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I begin with my favourite jazz musician of all time: John Coltrane, and to chose just one album is almost impossible. Chic Corea’s output has been and continues to be varied  in genre but Acoustic Band  gives you an insight into his approach to standards like Autumn Leaves and So In Love. This is part 3 of my list of recommended jazz albums that I think you should be listening to. You can find the complete list in chapter 10 of  Learn Jazz Piano book 3. I’ve not included Oscar Peterson in his own right as you can hear him supporting the great sax player Ben Webster in his 1959 album.
To transform the Dorian mode into the bebop Dorian scale, we insert our chromatic passing note between steps 3 and 4. Now compare the C bebop dominant scale: fig 45 (see above) with the G bebop dorian scale (fig 46) and you will notice that these two bebop scales share the same passing note.
In order to create a bebop scale to fit a half diminished chord (min7(5)), use the minor bebop scale 3 half steps up from that chord. If you wish to look further into this subject I would recommend David Baker’s How To Play Bebop.
I’ve been asked to bundle all 20 playing jazz piano online video lessons into a discounted 20-pack. My Play Jazz Piano Online video course would not be complete without a tutorial about Rhythm changes.
Next to a 12-bar blues, Rhythm Changes is the most important chord sequence in jazz, but I’ll tell you more about this nearer the time.
There are countless excellent recordings of this song, but my personal favorite is by the pianist Hampton Hawes. C returns to the original melody, but remains in the same key, taking an extra four bars to conclude. A good songwriter takes great care when placing the targeted or emphasized melody note over its harmony. The two exceptions, in bars 4 and 12, occur at beat 2, as this is where the melodic accent falls. This new lesson combines your knowledge of rootless voicings (lesson 15) and tritone substitution (lesson 16).
I show you how to use all these techniques with II-V-I and I-VI-II-V (turnaround) sequences. As always, this learn jazz piano video comes with 4 downloadable backing tracks, sheet music and a quiz. Southern Pianos provides studios for highly qualified instructors teaching all ages and styles of music from classics to modern jazz. The state of the art digital recording and keyboard technology is available to all our students and guests free of charge. Recital Hall--The Southern Pianos Recital Hall can seat up to 125 persons and includes a raised stage with dedicated lighting that can support two concert grand pianos. David studied piano under Clive Williamson and Sebastian Forbes at the University of Surrey, Guildford, where he honed his skills as both a versatile accompanist and soloist, graduating with the Robert Naylor prize for the most meritorious degree recital. Miles Black is your teacher in a software program designed to illustrate basic skills to the beginning pianist while enhancing the skills of more advanced pianists.
You'll be studying over 60 topics such as Roots and Shells, Block Chords, Stride Piano, Playing the Blues, Scales, Common Progressions, Improvisation and more. The Jazz Piano MasterClass integrates interactive audio lessons with on screen piano display and notation, allowing you to see and hear exactly what Miles Black is playing.

