally been accelerometers, to sense the device orientation relative to the ground. It does not have to animate the entire change, reflowing to the new shape, but the initial animation helps explain the change and confirm to the user that the rotation action is occurring, and not some other, possibly uncommanded, behavior.
If we're successful, we'll get to make a new edition and will take all these discussions into account.
Warranty: Non-artificial damages, 1-month replacement, 3-month warranty Description: KarnotechA® The best choice for you!
When not available at the OS level, orientation can often be changed anyway, if it would be more helpful to the user. The device camera may also be used to sense the user's head position and adjust relative to this plane.
Level sensors can sometimes give poor results (when content is being shared or in unusual positions such as laying down); the machine vision solution attempts to overcome this.
Devices with any sort of variable form factor generally also change the use of the display devices. Never allow items to fall off the screen, or for gaps or margins to appear to the side as a way to cheat the rotation.

This can be considered to include the activation of an external screen when a clamshell or flip phone is closed. Typical cases for rotation are the now-common messaging-oriented phones, with Directional Entry keys (or sometimes even a numeric pad) when closed, but a fold- or slide-out keyboard. The switch in screen orientation corresponds to the orientation of the hardware entry method. The device should probably not immediately rotate 180° on the expectation that someone else has picked it up from the opposite side of the table. Here, the sensors can determine the device has been set down, and not used for some time, and reset the baseline to be "from the tabletop." Then, something like the 60° guideline can be used.
Only when rotated backwards that far will the screen rotate 180° to be usable at the opposite viewing angle. Do not clear entry, submit forms, scroll or perform any actions which would not have been performed had the orientation change not taken place.

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