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Materials: Teams MUST bring something to write with, their instruments and the score for both their chosen music and the required melody. Event Leaders will bring the official score sheet and any devices they so choose to help analyze the quality of the music performed. Competitors must be able to explain to the judges how their instrument works, and is played. The instruments must be able to play a single note requested by the judges, checked with a chromatic tuner.
Once competitors have proven their instruments can play the requested notes, scale, and required song, they are able to perform a song of their own choosing.
This may sound very obvious, but one of the main functions of sheet music is simply to tell the reader how high or low a note is. Try playing an octave of notes starting at C and ending at the C above – try this on a piano or keyboard or Click Here to open this cool FREE online keyboard. Clearly, the 1st basic thing that you want to learn when reading music is what note to play. Staff notation is built on a series of 5 lines called a staff (or stave) and is the foundation upon which music is written.
Obviously music uses a lot more than just the 9 notes of a stave (5 lines and 4 spaces), so we need some way of being able to represent these extra notes. Ledger Lines are additional lines which can be put above or below the staves to extend the pitch range of the stave.
Our music is going to look very confusing if we just keep adding ledger lines above and below the stave.
For example if we put a Treble Clef at the start of a stave then Middle C will be on a ledger line below the stave….

This means that if we put a Treble Clef at the start of the stave then we can write lots of noes above Middle without needing to use any ledger lines.
You’ll also get a FREE wall chart to help you learn the notes and various tasks that are going to get you reading and PLAYING the notes of the Treble Clef straight away. Sign up below for your instant FREE Video Lessons Starter Pack and get reading and playing straight away. December 2nd, 2012 8:15 amCan someone tell how to make a chord with dotes on a paper piano indicating the chord to be played. Piano Music Reading Skills".Once you understand the basic elements, practice patiently, persistently, and consistently and success will follow.
Once you have figured out where to start, begin learning each piece using the following routine: 1. I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials. Prior to the competition teams will design and build 2 musical instruments based on a 12 tone tempered scale. Points are earned for the quality of the performance as well as construction of the instruments. Do not bring any other professional parts into the event at the competition even if you do not plan on using them (such as guitar straps, straplocks, tuners, etc). The only background knowledge you need when learning how to read music is a basic understanding of the fact that some notes sound higher than others – this difference is called pitch. Instead of writing out letters on a page, the universal way of communicating which notes are to be played is via the staff.
You".For the most direct, organized, and progressive path to learning to play the piano, start the Piano Skills Foundation series of piano lessons.

These may be based on real instruments (a drum, flute etc), or something completely made up (think blue man group).
In this video, competitors from Cardinal Gibbons High School explain how their homemade pipe organ works. At the tournament teams will describe their instrument's operation and perform a major scale, a required melody (Hornpipe, Water Music, Handel) and a chosen melody.
With this in mind, I’ve got some practical tasks for you to try out in my FREE Starter Pack Video Lesson Series. She is already mastering the songs from Mary Poppins along with some current chart music using her own ear.My problem is that she wants me to be able to label the keys for her with the letters and numbers, but I know nothing about this and from what I have found on the internet it just confuses me further. My altimate goal is to put the finished product in microsoft word to help make up a piano tutorial that will be added to my website.
For 2014 teams must build instruments that are any 2 of the following 3 types: percussion, strings, or wind.
Always ensure you have a complete run from C through to the B above using the same number before starting with a new number.What about the black notes?
If you have any questions do feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll help you out as much as I can.

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