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Fortunately, we worked with a couple of fine drummers during that time, but neither, sadly, would last. Recently, I ran into an old friend, who it just so happens, plays the drums and exceedingly well.
We dropped this John Mellencamp classic about the plight of the American farmer into the setlist a few gigs back and the version we cranked out at Rudyards the other night is killa. Houston's Ice-tastrophe 2011: A Mother Nature Joint (dramatization)The ice storm that killed your hopes and dreams has apparently destroyed our show as well. I grew up watching In Search Of, the Leonard Nimoy-narrated series about strange phenomena and the supernatural. We rehearse once a week (twice when necessary) and serious about making good music and having fun doing it. We’ve released a couple of albums locally that have been well received and we handle almost all our own recording, which helps a lot.
If you play some guitar (even a little) and can participate in background vocals, you are a dream wrapped in a Twinkie covered in awesome.

Pay is limited as, you are probably aware, original music doesn’t pay a lot, but we pay when we can.
Nothing yet and we are not waiting around, but if you happen to catch a glimpse of one, let them know a kick ass rock band might could use their services. After much weeping, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth (mostly by George as he’s a real gnasher), we have managed to emerge from the ashes like a burning phoenix riding a Harley Davidson powered by jet fuel and covered in…wait, what was I saying?
We’ve been rehearsing like mad fools the last couple months and, just like that, have lined up a butt-ton of gigs including our second appearance at the Live Music Records South by Southwest showcase. After that, a show at Last Concert, then back to Rudyard’s and a stop at the South by Due East festival here in Houston before heading northwest to Austin.
We’ve been trying for two years to nail down a gig with popular Houston funk band, Fondue Monks and we finally got one. After an extended period of intense writing and Angry Birds, George, Chris and I really wanted to get out an play. As great as both were, it has always been important to us to find the right fit both musically and personally, which is, needless to say, extremely difficult.

Learning about the Loch Ness Monster, the Sasquatch and other legendary creatures was fascinating. Our fantasy is to find a good keyboard player fluent in B3, Fender Rhodes and piano in the style of Tom Petty, the Black Crowes, Wilco, the Drive by Truckers and the like with a dose of the Beatles thrown in for good measure. You’ll find us hunkered amongst the hipsters trying to avoid catching the disease that causes the sufferer to wear guyliner and skinny jeans. We are just putting the word out so, if you spot one, you’ll be more likely to send us the blurry image and let us know where you left the trail so we can start the hunt.

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