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Scientists are trying to understand how amnesiacs can lose all memory of their past life - and yet remember music. Now researchers believe they are closer to understanding how musical memory is preserved in some people - even when they can remember almost nothing of their past. At a Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington this month, a group of German neurologists described the case of a professional cellist, referred to as PM, who contracted herpes encephalitis virus in 2005.He was unable to retain even simple information, such as the layout of his apartment.

However, she says he does remember things he has known all his life or performed regularly. Lloyds Banking Group says it will cut a further 3,000 jobs and close 200 more branches, even as it reports a doubling of pre-tax profits.
In this clip, captured by a woman who was passing by and noticed his incredible musical talent, he plays a song that he wrote himself.
The clip has over 400,000 views since being uploaded just a few days ago, and is sure to get Ryan a bit more attention from the passing crowds in Churchill Square, where it was filmed.

Different aspects of playing music involve different parts of the brain, she has concluded."The research we're doing is starting to show that people with damage to mainly their frontal lobes, their musical skills are affected differently to people like Clive whose medial temporal lobes are damaged. Damaged lobesMusical memory isn't necessarily the same as other types of memory, says Dr Clare Ramsden a neuro-psychologist with Britain's Brain Injuries Rehabilitation Trust, which is studying the case of three musicians, including Mr Wearing.

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