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Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, we have an instructor who can suit your needs and help you develop into a well-rounded musician. In addition to private lessons, kids and teens can take part in our rock band program (see home page for details). Our student achievement program is an aid for our students to track their progress while making sure core concepts are learned. If you are looking to learn how to read notes better, correct fingerings for chords and scales, play piano faster, and improve overall technique with supplemental materials, feel free to download and print any of the resources below. Do you want some want to learn some new ways to make your R&B piano chords and chord progressions more stylish? The chords I play in the video above are from a i iv v chord progression in the key of E minor.
If you want to learn more about these chords you can check out this lesson on minor jazz piano chords. The secret to getting that jazzy chromatic sound in your R&B piano chords is to play the same chord voicing either a half step up or a half step below your resolution chord.
In the video I play the main chords Em7, Bm7, and Am7 mostly on the downbeats (beat 1 of the measure especially).
On a rhythmic level funk works because of the back and forth of syncopated rhythmic attacks with sustained notes.
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Continue the drill through the cycle of 4ths (F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D, G) until you reach C again.
Repeat the drill through all 12 keys three more times, then, using a metronome, try to play the drill at 40 bpm, one chord per click. If you played all the chords correctly and in time with no mistakes, move on to the next practice session. If you played most of the chords correctly and in time with a few mistakes, try it again at a slower tempo, say 40 bpm. If you were unable to play any of the chords in time review the lesson and feel free to ask questions about anything that you don’t understand. FORMING AUGMENTED TRIADS OR CHORDSOne of the easiest ways to form an augmented triad is by raising the dominant note which the high note in a major triad or chord. No doubt the sound that is been created by the augmented triad gives a sense of incompleteness, this is because these type of chords are used as passing tones.
Do you find the lessons and articles on this website interesting?Then keep updated by following Choose-Piano-Lessons on Twitter or share this website on Google Plus. Music Principles for the Skeptical Guitarist, Volume 2 'The Fretboard' by Bruce Emery (1998).
Fingerstyle Guitar from Scratch - Picking Patterns for Vocal Accompaniment by Bruce Emery (2003).
It helps if you're within ear-shot of your child as she practices only to give encouragement, but also because this prevents the child from feeling isolated. Students have fun playing and learning music alongside their peers, and they practice better at home when they know that their bandmates are relying on them.

This means that as your child learns new concepts and develops their inherent abilities, a commitment is necessary to progress.
Families who are most successful with practicing are those who choose a practice time and stick with it. It will introduce you to some new chord voicings and ways to decorate your chord progressions.
First, I’ll show you the chord progression written out without any chromatic passing chords. Most of the time I’m playing the root of the chord in my left hand and the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th of the chord in my right hand. So, if you resolution chord is an Amin7 you would play either a Abmin7 (half step below) or a Bbm7 (half step above) right before the Amin7. So, in order to be most effective with this chromatic chord technique make sure you listen to the rhythms i used in the video. You would flat the 3rd note (G# turns into G), the 5th note (B turns into Bb), and the 7th note (D# turns into D).
Once you are comfortable with moving quickly between the chords chromatically add a metronome to your practice and start playing them in time.
If you want to learn how to decorate your piano chords in more of a rock or pop style you can check out this pop piano chords lesson. I just started to study the piano and this tips ?bout soul and neo soul techinics are very nice. If you are looking to hire a Wordpress Programmer, a Graphic Artist, a Hotel Night Auditor, or just need some creative input please contact me.
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Once you can play it with no mistakes at 40bpm, increase it until you can play it with no mistakes at 60 bpm, then move on to the next practice session. Just find your chord, check the illustration to see which keys have dots, and then play the same thing on the piano. Remember that a major chord is formed by choosing the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of a major scale. All you need to do to form an augmented triad is to sharpen the last note that makes up a major triad.Here is a diagram showing the difference with the G major triad and the G augmented triad. Try playing the C major augmented triad on your piano and then go back to the C major chord.

If your piano is in the basement, consider this a good time to fold that basket of laundry while she does her scales.
If you've been with Let's Play Music a while, you've no doubt heard your teacher say that investing 15 to 20 minutes a day, 5 or 6 days a week is better than hour of sporadic practice.
Many parents find that 15 or 20 minutes before their child gets on the bus works great, others like the after dinner time.
I’ve always loved these spacey, r and b-type chord progessions and this will be very helpful.
So in summary, neo chords are minor 9th chords that could be adjusted in left hand with relative minor in left hand with major 7th in left?? Presently I am living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada but I am always open to relocating to another Province or even another country. 20+ years experience with Wordpress, Joomla, XML, SQL, Visual Studio, QuarkXPress, 3ds Max Studio, Corel, Adobe Premier, Fruity Loops, HTML, CSS and a few more I can't remember. Once you can play it with no mistakes at 40 bpm, increase it until you can play it with no mistakes at 50 bpm, then 60 bpm, then move on to the next practice session. The 5th note is referred as the dominant in a major scale.Below is an illustration showing how augmented triads are formed by raising the high note in a major chord. Letting your teacher know what you want to study or if you would like to try other instruments, techniques, songwriting, computer music, or sound recording. Once a successful track record is established we can go long-term for a better rate if you like. In other words, when the fifth note of a major scale is raised or sharpens then that note is considered to be an augmented fifth.
Material for students is selected with the goal of enhancing the student's natural capabilities while making concepts fun and accessible. Students practice better at home when they know that their friends are relying on them in the band. If we're all over the place with enforcing practice, we're likely to encounter a lot of resistance.
Hold regular family concerts; invite grandparents and other extended family or friends over for an evening of music with your child as the featured act. Our instructors are proficient in different musical styles and can accommodate a variety of interests and goals. The best part about our bands is that students can start a band as soon as they start lessons.
What makes our approach unique is that our students begin learning about all aspects of piano playing from the start, including improvisation, arranging, note reading, chords, scales, and more. Their music shouldn't exist in a vacuum; it should expand beyond the weekly lesson and the practice regimen.
The more opportunity for genuine appreciation students have, the more successful they'll be on their journey.

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