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March 16, 2014 : By TrevorWhen it comes to studio marketing, piano parents are your greatest ally.
But if you’re like me, asking for referrals or offering some sort of incentive probably makes you feel a little….
In feudal Japan, ninjas were stealth warriors; accomplishing their tasks while leaving nary a trace. Several times throughout the year, enlist a local coffee shop as your venue and throw a mini-recital for 7 – 12 students. Harness the power of viral videos and showcase a piano student performer-of-the-month on your studio YouTube channel. Hey, me too (“showcase a piano student performer-of-the-month on your studio YouTube channel.
If it seems to be a player issue rather than an instrument malfunction, then evaluate the way you teach yourself piano. A good lesson plan will be your biggest ally as you hone your skills on the ivories and teach yourself piano.
Most piano teachers have encountered a student with learning differences, and we’re often left wondering what strategies we can use to best serve the unique needs of these children. Pat is here today to share her 30 years of expertise in this area, and to give piano teachers some concrete ideas you can use tomorrow to adapt the way you teach in order to motivate and engage these students. Her 3 biggest pieces of advice for piano teachers who are teaching a child with special needs for the very first time. Her most effective strategies and tools for meeting the needs children with learning differences. Our really effective strategy for students who need a visual schedule and a reward system can be found here. Although it’s difficult sometimes to get him to do what I ask him to do, his mom suggested having treats for him for motivation.

Teaching a child with special needs has been really eye opening, and has really made me a better teacher. There is simply no better way to grow your studio than to have parents sing your praises to everyone they know. I’m going to show you how to be a ninja… a piano marketing ninja… a stealth marketer who gains referrals, without resorting to awkward and pitchy hype. If you have the energy to “hang” with some pre-teens for an hour or so, consider having a piano party for several of your students and their friends.
Parents will be chomping at the bit to share a video of their son or daughter performing a perfected piano piece. There are a couple of ways you can approach this task: 1) have your piano students “teach” a lesson to their buddy OR 2) have your piano students and their buddies play some fun little duets. Focus on building something that is unique… something that is creative… something that is a ton of fun!
In fact it is highly unlikely that you won’t encounter some challenges as you begin to teach yourself piano. These usually include supplemental material and all the instruction you need to get through the first steps efficiently. As piano teachers, we’re not often specifically trained in this area of education, and so we may feel ill-equipped to adjust our teaching practices to fit what our student may need.
So, it just seems natural to tease out a few glowing referrals with some sort of incentive program. Instead of sending your piano students home with a boring old practice sheet… try sending them home with a practice task that requires the help of a friend.
Points are given for various things, but one thing is they get points for bringing a friend to piano lessons. This is completely normal and should not discourage you from continuing your musical studies.

Your students rock the recital, their friends witness your piano studio awesomeness, their friends’ parents are naturally intrigued about what just went on… Bam! And if it does sell itself, then it’s just a matter of using your super-ninja powers to showcase it to the world.
The final point total at the end of each month will earn them a musical martial arts belt that they can take home with them.
You don’t have to become an expert right away, but the information gathered will lay the groundwork needed before you delve into actual playing techniques. Perfecting your talents takes a lot of practice, but you can teach yourself piano and sound professional quicker than you might think.
After verifying that you are playing the correct key(s), have your piano checked out to make sure that it doesn’t need tuned!
It also helps you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this timeless instrument. Once you have identified the problem, practice that specific area over and over.  Repetition is a good idea when you teach yourself piano.
Parents are willing to share the lesson w a friend so their child can get points and friends get a glimpse of what super fun piano lessons are like. Make sure this is the instrument you genuinely want to play before you begin to teach yourself piano. Go no further until you feel confident that you are ready to take on the next method or measure.

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