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While this creative freedom is liberating, it also can be overwhelming when you’re just starting out as a jazz pianist. Note: These jazz piano exercises assume you have basic music theory knowledge (such as scales and being able to read music) along with some basic piano experience as well. A 2­5­1 is a short chord progression that happens very often in jazz piano. Some jazz standards, such as Giant Steps by John Coltrane, are entirely 2­5­1 chord progressions changing from key to key during the song.
Building chords off of those scale degrees gives us those chords and chord quality (such a minor 7th, dominant 7th, and major 7th).
While advanced or intermediate jazz pianists might be playing 4 note voicings of the chords, since we are just beginning we are going to learn using 2 note voicings. If you follow along on the practice guide sheet, you can see in a Dm7 the 3rd is an F, and the 7th is a C.
Finally, the B stays this time becoming the 7th of the Cmaj7 chord, while the F must turn into a E which is the third. The other good news is that since we will be using the thumb and the middle finger of the hand to the play the chords, we are setting ourselves up to be easily prepared for 3 note and 4 note voicings in the future.
Your left hand should be playing the root of the chord to give a foundation to the harmony.
To become a good jazz piano improviser you need to know your scales, as they dictate which notes sound good to a given chord. The reason this works is because the scales needed for the minor chord (which is called Dorian) and the dominant chord (Mixolydian) are actually called modes. These modes relate to the major scale by containing the same notes, they just start on a different scale degree. Now that you’ve been practicing your scales and chord progressions so vigilantly, you’re ready to start some improvising. You simply will pick a 2­5­1 progression and play either the root of the chord in the left hand, or the two note voicing you learned earlier if you have a backing track or software (refer to exercise 5).
This is your time to be an explorer and figure out what you personally like. Remember there are no wrong notes in jazz, there are just better choices. After you play the head, you still repeat the chord changes of the song but you improvise a new melody of your own over the changes. Finally, you replay the head one more time after you play however many times through the song you felt like soloing.
Backing tracks, or backing track software, are two options when nobody else is around to play with.
The other option is backing track software, such as iReal Pro (for phones, tablets, and computers).
You can set the song to be as slow as you need it to be, which is great when you’re first learning a song. You don’t even have to manually enter in the standard you’re working on because it connects to a special forum where you can download 2000 jazz songs off the bat. If you practice these jazz piano exercises for even five minutes each a day, within weeks you will be astounded with how much you have grown.
If you have any other questions or would like to speak to someone about scheduling piano lessons, please contact Emily Fransen at (504) 233-9779, or fill out our information request form. Scott Houston, the host of the Emmy-award-winning television series, “Piano Guy,” has helped hundreds of thousands of people realize their dreams of playing their favorite songs on the piano. In these classes, we will teach you all of the non-classical styles in the same way that the pros have played them for years.
Musikgarten is a fun, yet educational way to introduce your children to the beauty of music, featuring a 45-minute class that focuses on singing, dancing, storytelling, and playing musical instruments. If you would like more information about piano lessons at Hall Piano Company, please complete the form below, and one of our teachers will contact you. The 2008-2009 school year will begin on Thursday, August 7th, with a new annual registration process that aligns more easily with the traditional school schedule, and does not require multiple registrations each year. In addition to our regular schedule of dance, music, language, and art classes, the new schedule includes several new art and music workshops that are being offered for the first time and -- three new theatre workshops that are scheduled for this fall. As part of the new annual schedule, we ve extended the length of the school year to forty-two weeks, making it much easier to plan and organize productions and workshops throughout the entire year.
We're also encouraging all of our existing students to get their registration in early to guarantee your existing spots.
