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I wanted to share this story because I am very happy that I finally managed to get this far!
I have already accomplished a similar project that worked with a PS3 (UsbXlater), something that connected to the PS3 via USB that translated keyboard and mouse data format to gamepad data format. Once the PS4 launched, I reversed engineered the USB protocol used by the DualShock, and then attempted the same technique. I started talking with people who are working on similar projects, such as Matlo from and the creators of XIM. At this point, I wrote a bit of firmware code that allowed me to store things in flash memory. I also noticed 4 bytes of random-looking data appended to every packet, after a few checks, it turns out that these are just a 32 bit CRC that is not a part of official Bluetooth specifications, so Sony must have added them just to be safe. At this point, I had to make a modification to my own circuit so that it included a Bluetooth module. Then I tried to program my own Bluetooth stack firmware (I had to literally learn the entire Bluetooth spec).
While I was doing this, Matlo is way ahead of me and he already tried to send data to the PS4 via Bluetooth.
This means that a real DualShock is required to be connected over Bluetooth at all times, because the PlayStation never actually stops requesting authentication.
The traffic is so high that my own circuit can’t keep up either, I had to prioritize my FIFOs so the important authentication packets are guaranteed to be delivered, the other stuff have 80% chance of being re-routed correctly. So The final stretch was to code my firmware to work like Matlo’s proxy, except the packets that needed to be modified with new button bytes thumbstick bytes. At one point in this story, the UsbXlater circuit had to be redesigned to include the USB hub.
I need to redesign the circuit, it needs a 4 port hub instead of 3, and I need to swap the two USB interfaces (the HS interface has 12 host channels and the FS interface has only 8, I need to use the HS interface for the hub). This doesn’t sound impressive at all, there are a lot of products out there already that does this for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3. The first thing I did was make it work with the PlayStation 3 by spoofing a DualShock 3 connected using the USB connection. My circuit is all digital, no analog noise, no input latency from analog-digital conversion, no need to disassemble the DualShock. How did you trick the DualShock and PlayStation to connect to your circuit instead of each other?
The Bluetooth device address (basically the MAC address) is given to the DualShock first via USB. The Bluetooth device address and link key of the PlayStation is also obtained by connecting my circuit to the PlayStation by a USB cable. I took a video of BF4’s minimap spinning at different speeds, plot that speed vs stick curve, flip the curve to generate a look-up-table. I have no idea how they do it, but since the Hori Pad is an official Sony licensed product, Sony can make some sort of exception for it in the PS4’s operating system. This entry was posted in Project and tagged bluetooth, ps4, reverse engineer, usb on March 2, 2014 by Admin. If you don’t update absolutely 100% of all DualShocks and allow both old and new firmware to work, then people who want to use my hack will just buy one that has the older firmware. Developing and then testing the new firmware, and then testing the new firmware update process, will not be cheap for Sony either. Another thing, the HoriPad is an officially licensed (approved by Sony) 3rd party wired controller for PS4 that has a similar vulnerability.
The Pi can be a USB host but not USB device, how is it going to pretend to be a XB360 controller when you can’t plug it into the XB360? So you would need another microcontroller to become the USB device, and somehow also listening to the Pi for commands.
If you get a microcontroller that has two USB interfaces anyways, then what is the point of using the Raspberry Pi anymore? You can get around this in two ways, one way is to manually pair with the PS4 using the PS4’s menu, which is super annoying. You would only need to switch roles once, because you only need the link key once, it never changes. I really wish I had any idea how to do this, I love my console but hate controllers so much.
Dit object wordt via het programma voor Wereldwijde verzending verzonden en omvat internationaal traceren. Dit bedrag is inclusief toepasselijke douanetarieven, belastingen, bemiddelingskosten en andere kosten. Internationale verzendkosten en invoerkosten worden gedeeltelijk betaald aan Pitney Bowes Inc.

