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A melodic musical interval is being created when you play two notes one after the other successively. In music we measure the music intervals according to the number of half tones between two notes. The distance between E and F and B and C is half a tone as well since there isn't a black key between them. The song "Are You Sleeping" also known as "Frere Jacques" starts with a major second going up.

It's not for nothing that we're going to base all the minor chords on this minor third interval. Maybe that's why the siren of an ambulance would sound a raised fourth interval in case of emergency. This harmonic interval is called tritone (three tones) which is the most dissonant chord in western music. As a harmonic major interval this interval sounds rather optimistic as well as the major third.

As a harmonic interval this interval is a dissonant one we'll see how to solve the tension later. The song "Somewhere over the rainbow" from the wizard of Oz starts with a melodic interval of an octave.

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