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If you are in the market for a lightweight, easy to use and zippy feeling Chromebook, the Asus C670 should be on your list.
When I received the Acer C670 to review, I commented to my wife that the world has come full circle.
The C670 is clamshell, laptop style device that has an 11.6? LCD display that renders a 1366 x 768 display at 135 ppi (Pixels Per Inch). Some will look at the processor and RAM combination and assume that the C670 is under powered.
Like other Chromebooks and lightweight Windows PCs of this same caliber, the C670 has 16GB of eMMC storage on board. The beauty of a Chromebook is their simplicity and how well behaved they act on what would be considered pedestrian hardware.
Over the course of the first week with it, I spent several days using the C670 as my primary computer.
In my case I averaged about 4 Chrome tabs open at once but there were times where I had as many as 8 open.

Somewhat related to performance, I have mixed feelings with regards to the keyboard and the touchpad on the C670. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about Chrome OS because I’m assuming if you are reading this review you already know about it and are looking for a recommendation on a device. As I put in my Google Docs migration articles, the easiest way to look at Chrome OS is a glorified version of the Chrome Browser because fundamentally that’s what it is. If you are in the market for a lightweight, easy to use and zippy feeling Chromebook, the Acer C670 should be on your list.
Next Rock Band Music Store update will feature tunes from Elton John, which means it is time to dust off those keyboard controllers. Fans trying to get their Rocket Man on will be plenty pleased with this pack focusing on Elton John.
Same features as the 6L6 power amp version, but featuring 100 watts with EL 34 power amp tubes cutting through any music style.
When I started my career first in networking then in telecommunications, I had a green screen CRT that tied me back into mainframe.

More punch and dynamics in the upper midrange, designed with shimmering blue lights inside.
But because of how efficient Chrome OS is and the fact that very little is actually stored on the device, the mid-range Celeron processor in the C670 is more than sufficient.
Not once did I have a situation where typing was behind on the screen from what I was typing on the keyboard. The only difference is that power and performance in a Chromebook is far superior to a dumb terminal. Truthfully the keyboard on the C670 is one of the better chicklet-style keyboards I’ve tested and it is large enough to feel like you are typing on a full sized keyboard. The reality for me is that this will be my evening work in my comfy chair with a glass of vino device or going to and fro from meetings while in the office and not having to trudge around my laptop.

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