Wanneer andere biedingen worden uitgebracht, verhoogt eBay jouw bod automatisch met kleine bedragen tot aan je limiet. Door je bod te verzenden, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent.
Door op Bevestigen te klikken, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent.
Je bent de hoogste bieder voor dit object, maar de minimumverkoopprijs is nog niet gehaald.
Als je op Bieden met 1 klik klikt, verbind je je ertoe dit object van de verkoper te kopen als je de winnende bieder bent. Many friends must have the same experience, being annoyed with the thousands of lines on the desktop, today you are the lucky dog!
The wireless keyboard features a compact 102-key keyboard with one-touch function keys for easy access to your favorite applications, and web pages. Once you own this wireless device, you don’t have to sit in front the computer, you can move to your bed or long-distance area to control your computer, it prevents you from much radiation during long-time working.
As you don’t have to watch movie or play games in front of the desktop, it highly guarantees your eyesight. With the wireless device, you can control your computer in bed in the cold winter or anywhere so long as you can see the screen , isn’t it friendly? The keyboard and mouse plugs into the USB hub, and then the microcontroller takes the data from the keyboard and mouse, translates them to the data format used by the PlayStation 4. If you want to buy something similar from somebody else, try the XIM4 (my top choice), CronusMAX, Venom X, etc. Anybody who is attempting this and thought it was impossible to do can now breath a sigh of relief because it definitely can be done.
The Bluetooth link key (pretend it’s a 16 byte long pairing code) is the next challenge. If this was a cryptographic hash or if the CRC used a different seed or used a different polynomial, then spoofing the packets would be much more difficult (impossible to somebody without cryptography skills).
I had several choices but eventually settled on using a common USB Bluetooth dongle (Advantages: fast, certified, cheap. I almost finished writing one but I was not happy with how complicated it needed to become in order to handle all possible situations. Since some packets are modified, the CRC need to be recalculated, which is done easily because the STM32 microcontroller I am using has a CRC engine already (which is faster than software implemented CRC).
I also need to make a keybinding configuration utility so the control mapping can be adapted to other games. They forgot to include a digital signature, if the encryption depended on the Bluetooth address in some way, then the proxy attack would not have worked. This means the touch pad data and motion data are not modified, so the DualShock still works. I expected A2DP to be used for audio but apparently the audio data is mixed in with the HID data. I did see two test points on the DualShock’s PCB that may have been the SWDIO and SWCLK pins for a SWD interface, but if Sony locked the firmware and I attempted to read it, it would cause the microcontroller to wipe itself (self destruct the firmware). For Bluetooth, I tried to use an Ubertooth One, but was unsuccessful because it could not perform the neccessary frequency hopping correctly for some reason. To change the way that the encryption works on the DualShock, they would have to do a firmware update on the DualShock.
How many are just sitting on a store shelf or in a warehouse waiting to be sold with a old firmware.
This can be done by either getting a microcontroller with two USB device interfaces (one for the Pi, one for the Xbox), or use the serial port of the Pi. I am not sure how much access you have to the deeper Bluetooth and USB stuff on Android or iOS. Your F401 only has one USB interface, which you will use as a host to use the keyboard, mouse, and the Bluetooth module. The other way is to have the USB interface switch between host and device roles, so it retrieves the link key once and then store it for use later.
Because I read your post stating that “because the PlayStation never actually stops requesting authentication. The authentication is different, it sends a different challenge every time, but you don’t need to change USB roles for authentication because it is transmitted over Bluetooth.
If not, would it be too much to ask to capture one, I think it could be an important key in getting the DS4 headset to work on PC.
De verpakking moet hetzelfde zijn als in de detailhandel, tenzij het object door de fabrikant is verpakt in een verpakking die niet voor detailhandel is bestemd, zoals een onbedrukte doos of een plastic zak.
Neem contact op met de verkoper- wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend en vraag om verzending naar je locatie.

De huidige BTW-regels en -tarieven kunnen variA«ren, afhankelijk van de uiteindelijke transactie. Je hebt de voorwaarden - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend voor Wereldwijde verzending gelezen en gaat ermee akkoord. Je verklaart dat je de algemene voorwaarden - wordt in een nieuw venster of op een nieuw tabblad geopend in verband met wereldwijde verzendingen hebt gelezen, en dat je daarmee akkoord gaat.
With its UV coated key printing and spill resistant design, this keyboard offers durability that’s built to last a long time!
Familiar standard full-sized keyboard layout with low-profile keys (17mm spacing) deliver a crisp, responsive touch for added comfort. Gamepad controls are not suitable for shooter games, using a keyboard and mouse is much more comfortable for gameplay. It does the translation in a way as though the mouse was the right thumbstick, and the keys are mapped to buttons (the WASD keys are mapped to the left thumbstick). I connected these signals to my logic analyzer to capture the UART traffic, logged it, and wrote a script to reformat the log into pcap format so the traffic can be analyzed using WireShark (which actually have specific analysis for H4 HCI). The Bluetooth link keys and addresses can now be stored in flash memory, so the user only needs to obtain them once, not every time. The traffic over Bluetooth is so high that Matlo noticed that his computer will sometimes miss packets. The link key is also given to the DualShock this way (a link key is similar to a pairing code, but not exactly). Because of my proxy technique, the LED colours and vibration data are not modified so they still work in games. However, after the discovery of the H4 HCI UART signals, I didn’t need the Ubertooth because HCI traffic contains all the information I needed (in an unencrypted form too, which is a bonus). The only advantage the Raspberry Pi has is that it has video output that might make reconfiguring it easier.
This means you don’t have a USB device interface, which is needed to retrieve the link key from the PS4. Als je woonachtig bent in de Europese Unie (behalve het Verenigd Koninkrijk), kan de invoerbelasting op deze aankoop niet worden vergoed.
It did not work, it seemed like only wireless traffic was used by the PlayStation, not USB traffic. I noticed this because I noticed a chunk of bytes that looked random in the USB enumeration traffic, which gave me a hunch to check if it was the same bytes as the link key. I had to reimplement my USB transport layer for it and make some tweaks to it, but it does the job well enough right now.
This is a problem if Matlo wants his code working on a small platform such as the Raspberry Pi. If another device attempts to provide a wrong answer, the PlayStation will ignore that device. As I have mentioned before, there are packets being lost, which means audio data will be lost.
How about all the 3rd party products current in development that we don’t know about yet? It features a high performance 1000 dpi optical sensor and a scroll wheel that makes moving through web pages and documents easy. We did not know how to generate the responses (the challenges are 256 bytes of random data, we did not have the cryptography expertise to even start attempting to defeat it).
The Bluetooth L2CAP traffic still uses the HID PSM so all of the traffic look similar to USB traffic, and the report IDs being used are the same. A USB receiver is included with this Logitech Cordless Desktop EX 100 Keyboard & Mouse Kit! Bold, bright white characters that are easier to read and can withstand heavy use without wearing off.
Matlo created a tool called l2cap_proxy that replayed all traffic between two devices exactly. So I conducted an experiment (using PyUSB) to feed the challenges to the DualShock by USB instead of Bluetooth, then attempt to read the response by USB. It’s simply too much data to process on a microcontroller (and Matlo had trouble with the data rate even on a full PC).

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