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The keyboard also features the popular and established analogue synth sounds, much sought after by afficionados of Techno and Dance music, as well as the raw materials and synthesis parameters to create your own. The X1 provides an external Card slot w it can read optional Flash Ram Cards containing new Sounds and Drum Grooves, as well as using them for storage, and the ability to take internal additional Ram using Simm, which should all but eliminate any worries about being left out by any future developments. A new Library of 8 Mbyte over-writable Flash Cards are available, facilitating instant access to a large number of extra sounds. The Ketron X1 has true 64 note polyphony and 32 part multitimbrality is a superb instrument and the last word in music production as well as live performance. Concu pour les melomanes et tous ceux qui souhaiteraient  se lancer dans la composition, le clavier arrangeur est dote de plusieurs fonctions a savoir les changeurs d’octave, les harmoniseurs et diverses fonctions nous donnant la possibilite de composer  aisement. Suivant chaque modele, un clavier arrangeur possede plusieurs caracteristiques permettant d’etablir differentes compositions.
Furthermore, additional delights are in store in the form of our much acclaimed state-of-the-art Solo Voices, offering the same in-your-face realism.

This makes the keyboard a sound long-term investment, banishing obsolescence in one master stroke. The powerful Program mode with 128 Programs enables the user to store layers or splits using up to 4 Voices with their own effect settings, giving full reign to your imagination to create huge sounds or explore many other possibilities. Incredibly, as well as the two system effects like Reverb and Chorus, the Ketron X1 pushes the boundaries much further by offering an astonishing range of extra insert effects, up to 5 of them ( depending on the effects used ) apart from a separate 3-Band EQ, all of which are available simultaneously! Nombreuses sont les marques disponibles pour ce type d’instrument, Korg, Roland, Casio, keywood ou Yamaha, vous aurez un amalgame de choix suivant votre budget et suivant vos preferences. Capable de produire de multiples sons d’instrument de musique, le nombre de touches, de sonorites et de styles different suivant chaque marque. En effet, cet instrument de musique est egalement un accessoire d’apprentissage de la musique et notamment du piano. Listen to the expressive Tenor and Alto saxes, Classical and Andes flutes, Trumpet, Trombone, Mute Trumpet, Clarinet and many other voices, and you surely will be very impressed. The Ketron X1a€™s Sound Bank Library offers a wide selection of new Sounds and Grooves including Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Winds, Guitars, Strings, Choirs and a full selection of HammondA® Organs and Accordions, covering everything including Grooves for Techno, Funk, Hip Hop,Rock, Latin and Jazz with corresponding Styles. Un clavier arrangeur peut etre relie a un ordinateur afin de parfaire les enregistrements que l’on effectue via l’utilisation d’un logiciel et d’un USB.

Des modeles sont memes equipes de la fonction systeme d’apprentissage, aussi il est vivement conseille pour tous.
The Ram Sound Bank can store up to 128 new Sounds as well as 4 User Drum sets and Samples or Wave files transferred from Disk. No keyboard would be complete without the ubiquitous sound of Tonewheel Drawbar Organs, still in high demand today after four decades, and the X1 does this idea full justice by featuring 16 Organ preset sounds which are user-programmable, utilising 8 Digital Drawbars together with key Click,2nd and 3rd Percussion, Vibrato, Chorus and LeslieA® effects. Professionnels et debutants y trouveront un grand plaisir et notons que des claviers arrangeurs pas chers sont disponibles sur Instrument de musique occasion. Even richer organ sounds are available since the drawbars can be combined with sampled organ sounds to great effect.

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