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It is always a pleasure to teach young kids new skills and a delight to see them improve on what they have learned. Introduce the black and the white keys and teach them to identify the fundamental groupings of black keys that distinguish each octave. As the children progress with their lessons, introduce new techniques and new songs for them to learn, each time with greater complexity than the previous ones. Reading piano music and playing and learning piano notes just got a whole lot easier and more convenient, with the Learning to Play DVD course from Reading Keyboard Music.
Merrilee Webb, the Instructor of Music who teaches on our Learning to Play DVD course, learned to play a piano using this method when she was just 5 years old. A regular piano teacher or tutor is wonderful, and our website provides references for teachers who know how to teach piano through the RKM method. Our course also allows an individual the optimal opportunity for learning to play and read music on their own through a sixteen week course. Learning to play a musical instrument has been linked to a whole slew of benefits in children. Along with our comprehensive DVDs, we have supporting learning to play piano online material that will make it easier for your child to learn piano notes and piano chords for beginners as well as learning to play beginning to advanced piano pieces. This includes workbooks, flash cards and a CD that supplements the DVD, ensuring that your child learns to play piano music notes, technique, rhythm and all other skills that pertain to playing the piano.
If you’ve been wrestling with the idea of your child learning to play the piano, don’t wait another day. Your child will feel encouraged and excited while learning to play the piano competently through our simple RKM methods.  Our mission is that children and parents too, will walk away from our program with a feeling of love for playing piano music.
You have nothing to lose with our piano lessons for kids, because our course comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee! My child is only 5 – is it too early to start lessons – might it be a waste of money? These are all frequent questions asked by parents who are interested in starting their child on the piano. These first piano lessons are a series of short exercises disguised as games, that combine strengthening and co-ordination with note recognition and memory. With this series of easy first piano lessons, parents will be able to assist their own children in the basic, first steps of playing the piano. If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas!
Hi Alissa, The note printables for the keys are included in the First Piano lessons eBook, which full of support and tips for young beginners. Hi Lia, The most important thing with young beginners is encouraging them to play as much as possible. The problem is that I didn’t receive the email with the ebook because it was sent to a wrong email, could you please help me with this?
When I went looking for sheet music notes for an Irish folk song on line and couldn't find any, there was plenty of pieces of music for the Irish tunes but not for the songs.

I've been using this site for about two years now as a constant reference for learning songs.
Playing pop songs on the whistle is not really the norm, just a few singers have embraced the idea, one that springs to mind is Paul Simon with ''You Can Call Me Al''. This worksheet is designed especially for young students who haven’t yet learned how read and write notes. If you teach pentascales to little pianists, this worksheet is a great way to reinforce the scale you’re currently working on and to help kids begin to grasp the idea of playing in key. For many music teachers, specializing in children’s piano lessons offers them the benefits of working with kids and being able to do what they love.
By teaching kids early how to do this, you will help them develop proper technique and thus, avoid bad habits. Teach them that for every grouping of five black keys, it equals one octave and that the location of a black key will determine if it is a sharp or a flat note. Nursery rhymes are fantastic tunes to teach them as familiar tunes help keep them interested. Augment their lessons according to their needs and levels of learning and strive for a balanced course wherein it includes both theory and practice. A kid’s attention span is very limited and if your students do not see the fun part in your lessons, you will lose their attention. Make sure that your passion for your craft continues to shine as this can affect how your students perceive your lessons.
Learning the piano provides a host of benefits, from increased confidence and self esteem to a higher IQ and better grades. This is beneficial for individuals who prefer to learn the piano around their own schedule.  This option was also designed to help those whose budget may not allow for private piano lessons for kids.
In truth, piano sight reading for children would have a positive affect on all areas of their life. They are presented in a playful and engaging way that doesn’t cause frustration, but hopefully a little satisfaction along the way. This will lay the foundations in a fun and easy way, giving children the incentive and confidence to go on to a piano teacher for proper one-to-one lessons and be in a strong position to learn and make the most of them. The first piano lessons series gets them started, and the eBook although it does include a lot of the same activities, includes much more in-depth teaching support and resources. I thought, why were these big music sites not displaying the folk and ballads along with the traditional Irish music tunes.Where were The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones, The Furey Brothers and the hundreds of traditional Irish song notes ?When you first take up and learn a musical instrument, be it banjo, fiddle, mandolin or whatever, you will want to learn something that's familiar to you. I'm an american with heavy irish descent (does 80% irish mean im still an Irishman?) I have to say that this truly is a unique site that you have put together, and quite possibly one of a kind.
Just because an instrument is associated with a particular genre of music doesn't mean it can't be transfeered to another kind, such as popular music. Just show them where to place their hands and then have them write the finger numbers in the footballs. I have a fun special system for teaching scales to little ones and you can learn more about it here.

It also motivates kids if they have fun experience learning with a teacher who does not mind if they have a good laugh during lessons. Firstly, it is vital that the child shows a desire and interest in playing the piano, and is happy to sit and concentrate for a short time, say 15 minutes to start with. Progress will be much faster, and they will be more likely to succeed and develop a real love of the instrument.
When children first start learning the piano they need lots of repetition in order to develop an understanding and strengthen their fingers, so these activities and exercises are an excellent way to encourage them. I mostly play guitar, but the other day, we were moving furniture around in my sister's room for remodeling (she's moved out and is on her own now with her husband) and we found a tin whistle under neath one of the old dressers!
Most Irish people grew up listening to folk music on the radio because during the 50s to the early 70's there was little choice as that's all there was for the most part, that's one of the reasons why folk songs are played on the whistle.
This site has such a great selection of songs, and I love how the pages have the notes and a video all right there. Let them practice with the right hand first and then the left hand for the bass clef accompaniment. It is a lot easier if they can already read a little, so it is probably best to give that a head start, and not to bombard them with too much information all at once! I can't imagine a way to express how excited i was, and when i saw it there, the first thing that popped into my head was "HEY! The lower case letters are the high notes and the capital letters are the lower ones.The example below will teach you the basics of reading sheet music, the more you play the better you'll familiarize yourself with the position of each note and the music sheets. There are thousands of great pop songs around with some lovely easy to play melodies that can sound great when played on the whistle.
It also helps if they have strong little hands, although this can be improved with practise, if they have very small hands, it might be better to let them grow a bit! Holt was thoroughly enjoying himself with the growing number of real cello pieces he could play, even though he felt his abilities were quite modest.
They have tin whistle notation on there where I can learn to play this!" and indeed, two days later, I'm whistling away the time learning the instrument with this site as the only resource that i could find that was adequately suiting my musical background! From VictoriaThanks for a great site Martin, nice to see the tin whistle is taken seriously. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this website together and compiling this beautiful resource! Some video's now on site include some of the more popular songs like Molly Malone and Dirty Old Town. From Paul Roberts.Picked up a tin whistle from a store catering to Irish memorabilia (Irish Eyes in San Clemente, CA, USA), and wanted to learn a few rebel songs. I don't think too many of us would do that to our students, but the story is a useful reminder that LOVE, a sense of wonder, and excitement are what draw children to music, and we teachers must not forget that.

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