This summer, we'll be hosting weekly ballet workshops with some very special guest instructors -- Alendia Hartshorn, Lori Ann Sparks, and Pat Holden. Of course, any advanced dancer is welcome but -- let me know if you plan on attending so we have an idea of each class size. In addition to these weekly ballet workshops, we'll be working with Central Ballet of Greeneville to host this summer's ballet intensive with Richard d'Alton, from the International Ballet of Houston! These summer intensives, offered the week of June 23rd through June 27th, are for both intermediate and advanced students, with all classes being taught by Richard d'Alton. Intermediate students (age eight and over with two years of ballet training) will attend from 9 AM to 12 PM each day. All of our dance and art classes are being offered for a special five-week session that ends on June 20th.
Artists In Armor is a week long arts camp designed for 4-10 year old students interested in theatre, art, and music.
In addition to the talent shows, we'll have face painting, bubbles, frisbee golf, and a variety of fun activities for the whole family. The cost for this event is just $2 per person, which buys you all the pizza you can eat, and a ballot, so you can vote for your favorite band.
As always, private lesson spots will not be held into the new semester unless registration forms are turned in. There are details about most of those events on the site (or below if you are viewing this on the site already). As I mentioned two weeks ago, we are offering the summer classes a la carte, meaning you only pay for the weeks that you are in class. In addition to performances by Miss Tanya and several of our older dance students, Remember Me will feature performances by Lori Ann Sparks (Central Ballet), Lindsay Fooshee (Redeemer Community Church), and Brenden Bohannon (Coice No Vento Capoeira), with an original music score by Jim Fickley (Redeemer Community Church).
Spring Music Recitals will be held on Friday, May 16th & Saturday, May 17th according to the schedule below.
Don't forget about the Family Picnic & Talent show coming up on May 24th and -- the Battle of the Bands concert, which will part of that event.
Many of the music instructors will be available this Saturday to offer make-up lessons for the Spring 2008 semester. If you have any questions about our make-up policy, or the available times, stop by the front desk or shoot me an e-mail.
The summer session begins on May 19th, with special 5-week versions of our dance and art programs, and 10 weeks of private music instruction. Group classes (dance and art) will be available for five weeks of the summer session, from May 19th through June 20th.
Tickets for Remember Me, an original dance production featuring choreography by Tanya Rathbun and an original musical score by Jim Fickley, go on sale today! The majority of our music students will be performing at one of five spring music recitals, scheduled on Friday, May 16th and Saturday, May 17th at the Arts Center.
Mark your calendars now for the 2nd Annual Trinity Arts Center Family Picnic & Talent Show on Saturday, May 24th!
This action-packed, family-friendly, talent-filled day will begin at noon with a potluck style picnic lunch. Tonight, we'll begin rehearsal of two fully choreographed selections from Annie that will be performed at the 2nd Annual Trinity Arts Center Family Picnic & Talent Show on May 24th. Remember Me tells us the story of a woman -- the beginning of life, the joy of childhood, the loss of loved ones, the inheritence of faith, and the redemption of the cross. Tickets for this original production, which will be performed in the auditorium at Crossroads Christian Church (next to Daniel Boone High School), will be available on April 21st. It would take months to introduce all of the new instructors and directors at the Arts Center one at a time so -- I'm just going to introduce them all here, in one fell swoop. Battle of the Bands is a six-week contest where we pair young musicians with an instructor-leader and 3 or 4 other students to learn a song from a Christian rock or contemporary artist. We'll send out an update and post a notice at the Arts Center when we have set new audition, rehearsal, and performance dates.
We need additional help finding host homes (or a host facility) for the members of The 13th Floor, an arts ministry that will be in Johnson City from April 29th through May 4th. 13th Floor is a collaboration between C-Kruis in South Africa and Adventure In Missions (AIM) here in the states and includes members from all over the world. Ground Zero has asked us to coordinate finding host homes for them while they are in Johnson City.
If you're interested in providing a host home, or know of a facilty that could host a group, please contact me so we can talk about the number and gender that will work for your space. Our Thursday night adult ballet class has been a great opportunity for moms (and older teens) to find some balance with the core strength and muscle lengthening exercises used in ballet. In addition to our regular classes, Trinity Arts Center offers lots of weekend workshops and performance opportunities for students of all ages. There are several other things to announce but -- I'll push those out on the site or in other e-mails soon. As with all of our dance programs, this class will be taught to positive music and in good taste. Are you able to help us host the members of 13th Floor, an arts ministry that will be in the area from April 29th - May 4th?