We've digitally recorded over 5 hours of verbal instruction, nearly 100 exercises, backing tracks, 11 study tunes, plus a practice tip for each exercise, all linked to powerful multimedia features, allowing you to see and hear note-for-note exactly what Miles Black is teaching. Jazz Piano MasterClass, you can study the lessons, hear the music, practice and play along with a top musician. Jazz Piano MasterClass combine digitally recorded verbal lessons with sound and visual display. Blues Piano for Adults Beginning adults students will find Blues Piano fun, and a great introduction to piano.
Playing Blues Piano can evoke many moods and feelings.The ever changing swirl of textures can be mellow, exhilarating, intriguing, stimulating, graceful, riveting, electrifying, captivating, playful, and revitalizing.
Getting Started If you have never played piano before, wea€™ll start right at the beginning. I start students as young as 4, and have had students in their 80’s begin lessons as well. A When Actor Steve ZahnA was preparing for his role playing keyboard in the recent movie Management, his production team arranged for him to study piano with Mr.
However, it has to be a recording with McCoy Tyner, The obvious choice would be A Love Supreme, but I’ve chosen My Favourite Things because you can hear his approach to standards. There’s something to be said for the argument that if a minor7 chord is functioning as a II, then adding a note between 7 and 8 (rather than 3 and 4) results in more chord tones occurring on downbeats.
Next to a 12-bar blues, this is the most important chord sequence in jazz, and  is one that every jazz musician needs to be familiar with. Subsequently, jazz composers took to retaining the chord changes but replacing Gershwin’s tune with their own. I used All The Things You Are and Take The A Train to demonstrate how to interpret a song structure and then reharmonise it. In order to do this, you need to interpret the song’s map and identify all its key centres. The solo introduction is a little flowery, but once the trio kicks in, Hawes creates one glorious idea after another.
This jazz piano lesson combines your knowledge of rootless voicings (lesson 15) and tritone substitution (lesson 16).
All of our teachers hold advanced degrees and can utilize studios with either multiple grand pianos, digital ensembles with recording capabilities, or professional upright pianos. He likes to combine his classical training with his love of jazz, incorporating song writing, and improvisation into his lessons and actively encouraging as much ensemble playing as possible. All the lessons are accompanied by practice exercises, backing tracks, and are further illustrated with 11 tunes included in the program.
You'll see on-screen notation that shows you the music and chord progressions as they scroll by in perfect time with the lesson. Each exercise is accompanied by an 'exercise coach', containing tips on practicing, hand positions, tempos and more.
Adults who already play will discover that Blues will renew and invigorate their passion for piano. Learning to play blues piano from a book can be frustrating and confusing, and difficult at best. In a short time, youa€™ll be playing chords in your left hand, and improvising with your right. Students who have never played piano before will find Blues Piano to be a delightful and enjoyable introduction to piano.

The right teacher should be a good listener, shape the lessons according to each student’s needs, and enable students to be comfortable with their new endeavor. When you learn to play piano or keyboard, in addition to your playing skills, you will gain a knowledge of all aspects of music. After studying music in New York City, he founded a music education software company and was a pioneer in early computer-music software technology.
He’s performed piano professionally, composed music for television andA film, and written numerous songs. Rhythm Changes is based on the chord sequence of the song  I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin.
David mostly teaches the advanced pupils at Thornbury Music (Grade 6 - 8's) and is an inspirational and very popular teacher for those pupils wishing to play classical or Jazz piano.
Along with Blues, we might work on some other areas of music including: reading music, playing by ear, theory, songwriting, composing, arranging, jazz, classical, pop, new age, folk, and ethnic music.
Learning to play piano develops physical coordination, and visual, aural, timing and language skills. On the piano, Blues Piano is generally more lively, doesn’t requite a singer, and can be played solo, or with other players.
However, learning to play when taught person to person can be a quick and effective way to learn.
I have taught many hundreds of people to play Blues, with a modern, easy to understand approach. Through the use of modern teaching methods, students can easily visualize musical ideas that evade traditional methods. Jazz composers have substituted Gershwin’s  tune with their own, but have kept the chord sequence. More importantly, players were drawn to the chord changes, finding them to be an ideal vehicle for improvisation. Local groups that regularly use our facilities include: Atlanta Music Teachers Association, Greater Marietta Music Teachers Association, Suzuki Teachers , North Dekalb Music Teachers Association, SAS Music, and the Atlanta Music Club. Students feel a grand sense of accomplishment when they can sit at the piano and play effortlessly. Beginning students should feel free to express themselves, be curious, and ask lots of questions. Starting piano lessons or keyboard lessons from the beginning insures a thorough introduction to all aspects of playing piano. Actually, there are a few variations of this sequence you need to know, and I take you through the options in this 30-minute video lesson. If you thought about learning to play Jazz Piano, but found it too hard, consider learning Blues.
Some students will want to work only on Blues, others will want to explore other music genres.
Parking is conveniently provided, there is a studio waiting room, and a large coffee shop next door.

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