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Back then the soft pedal was use often compare to today since back then you were able ot hit three two or one string per note. The sostenuto pedal located in the middle of the three pedal was the last addition to the piano but it didn't gain popularity until Steinway patented it in 1874. The sustain pedal also known as the damper pedal is one of the most used pedal in modern day piano.
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Even when it was created it still wasn't ideal because first pedal was a hand stop and it required a spare hand to use the knob.
But in the modern day is no longer possible due to the strings being spaced to closely to each other making it unable to hit one string per note.

What the pedal does when pressed is that it takes the damper off the strings you selected allowing it to continue playing while the rest of the notes remain unaffected. Every knowledgeable piano teacher knows the importance of proper hand and arm placement, which can be difficult for smaller piano students and can lead to injury if not corrected! Use this piano pedal extender to allow the compositions to be played as they were intended by using the una corda (soft) pedal and the sustaining pedal while simultaneously encouraging proper posture and hand, arm, and foot placement. Griffin piano foot pedal extenders are built to be strong, long-lasting, versatile and durable. At first glance looks like a metal, but has no characteristics of crumbling metal apart and apply pressure to hit.
It was later modified Americus Backers' 1772 grand is believed to be the first piano with the original pedals, the first piano to use foot pedal.
The una corda is located to the rigth of the three pedals located on the bottem of the piano. Although today every American piano has the sostenuto pedal built with the piano it rarely used by anyone that play pianos these days. The dampers normally holds on to the string to keep it from vibrating when the key of the note isn't pressed. Teachers usually solve this problem by have the student sit on books or raising the piano bench to achieve the correct angle in the piano player’s arms. If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality adjustable piano foot pedals.

The Yamaha FC5 footswitch reproduces the effect that a sustain pedal has on an acoustic piano. The sustain pedals purpose is to lift all the dampers on strings which keeps the strings from vibrating when the note isn't being pressed. Unfortunately, this solution instigates a new dilemma as now the piano player cannot reach the piano pedals! This causes the piano hammers which normally hit three strings to now hit two strings only.
With the development of the sustain pedal it allowed lots of new piano techniques for the piano that you couldn't normally do without a sustain pedal. The problem snowballs because most people will disregard proper foot placement of keeping one’s heels placed on the ground.
Buy today with peace of mind knowing you are getting the lowest price possible for this high quality piano pedal extension. Instead, the pianist tends to compensate by stretching his or her leg, trying to reach the pedal with his or her toes.

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