On those dates, 13th Floor (sponsored by Ground Zero) will be leading music, dance, and theatre workshops at local schools and -- performing at ministry events each evening designed to challenge the church, and minister to youth, through the arts.
This group (17 men and 17 women) have asked us to coordinate finding host homes for them while they are in Johnson City.
This is a great opportunity to introduce your family to an artist from another part of the world, and to encourage and support these artists as they minister to students in Johnson City. If you're interested in providing a host home, please contact me so we can talk about the number and gender that will work for your home. Also if you have extra materials (fabric, fake fur, fleece) that could be used for making costumes, we'd appreciate those. Participants will learn to create a variety of stage make-up results (aging, animal vairations, and more). Classes have begun for the semester, but that doesn't mean we don't have spots available in most of our classes. Barring a few exceptions, students are welcome to join classes, even after the semester has begun. Don't forget Central Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty: The Awakening on January 25th, 26th, and 27th! Battle of the Bands is a six-week contest where we pair young musicians with an instructor-leader and 4 or 5 other students to learn a song from a Christian rock or contemporary artist. The cost for participation is $60, covering the cost of the instructors, sound equipment rental, gifts for the participants, and a special prize for the winners.
Thanks to everyone who came out to audition for a role in this year's production of The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe! We were thrilled to have more than 80 students from Providence Academy and Trinity Arts Center audition to play a part in the production and we're really looking forward to kicking things off on Monday!
In addition the these roles, we'll be following up with many of you to help manage the stage, construct sets, build props, make costumes, apply make-up, and many more things that are important to making this an incredible production. Over the last two weeks, we've added several classes to the schedule including two levels of American Sign Language, Painting (Oil & Watercolor), and Battle of the Bands PLUS more options for our Pre Ballet & Ballet Basics students. Note For Dance Students: Several of our dance classes have changed names, creating the potential for some confusion about those class times. On Thursday, January 10th, we'll be holding auditions for a joint production of The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe with Providence Academy. Volunteers will work from 5:00 through the duration of the event, selling merchandise, taking money at the door, handing our flyers, ushering for offering, working the World Vision table, counting money, etc.
I assume most of these "jobs" would allow you to hear the better part of the concert for free.
I can't even begin to tell you how encouraged Tanya and I were after seeing all of the students, teachers, and parents in action at God With Us. There is a full dress rehearsal scheduled at Boone's Creek Christian Church for Friday, December 7th. Each scene will be rehearsed until the staging, lighting, and audio are set for that scene.
This weekend is your last chance to pre-order the God With Us DVD at a reduced rate of $20!
Last week, WCQR gave Tanya and I the opportunity to talk about the Arts Center in a 1-hour interview with Tiger Brooks. Keep your eyes open for articles in both the News & Neighbor and Johnson City Press over the next two weeks. Monday's classes (and private lessons) will still be held, to make up for the Labor Day holiday earlier this semester.
This year's production of God With Us is shaping up to be an awesome "next step" for this annual tradition. Kyle Long and his team, over at Digital Fridge, have agreed to shoot this year's performances of God With Us using two professional cameras and a handful of his video production toys. To take advantage of some bulk pricing, we're offering these DVD's at a special pre-order price of just $20 until December 1st.

Please consider playing a part in this year's production by helping some of our younger dancers backstage, taking tickets, transporting props, cleaning up, or one of several other roles. Next Friday, November 16th, is the deadline to order a personal or business ad in the God With Us program.
