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If you have a keyboard in your home, then be sure that its cables, plugs, and outlets are working safely.
Ideally, every parent would start a family discussion about the importance of respecting the space and time of the young pianist’s lessons.
My most successful and un-stressed students are those who’ve designated notebooks, binders, and other supplies for piano lessons. After your initial lessons, your piano teacher will most probably let you and your child know how often he or she’d like to see the student practice. Piano Lessons World is your source of information and resources about learning to play piano, learning guitar, playing chords, understanding music theory and succeeding on your instrument.
We are especially interested in partnering up with the most talented music teachers, so if you’re a piano teacher or if you give private lessons on another instruments, please be in touch.
If you could email me or call me (647 -821-1137) with more information on the job, that be great. If you have found this Piano Lessons World helpful in any way, please donate to show your support. Providing piano lessons and guitar lessons in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Voorhees and Haddonfield, NJ. Piano Adventures - Level 2BThe 4 videos displayed below are examples from Lesson Book 2B of the Piano Adventures series. Another excellent method that our teachers use is the Alfred's Piano Course, which offers the same high musical standards as the Piano Adventures series by Faber & Faber.
Highly Qualified, Professional InstructorsYou can be confident that we have taken every step to ensure that your son or daughter will learn from a highly qualified, professional instructor.
Connect with us on Facebook for regular updates on practice tips, performance tips and much, much more! Helping students get ready for a recital is an extremely rewarding experience, and one of the highlights of the entire year. We offer private, in-studio and in-home piano lessons near Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Norwalk, Cerritos, Artesia, Downey, and more. Our experienced music instructors work with students of all ages: teaching piano lessons for kids, piano lessons for teenagers, and piano lessons for adults. Once students get the basics down and are able to play at least 3 piano songs from start to finish, we offer our students the opportunity to Rock The House, an event where you are the rockstar. I have to admit that it was slightly stressful, worrying about how we would squeeze even more out of our budget, but it is important to us for our children to be able to pursue their interests if it is at all feasible for us to assist them. It’s a subscription program that provides instant access to online piano lessons that you follow at your own pace.
Lessons are taught by the personable Willie Myette, a musician and clinician, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music.
The lessons are self paced.  Move as slowly or as quickly as you need to and the program will save your place. Book 1: Six units teach concepts such as major pentatonic scale, quarter notes and rests, using chords in improvisation, and other introductory lessons. Book 2:Broken chords, syncopated rhythms, triads, and style markings are some of the topics covered in this level.
Book 3:The final book involves more complicated lessons on things like arpeggios, chord progression, using the pedals, and melodic phrases. You can add up to five students to your account and each account will save the place where that individual student stopped their lesson so that they can just pick back up where they left off.
As mentioned above, my daughter is a beginner, so we started with the very first book, CorePiano.
She was very focused on the instruction and carefully performed each task while watching Willie on the screen.

