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That means that any riff from Vestapol that doesn’t involve the high string can be played in Spanish by moving it one string higher.
Any riff from Spanish that doesn’t involve the lowest string can be played in Vestapol by moving it one string lower.
Now please go back and compare the chord shapes for both tunings and see how similar they are. This line could be played one octave higher on the middle two strings, as they are tuned to the exact same pitches as the lower two strings (fifth and root), just one octave higher. Now try to play other riffs you already know from standard tuning and Vestapol tuning in Spanish tuning. In the next article you’ll learn some great sounding must-know-riffs in Spanish tuning in the style of the Blues master John Lee Hooker.
Andi Saitenhieb is a professional guitarist, singer and a highly respected and much sought after guitar teacher from Germany. Have you ever listened to a master blues musician and wondered why their solos sound different and more powerful than yours? The great thing about the exercises is that there are enough of them…by that I mean than they lead you into more complex skills a step at a time. This web page builds on what you learned on these web pages (listed on the left): The Secret and Tired of Playing The Same Old Songs?
The secret to playing spanish sounding songs is to play Chord 3 as a Major chord instead of a minor chord.
To really give your song that spanish flavor strum downwards slowly so you hear each string played individually then upwards the same way.
If you want to know more stuff you can download a free guitar e-book and subscribe to my free song making guitar lessons by clicking here. In Using the Code you’ll discover the simple code that you can use to play the guitar. You'll use it to make up your own songs, solos and riffs up and down the guitar neck, jam with other people and figure out how to play simple songs, solos and riffs by ear.
I give you an 8 week complete money back guarantee, so if you decide it's not what you're looking for I'll give you your money back. Spanish Guitar Music in the Bay Area - Daniel Fríes and Trio Paz are the best of the San Francisco Bay Area's Spanish Guitar Music. Do Not Get Discouraged - When first learning the spanish guitar, or any instrument for that matter, you may find yourself getting discouraged, or perhaps saying to yourself "this is just too difficult".
Practice - The more often that you practice your spanish guitar the more familiar you will become with the instrument.
Create an effective practice schedule - The length of your practice is not necessarily the most important thing.

Get a metronome - A very important part of spanish guitar playing is the ability to keep good timing. Change your strings - Your spanish guitar strings are very important to the quality of sound your guitar produces.
Again we start to get familiar with the new tuning by playing some basic chords and then some riffs we already know from standard tuning before we get more adventuorus in the next lessons. If you play the open strings while your guitar is in Open A tuning you’ll hear an A major chord, as if you were fretting the A major chord in standard tuning (E-B-e-g#-b-e).
Remember that the notes on the low E string, on the A string and on the high e string are still where they were in standard tuning. He has over a decade of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of musicians over the years both privately and within countless workshops.
An analogy is when one is trying to learn a new piece, the idea is to break it down into smaller sections and then put the sections together. There are many versions of the strum but I consider this one one of the best to start off with.
It can be played on a steel string guitar… but sounds very authentic on a nylon (classical) guitar. From gentle classical Spanish Guitar, to exciting and upbeat festive Spanish Rumba, Daniel Fríes and Trio Paz play outstanding Spanish Flamenco Rumba, Latin, and Brazilian, for Weddings, Corporate Events, and all types of special occasions. Whether you're planning your wedding, or a special event, there's nothing quite like Spanish guitar to add that extra elegance and flavor. Whether you're planning the perfect romantic moment, a joyous festival celebration, or a sumptuous feast, Trio Paz adds an unparalleled latin flair. You can buy all the books and videos you want, but in order to really become a good spanish guitar player, you need to learn from a pro. You may find yourself practicing the same song or chords over and over again, and never getting any better at it. Many new guitar players will rush through a lick or a song in the beginning, trying to play it exactly as they hear it and only wind up butchering it. If you find yourself with various aches and pains in your shoulders, your neck, your back, etc., chances are you are not in a correct playing posture. If you have mastered a particular song on your spanish guitar, why not try the same song on an acoustic guitar? Actually you can play most of you riffs and licks in both tunings by simply moving them up or down one string respectively. The D string, the g string and the b string are tuned two halftones higher so all the notes on these three strings must be moved two frets lower. Alexander is a wizard at presenting meaningful bits that can be mastered and then built into something more complex.

In my dream I was sitting in front of my CD player listening to one of my songs and really enjoying it. Have a listen to Daniel's Spanish guitar music using the player above, and watch Trio Paz play live from the Trio Paz Video page. Trio Paz's experience, depth, professionalism, and sheer love for music translate into an unforgettably enjoyable experience for everyone.
A professional spanish guitar teacher has the experience and wisdom necessary to teach you how to become a proper spanish guitar player. Make sure your spanish guitar teacher is giving you a well-rounded approach to guitar playing and helping you make the most of your practice sessions.
Before you can play anything correctly, you must learn to slow down and play it right at a much slower speed.
Ask your guitar teacher to demonstrate a proper playing posture, then do your best to stick to it.
In Open G the distance from one string to the next is exactly the same as in Open A, just the absolut pitch is different (D-G-d-g-b-d ). When you're looking to spice up your next Bay Area event with Spanish Guitar Music, there's nothing quite like Daniel Fríes and Trio Paz.
Books, videos, and the Internet for that matter, lack in their ability to provide you with feedback and advice. Tell your teacher to observe you during practice and correct you whenever you fall out of the correct posture. If you really have a sincere desire to learn, and you continue to practice, you will become a better spanish guitar player. A good teacher will correct you if you are doing something wrong so that you don't form bad habits or techniques. Again it really depends on how often you play, and how well you take care of your guitar strings. All the chord shapes, licks and riffs are played exactly the same way in both tunings, they just sound a little higher in Open A and a little lower in Open G. Don't wait until your strings break before you change them and you should change all of your strings at the same time. Talk with your guitar teacher to develop the best practice exercises that are right for your style of playing.

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