Let your students know that you are proud of them, or advertise your business or organization, with an ad in the God With Us program. Please help us keep our rates and administration fees low by getting your monthly payments in on time. Thanks to everyone who came out to support our first children's theatre production of The Selfish Giant! Saturday's peformances of The Selfish Giant were a huge success, with smiling actors, actresses, parents, grandparents, and friends alike. Come out and support all of our budding actors and actresses as we present The Selfish Giant, the first production from our children's theater group, on Saturday, October 20th. Saturday, October 14thTheater auditions for 14-18 year old performers, to participate in a musical workshop presented by The Group Theatre Too, a theatre collective from New York. Friday, November 2ndThis is the deadline for ordering personal ads for the God With Us program.
Ballet Magnificat will be performing "A Hiding Place" at Milligan College, on Saturday October 27th!
Milligan College (August 31, 2007) -- The story of Corrie ten Boom comes to life this fall as Ballet Magnificat!
Set in the war zone of Dutch Haarlem in 1944, Hiding Place is a portrayal of divinely inspired forgiveness and hope in the midst of desperate and unimaginable circumstances.
Choreographer Jiri Sebesatian Voborsky unveils this heroic story with a great level of drama, passion, pain, yet joy, and ultimately hope, as he brings before the audience the challenge to believe the unbelievable -- the power of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Hiding Place is sponsored by the Milligan College Arts Council and the Office of Alumni Relations.
This is a great chance to pick up some discounted Christmas presents (or maybe something for yourself) AND help provide scholarships to students at the Arts Center.
It sounds like she'll have several tables of sterling silver jewelry plus a few jackets, vests, and handbags.
Each participant will be given the materials to sew one of this year's costumes, and three hours of group instruction on some sewing basics.
Melissa is involved with Grace Fellowship Church of Kingsport and is a founding director of Families Free, an organization serving families affected by incarceration. Scheduled classes and lessons will be "made up" the week of Thanksgiving, when Monday is the only day that we will have classes. Normally I only introduce one new instructor in these semi-monthly updates but -- we've added so many new instructors this semester that I thought I'd start introducing them three at a time. Galina TImofeev is an established director and musician, having taught in the area for more than 30 years.
Jennifer is currently accepting students on Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the arts center. MJ Light, a homeschool graduate, holds two state titles for sign language song interpretation.
MJ isn't new but -- she is accepting students in both the introductory and intermediate ASL classes on Tuesday nights. Central Ballet Theater of Greeneville is holding auditions for their January 2008 adaptation and production of Sleeping Beauty on Saturday, August 25th, at 12:30.
Trinity Arts Center is hosting a special Modern Dance Workshop with Judy Woodruff (Executive Director of the Tennessee Association of Dance) and Mountain Movers (a local modern dance company) on Saturday, August 18th!
This 8-week production is centered around a play called The Selfish Giant, a great story of faith and forgiveness that all ages will enjoy. Auditions are open to actors of any age, and will include a cold reading from portions of the script.
Lauren has worked with professional actors and auditioned for several professional Theater's around the country. She also competed in several individual and group theater events, garnering 1st place in State in Readers Theatre, 1st place in Storytelling, and Best Ensemble for the One Act competition at the South Eastern Theater Conference.
There are still spots available in our Thursday morning classes and -- we've created an additional Ballet Basics class at 6:00 on Tuesday to help create some additional options for families who have not yet registered. I'd also like to introduce an exciting new addition to our faculty, the very talented Jazz & Tap teacher (among other things) -- Susan Potter!
Since 1996, she has worked as a teacher and choreographer for the Chatanooga Ballet Company and the Paula Duff School of Dance. Please contact Tanya if you are able to loan us your sewing machine for the six weeks that we'll be offering the classes. Did I mention that you should register early to ensure your preferred class and lessons times?
Rebecca, and her husband Tony, have been involved in a variety of church and youth ministry organizations in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Johnson City, including her current position as children's director with Redeemer Community Church and Tony's counseling, training, and support ministry, Higher Ministries. Download the registration form to see the updated schedule and please, let us know if you have any questions. Please download the newest copy of the form to make sure you are aware of the most recent class and tuition schedules.
