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The Artist:A child prodigy, Mozart wrote his first symphony when he was eight years old and his first opera at 12. Made popular when it was played as the wedding processional at the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Frederick William of Prussia in 1858,  it really became an American classic favorite when Vladimir Horowitz wrote a virtuoso piano arrangement of the piece and used it often as an encore at his concerts. This easy piano sheet music arrangement of the wedding march by Mendelessohn could easily be used for playing at a small wedding on either a piano or a church organ.  If you are trained in playing organ and know how to play the foot pedals, then simply use the bass clef notes of the left hand and duplicate those same notes or modify them to make it easy for you to play both hands and one foot at the same time.
Print out the easy piano sheet music arrangement of the Wedding March by clicking on the first link below.  The second link will allow you to listen to the midi recording. If you are playing this easy piano arrangement in a larger hall or church sanctuary consider some very useful piano practice tips as you begin.
Another great piano practice tip to make this piece seem more grandiose is to play the right hand one octave higher at measures 5 through 8 and then return to regular as seen on paper hand position to play the next measures. Make easy work out of your left hand fingering by using the fingering suggested below.  Notice the same repeated left hand patterns throughout the piece.
Please contact us with your requirements if you wish to purchase a transposed copy of this piece. I have recently heard about this amazing charity who help people dealing with terminal illness to organise and fund their wedding day.
There are many men and women in the UK living with life limiting conditions or terminal illnesses who long to marry their special partner in life. We, at The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation believe that few things in life can be more important or rewarding, than giving such a person a chance to have their dream wedding day, with all the excitement, love and happiness that brings. As we are fully aware that time can be precious, we are able to organise the arrangements against the clock where required. We fund raise to ensure that as many costs incurred are covered as possible and we work closely with very generous wedding suppliers who kindly donate their services for free or at a reduced rate.
We appreciate that none of this would be possible without our hard work and determination or without our suppliers and service provider’s generosity. Currently, we are based in Taunton, Somerset and operate locally in the South West area primarily but with more fundraising, continued support from generous suppliers and invaluable publicity, we have been able to increase exposure to our profile allowing us to take the foundation across the whole of the UK, helping more and more people enjoy the wedding day of their dreams. There is also a wedding dress amnesty set up by Johnsons the cleaners that is a brilliant idea and one that you could tell your friends and family about, every dress helps!
I produce copy for press releases, marketing literature, leaflets, websites, blogs and magazines. This isn’t a wedding related post, unless you want to buy someone a very lovely wedding gift!

Well the new years resolution was to blog more, which as it’s now February and this is my first one, I’m not doing so well. If you would like to book for 2013 I would recommended booking asap so you don’t miss out, and bookings are coming in now for 2014 as well.
Lovely email this morning, with a photo of a beautiful wedding cake attached.Love the cupcake wedding cakes they are so pretty and really popular at the moment, the detail on each cake can be so different. If I am completely honest having a chimney sweep at your wedding was not something I knew very much about, until a customer recently ordered a chimney sweep cake topper to go with their bride and groom cake topper. It is an old tradition (over 200 years old) but one that is still part of many weddings today – a chimney sweep at your wedding, is meant to bring good luck.
The story behind it that as King George II was traveling in his coach and horses, when the horse pulling the carriage was suddenly frightened and became wild and out of control.
King George was so grateful to the chimney sweep that he issued a Royal Decree that all chimney sweeps were  regarded as good luck and should be treated with respect.
There are companies still offering the service of a traditional chimney sweep at your wedding, where they will shake hands with the groom and give a lucky kiss for the bride. It is still only September 2012 but just to let you know I am already getting alot of bookings for next year. I have been sent these lovely photos from two very happy customers, which they have kindly let me share with the world!
I love the cup cake wedding tower they look so pretty and with a traditional element on top.
I love the Hammers and Strings pictures- I wish I could be a part of the Yosemite shoot… that is the most beautiful place. Mark and I have been together for over 3 years now and just got engaged a few years ago and are so excited to spend the rest of forever together. He went on to write some of the most important masterpieces of the Classical era, including symphonies, operas, string quartets and piano music. Our purchased sheet music is high resolution and can be enlarged without any reduction in quality.
Surrounded by family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and being full of joy and laughter; a wedding day is an occasion where everyone can look back and remember that special event, and smile. These factors are integral to our success and we are constantly striving to ensure the organisation grows and flourishes so we can to provide such a service to all over the coming years. I have been writing and taking photographs since I was a child and now work with my clients to discover the best way to promote products, convey information and captivate audiences – through words and pictures.

My photography work can be linked to my writing, so I can offer a full service to cover news stories and produce illustrated publications. The good news is I haven’t had chance to because of all the cake toppers being made for 2013 weddings already, which is fantastic.
Alot of time goes into each topper so it is also good to see that the size, style, and colours match the cakes so well, this is a perfect example.
The only person brave enough to stop the horse from bolting with the carriage which King George was in, was a local chimney sweep who controlled he horse and saved the Kings life.
If you have decided to order a topper next year I would recommend booking now to avoid any disappointment.
The colour scheme for this wedding is perfect for summer and ties in with the topper as well.
Most months are nearly booked up already, which is very exciting with some great ideas ready to be made. Wedding cakes are as much a work of art as the toppers, just very different materials….and you definitely couldn’t eat a ceramic topper! For soprano solo voice, alto solo voice, tenor solo voice, bass solo voice, SATB choir and piano accompaniment. Well, we thought it would be fun to play off that idea by having you tell us a song lyric that best describes your relationship as a couple.
Beginning on October 13, he will travel with his beloved piano and photograph couples in love in some of the most breathtaking landscapes. Clayton and I will pick our favorites and then we’ll have you the readers vote for the couple you would like to see Clayton photograph! And I’m so excited to announce that Clayton found an amazing spot in Malibu and has offered to photograph one lucky couple from Green Wedding Shoes on his tour!! We will close comments on Sunday Sept 26th at 10pm PST and name the finalists later in the week.
So, for all of you that dream of having AMAZING romantic photos of you and your honey, this is your chance.

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