I think that HomeSchoolPiano is a fabulous option for many families who cannot afford private lessons or who would prefer to work at home.
The one downside to using this is that if no one in your family is knowledgeable about playing piano, you cannot get direct feedback. This is a one time payment of $299 which provides you an unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.
Now if you are like me, the initial outset of costs is high, but when you see that it buys you lifetime access and then compare with the cost of private lessons, you will quickly see that this actually quite the steal. Dusty is a work at home, homeschooling mother of four and has been married to the love of her life, a Southern gentleman, for 10 years. If you’ve opted for lessons in your home, there are certain ways you can prepare your space beforehand. The room that your piano is in will become your lesson room, unless you’re willing to hire piano movers or you’re training for the Iron Man competition! It can be difficult for kids not to jump up on the piano bench with their siblings and start banging the keys. To prepare for piano lessons, sit down and look at your or your child’s schedule and begin to block off time specifically for piano studies during the week. Just by looking ahead and taking these simple steps, you’ll find that your family will be ready for all the fun and the challenges that come with learning the piano.
Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
We have songs for guitar using easy chords, there are tips for buying a new piano, or for buying a guitar for adult beginners.
Laura's musical accomplishments along with her enthusiasm has earned her the head piano instructor's position here at the Cherry Hill Academy of Piano & Guitar.
This is the way I wanted to learn years ago.William FlemingMontessori Academy of Delran, NJAdolescent Program DirectorClick here to read more. Whether you’re looking for beginner piano lessons, intermediate piano lessons or advanced piano lessons, Lessons That Rock can help you achieve your best on piano.
Our piano teachers create custom learning plans for all students to help you achieve your goals and exceed your learning expectations.
Beginning piano students will learn to read sheet music, and play modern pop and rock piano songs from artists such as Coldplay, Adele, Journey, and much more. Rock The House is a new kind of recital where we play your favorite piano songs from start to finish for your friends and family at your own home. Studies show music lessons improve test scores, cognitive abilities, reasoning and coordination to name a few.
Our budget is very tight in the extracurricular department and she was already taking monthly art lessons and weekly ballet classes.
Then we were blessed to be allowed the opportunity to review HomeSchoolPiano and my worries were whisked away!
Using a six step cycle including technique, rhythm, ear training, reading music, song, and improvisation, it presents a thorough well rounded instructional curriculum that meets all nine requirements of the National Association for Musical Education. His accomplishments are many and HomeSchoolPiano is only one of several endeavors that he leads. The varying notes of the piano, the five finger scale, how to properly sit at the piano, what the pedals do, playing with your hands together, and more is taught.
This is an integral part of learning how to play an instrument and compose your own pieces. I propped up our laptop on the couch next to the piano and started up the videos for her when it was lesson time. She was incredibly proud of herself each time she learned something new and would practice her new skill over and over (and over!) again for as long as she was allowed.

I certainly know how tiring the shuttling from activity to activity can be, especially if you have several children. We plan on utilizing this on a regular basis and then still looking into acquiring private lessons in another year or so. This also gives you unlimited life-time access to the site and all bonuses for up to 5 students. It is also designed to be used for all ages so you’re entire family (up to five people) can use the subscription! I’m happy to be introducing my daughter to piano, even though I can’t play at all! If you have a piano instead, call a local professional piano tuner for an annual or semi-annual tuning. Setting this time aside beforehand is so much better than scrambling and stressing after piano assignments are handed out. She is a graduate of the prestigious Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, and has performed with the New York and Royal Philharmonics, the New Jersey and Virginia Symphonies, the American Boy Choir, and the internationally renowned opera star Andrea Bocelli. We welcome Laura as the newest member of our staff and are excited to have an instructor of her caliber and abilities with us.Guy FauxSchool DirectorClick here to read more. Our goal is to help you learn how to play your favorite piano songs from start to finish, all while enjoying the many benefits of taking piano lessons. With LessonsThatRock, you have the option of taking piano lessons in studio, or have one of our music instructors travel out to your home in Long Beach and surrounding areas. We keep piano lessons fun, interactive, and educational by using fun online games, flashcards and more. Rock The House events build confidence, improve performance, and motivate kids to practice piano for their “big day”. If you’re taking piano lessons in Long Beach, Los Angeles or Orange County, LessonsThatRock can provide you with a low price keyboard rental. Willie is an enthusiastic instructor who teaches clearly and in a manner that children can understand, yet adults will appreciate as well. For parents to provide a little extra motivation for your young pianist, it can be fun to decorate the lessons binder or notebook with music stickers or drawings.
So, relax and browse through all of the great articles about music, practicing, inspiration, motivation and please visit us on facebook or twitter! If you are 5 and older and want to learn how to play piano, just for pleasure or professionally, then we definitely should meet! Taking music lessons as an adult is great if you want to bond with your children, or have a productive hobby that stimulates your mind and fingers. This past spring, she started requesting the lessons again so my husband and I decided that we would figure things out so that she could begin in the fall.  My sister in law had a piano that she gifted us, so all we needed to do was find a teacher. Follow these simple steps, and piano lessons at home will weave their way into your family’s lifestyle seamlessly.
Even though she only knows a few notes at this point, she will happily clunk them out trying to assuage her baby brother.
She also thought Willie was very funny and she’d often giggle at how animated he became during some of the lessons.

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