We've reduced our tuition to just $36 per month for a single group class (only $54 for private lessons). We've allowed for a limited number of private lessons (four) in our family maximum tuition policy. We've based our tuition on a new point system that allows us to discount classes that are offered for only part of the semester or, are offered more than once a week. We've increased the length of our semeseter to 18 weeks, matching up almost identically with the Johnson City school system. Overall, we feel like these changes are going to allow more people to participate in the programs we currently offer -- and more parents, teachers, and artists to participate in bringing new experiences to the Christian arts community we're working to encourage.
Once you download the form, take note of the new classes, including German, and a host of new FREE classes and workshops. Please register early to guarantee your spot in class, especially for the early childhood dance programs and private music lessons.
Enter your name and email address to receive e-mail updates about classes, performances, workshops, and special events! The above video features the easy-to-sing version for 4-part harmony I wrote for my students. Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
Debbie, Nashville, TN:I have been looking for a very, very long time for a website like this! Expert jazz pianists reshape not only the rhythms and melody of a song, but they are also given a solo section that allows them to create new melodies on the spot.
Below are five jazz piano exercises to start shaping your skills as a beginning jazz pianist. This is because D is the second note of the scale, G is the fifth and C is the first, thus 2­5­1.
When you move to the G7 chord the F becomes the 7th of the G chord, but you must change the other note from C to B to become the third. What you’ll find out is that you simply start the chord and then move one finger, and then the other to complete the other two chords. The hardest part is just knowing where to start, and that is why running this 2­5­1 practice chart will make you a better jazz pianist!
While you could play a major scale to every major chord, a minor scale to every minor chord, and a mixolydian scale to every dominant chord, this can be very difficult. The format of the songs in notation is what we call a Lead Sheet. A Lead Sheet has the chord structure and melody of the form of the songs. This is the standard format of a jazz song and the Real Book will give you the proper information needed to play these songs. Using this software makes practicing a whole lot more fun, because it is the next best thing to jamming with a band. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. We also offer a beautiful stage and recital space for teachers who would like us to host their recital with no cost involved.
Genres of music include classical, jazz, popular, improvisation, music theory, traditional gospel, contemporary praise and worship, solo and ensemble performance, and more. Now you can take Scott’s eight-week courses right here at Hall Piano Company, designed to get you playing faster and easier than any other method out there. Hall Piano Company is the exclusive host in the greater New Orleans area for Scott’s program. The class is designed for children of ages zero through years old, accompanied by a parent or grandparent.
As a result, we've consolidated the old twice-a-year $20 registration fees, into a single $40 fee each year.
This will be a great chance to meet some of the teachers, ask questions about the programs, and work out scheduling issues for next year. Classes will include one ballet technique class and one contemporary ballet variations class per level each day.
For more information and printable registration forms, please visit the the Central Ballet web site.
If you have not already turned in your registration form, there is a very good chance that your class and lesson times have changed. This all-day (9 - 4) camp includes games, magic, skits, music, and TONS of art and learning projects designed to give students a strong introduction to the arts, combined with an equal emphasis on the Biblical principles behind gifts and service, reinforced through a theme passage for the week.
Don't forget about the 2nd Annual Trinity Arts Center Family Picnic & Talent Show this Saturday at Rotary Park in Johnson City. Both shows are open to anyone who would like to sing, play, juggle, dance, or do anything else that would loosely qualify as a talent. Rotary Park is a beautiful wooded setting with several pavilions, multiple playgrounds, and a kid-safe perimeter which is completely fenced in. There are six bands participating, including many students you know from the Arts Center, from school, and from church. In addition to the competing bands, there will be a special performance by some of the faculty at the Arts Center, including Jamin, Paul, Ned, Josh, and Ethan. Please, PLEASE, PLEASE drop off your final tuition payment this week and reserve your spot for the summer session, which begins next week! Thanks again to Jim Fickley, Lori Ann Sparks, Lindsay Fooshee, Crossroads Christian Church and all of the other dancers, actors, speakers, and musicians who helped pull this together. Please get your final tuition payments in this week and -- enroll for the summer session, if you plan on continuing through June & July!
This makes it much easier to flex around vacation schedules and (we hope) will encourage you to participate when you can. If you missed a lessons this semester, and would like to schedule something, please let me know!
Please register early to help all of our instructors plan their summer schedules (we take vacations too).
These classes will be offered on a special Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday schedule that provides flexible four-day weekends for families spending time outdoors and on vacation.
To allow for greater flexibility over the summer, students may register for lesson weeks al a carte, selecting to pay only for the weeks that they will be in town. I'll have final schedules posted by next Monday, outlining what day and time each instructors' students will be performing.
It chronicles the life of a daughter, a young mother, and finally, a dying woman -- as she is pursued, led, comforted, and taught by the Holy Spirit throughout her life. Feel free to say "hello" when you see them at the Arts Center and -- let me know if you're interested in getting connected with any of them. From there, we'll set audition and rehearsal dates for a fall production of Annie, that will be open to all (including adults). Each band will have six weeks to learn and rehearse their song, culminating with a "Battle of the Bands" concert, held on Saturday, May 24th at our annual Family Picnic & Talent Show. Rehearsal times vary, depending on how many bands are organized, but are usually scheduled between 9AM and 2PM each week.
This will give our instructors a chance to evaluate each students playing ability and group them with their bandmates for the session. While in Johnson City, the group will be leading music, dance, and theatre workshops at local schools and -- performing at ministry events each evening designed to challenge the church, and minister to youth, through the arts. Hosting will require providing comfortable sleeping arrangement for two or more members or the group + breakfast each day before they leave for that day's workshops. This week marks the halfway point of the 18-week spring semester, with 9 weeks remaining after the break. After the break, we'll be adding a second Adult Ballet class on Wednesday mornings from 10:00 to 11:00! Hopefully this daytime class, taught by Linday Fooshee, will give moms with kids in school a chance to participate. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students (under 18) and may be purchased at the front desk of Providence Academy or Trinity Arts Center.

They've invested an incredible amount of time and energy in this production and it would be great to have a packed house for the performances.
That's right, Trinity Arts Center is hosting a Breakdancing Workshop on Saturday, March 8th with Brendan Bohannon, a local Capoeira instructor. The workshop is open to participants of all ages and requires no previous dance experience or special dance clothing. If you have something listed below, and would be willing to let us borrow it, please let me know. Although anyone is welcome to attend, we hope that many participants will put their newly acquired make-up skills to use by helping us create the variety of creatures in The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe on February 23rd. Each band will have six weeks to learn and rehearse their song, culminating with a "Battle of the Bands", held the final week, when friends and family can come to cheer them on toward victory.
Please stop by to meet us, tour the building, review the schedule, and get registered for your preferred classes and lesson times. We also built a new music room, to create space for some of our new instructors teaching piano, drums, violin, and voice. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, you'll need to stop by the Arts Center to pick up a registration form but, that sample will help you get a picture of the days and times that are available for each class. The important thing to note is that our "A" program has been replaced by our Ballet 1 classes. The cast will include roles for 40+ actors of all ages, set and costume designers, stage managers, directors assistants, and more.
Ground Zero has asked for help recruiting volunteers to help with the Winter Jam concert on January 10th with Mercy Me, Skillet, Barlow Girl, NewSong, Mandisa, and Tony Nolan. Jobs are assigned to volunteers by Winter Jam staff once they check-in on the day of the show.
You guys did an amazing job and I am always impacted by how clearly the heart of God is reflected through you as a community. Hopefully this makes it easier to remember what classes you've registered for and -- what the overall semester schedule looks like.
We've made a few changes that will help many of you get connected more easily, including new Pre Ballet and Ballet Basics options, as well as, new classes like Battle of the Bands (details coming soon), Spanish 1 (a twice-a-week class for quicker development), and two Painting classes (both oils and water colors).
I'll be sharing the details about some of those (including an up-coming musical production) as soon as we've worked out the details!
Of course, you're welcome to wait until the last minute but -- wouldn't it be better to just have your tickets in hand and be able to get great seats, rather than wait in line? Please help promote God With Us to family, friends, and neighbors (or even strangers) this week. All other participants should be in costume and ready to begin by 5:00, as soon as the younger dancers are finished. This way, actors, singers, and dancers are free to go once their scenes are complete, rather than have to wait around for the other scenes to rehearse. Thanks to WCQR, Tiger, Amy, & Summit Leadership Foundation for their help getting the word out. We're very excited about this chance to let people know about the Christian arts community and what's been happening at the Arts Center. The Johnson City Press interviewed (and took pictures of) Tanya, myself, and several of our instructors, parents, and students on Thursday night. There may be special rehearsals and recitals scheduled later in the week, that will still be held as scheduled. Thanks, by the way, to everyone who has contributed to making costumes, placing ads, purchasing tickets, and playing one of the many parts in what we're trying to do. We will be selling professionally recorded DVD's of this year's performances of God With Us! After December 1st, DVD's will be $30 and may not include the same label and packaging as the original DVD's.
Your ad support helps keep our productions free from the costume and performance fees that are common with other studios. This years' production will include performances by more than 120 of our dance, music, and theatre students, as well as, several of our instructors and local guest artists. Seats are limited so please order early if you have a specific show time that you'd like to attend.
If you have missed a lesson this semester, and have met the notification requirements, we'd like to get you scheduled asap.
In addition to our e-mail updates, and the information on the web site, there is a calendar of events posted in the front window of the Arts Center that lists important dates for the next couple months. Omega takes the stage at Milligan College's Seeger Chapel to perform Hiding Place, Saturday, Oct. Stop by while you're out on Saturday afternoon and see if there's anything that fills a spot on your Christmas list. For those of you who missed out on the six-week sewing workshops we just completed, we're offering one last chance to brush up on your sewing chops and -- to help us make some of the costumes for this year's performance of God With Us.
Please mark the date on your calendar and bring the whole family to see this great story of faith and forgiveness. The play includes roles for fourteen students, three adults, two stage managers, and a director's assistant. Please download the most recent copy of the schedule to make sure you have the most current information. We also have several that are at capacity, requiring us to close registration for those classes and -- create some new options for those of you who have not yet registered. In addition, Susan implemented a dance fitness program for the elderly and a children's creative movement program, in coordination with Westwood Baptist Church in Cleveland, TN. They are designed to teach basic sewing techniques to anyone interested in learning, while creating the costumes for our annual performance of God With Us. In addition, she holds a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, having taught first grade before she and her husband Tony started their family, which now includes two beautiful girls.
I wanted to get out one more reminder about the fall semester, which begins in less than two weeks! Jazz Piano from Scratch is a complete step-by-step guide to playing jazz with confidence and style.
Almost 200 years ago, William Walker wrote it down as he journeyed through the Appalachian Mountains. The melody is entirely pentatonic, so it doesn't wander around much, and the guitar tabs are super-easy in all of the three keys, so it will be fun for beginners! I have used your guitar tabs for Shenandoah and Amazing Grace, and find it exciting to hear real music coming out of my guitar for the first time.
That means if you are playing a 2­5­1 in the key of G (Am7, D7, Gmaj7), you can just play G Major the entire time.
If the song is difficult, you might have to work up to the speed on the track, making it useless.
There have been many times where I have sat down to practice soloing and had so much fun I noticed hours have passed.
He is currently finishing up his Jazz Performance BA at Mira Costa College and his BA in Music Education at San Diego State University. Our stage is equipped with Steinway concert grand pianos and the ability to broadcast our recitals online for family members that are not able to attend in person. You are also welcome to browse our Treasured Teacher Directory, which lists piano teachers across South Louisiana.
You will learn the songs you know and love in the genres of jazz, blues, pop, gospel, and country. Music helps little ones develop language, self-expression, self-awareness, motor skills, and so much more. As always, we will continue to offer the option for monthly, semester, and annual tuition installments that include discount incentives for famillies who pay by the semester or year. If you haven't finalized your summer schedule, or paid tution, please take care of that ASAP. Register by this Saturday to get your kiddos plugged into the coolest summer arts camp around! The cost is $165 and includes a t-shirt, camp id card, and LOTS of take-home projects and materials. In addition, we're asking each family to bring their favorite side dishes, chips, deserts, or soft drinks.
To guarantee your spot in the show, please sign up at the front table at the Arts Center this week.
Group classes, with a few exceptions, will continue through June with some notable schedule changes for the summer session.
Drop by Friday, expecting to meet Ann Marie & Steve and -- to start singing some selections from Annie! We're still looking forward to hearing your best version of "Tomorrow", "Sandy", or "Hard Knocks Life" soon. In addition, each host family would provide dinner on Friday evening and all three meals on Saturday. Classes continue until May 16th, with no other scheduled holidays for the rest of the semester. Did you see our productions of The Selfish Giant or The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe? Rehearsals will take place every Saturday morning for 1 hour (probably at 9 or 10), from January 26th through March 1st. The catch, is that you must use the forms I have at the Arts Center, rather than download and print your own. We only have two weeks left in the current semester and I'd love to get those outstanding balances settled. DVD's will be available for $30 after this weekend and -- may not include the same label and packaging as the original DVD's.
We are (of course) daily listeners to WCQR and have been financial supporters for a long time. I don't have a confirmed run date for that article but it sounded as if it was slotted for next week's paper!
These photos can be available for use in a personal ad for the God With Us program, if you select and purchase pictures early. Please RSVP so we can have machines and materials ready for everyone who would like to participate. Susan has also participated as the guest instructor and choreographer for the Knox County school system and the Black Dance Theater of Tennessee, sitting on the board of the latter. In addition to the classes, we will also be providing patterns and material to those who already have sewing experience and would like to help.
Designed for the absolute beginner, it breaks down the process into simple yet fun activities, with many musical examples to illustrate the points made.
The chords are MY favorites, not necessarily any standard choice (though they're not very different).
By becoming man -- the God-man -- and dying for sin like a sacrificed Lamb Himself, He freed those He loves (all of us, says the Bible). I'm wondering if there is a name for the tune by which it is distinguished from the traditional (Walker) …Click here to write your own.
After years of singing professionally I am finally making myself re-learn the piano in order to play for myself and to do some piano bar work.
I now have a three year old granddaughter and am hoping fervently that she'll want to learn - at which point I'll teach her. Children are naturally drawn to music, which will make your time with them in Helen Myers’ Musikgarten class both fun and beneficial.
Great classes, fun workshops, AND an easy way to take vacation without paying for classes you can't attend. Just click the feedback graphic on the home page to let us know what we can do to serve you, your kids, your church, or your organization better. You can still download the sample form as a reference but, will need to pick up one of my forms, in order to complete your registration for the Spring 2008 semester. As part of these positions, she studied Afrikan Caribbean under the direction of Danny Hinds, Capoeira under Erik Murray, Hip Hop under Clyde Evans Jr, and tap under Chester Whitmore.
She'll be helping with the Jazz 2 and Jazz 3 programs, as well as, introducing Tap this semester!
The accompanying CD provides examples, activities and some great trio playing to use as a backdrop to the student's own work. Considering music education for your child at an early age is an impactful step toward bonding musically while enriching your family life with active music making.
Feel free to e-mail me to make sure you have a spot reserved on the days and times that work best for your family. To sign up, contact Helen Myers at (504) 669-5242, or fill out our information request form.

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