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California - The bar about which Billy Joel wrote the song "Piano Man" from the album Piano Man which was released in (1973). Here's where it used to be located: in the Wilshire section of Los Angeles, at the corner of Wilshire and Gramercy Place. The verses of the song are sung from the point of view of a bar piano player who focuses mainly on everyone else at the bar: an old man, John the bartender, the waitress (his girlfriend, later wife, Elizabeth), a businessmen, and bar regulars like "real estate novelist" Paul and US Navy sailor, Davey. Here are three pictures from The Billy Joel Collection set that come from a promotional video for the collection and I believe were taken during Billy's six-month stint at the lounge. From reading Wikipedia, I knew that Billy Joel had written Piano Man about his experiences at a place called the Executive Room lounge in Los Angles.
Joel gigged locally in New York City in the fall of 1971 and moved out to Los Angeles early in 1972, adopting the stage name Bill Martin. Seen below is a picture that I found of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue from that era. I searched through biographies of Billy online and off, and looked through many pictures of Billy to see if anything from that era would give me a clue, but came up empty handed. Suddenly, there was the Executive Room was in all its 70's glory: a large gold star over the vertical sign "executive," (giving it a "Holiday Inn" sign feel), the words "cocktail" and "entertainment" prominently featured, and what looks like the top part of a huge red exclamation mark (!) over the door. It also reported that the Executive Room had been located in an Art Deco shopping center at 3951-3955 Wilshire Boulevard, but that all the buildings had been demolished and replaced by a shopping center called Wilshire Gramercy Plaza.

Then I zoomed around until I came across that big gray mansard room on the hotel in the back of the photo.
So, by overlaying one photo over the other, I could see where exactly where the Executive Room used to be on Wilshire Boulevard. With this knowledge you could, for example, drive into that Los Angeles parking lot, park you car in the same spot Billy was playing piano back in 1972, plug in a cassette tape (a CD will do) and serenade your own rendition of Piano Manto your fellow passenger. Now, I had the exact location of the Executive Room and the approximate street address (# 3959 - from the shopping center stairs). Here is where that is on a local map; close to Wilshire and Western, but a few blocks west.
And right after this screen capture from YouTube, you can click on the YouTube video of Billy playing Piano Man right after the release of the song. Man" PopSpot came out, a PopSpot reader named Roy sent in a photo of THE PIANO THAT BILLY WAS PLAYING ON IN THE EXECUTIVE ROOM! Roy also sent along several photos of the Executive Room, two of them showing where Billy would have played the piano.
In front of the musicians is an empty rectangular gap where the piano would have been rolled in to fit into a custom-built grand piano-shaped bar padded with red leather.The patrons could sit around and listen to Billy as if sitting around a grand piano.
3) Paul (the real estate novelist ) - "He was in real estate, but did he want to write a novel?

Here's one last shot from the inside of the Executive Room, this time during a Hawaiian themed holiday party. Zum abspielen der Horbeispiele benotigen sie einen aktuellen Browser oder das Flash plugin. While in California he did a six-month gig in The Executive Room piano bar on Wilshire Boulevard near Western.
In the video, Billy and a bar full of people recreate pretty much every vision you ever had of what it was like for Billy to be a piano man in 1973. Yes, John was the bartender's name and he continued to work there when Jill managed the bar.
It was there he composed his signature hit "Piano Man" about the various patrons of the lounge. It was truly a place for the local after work crowd to down some cold ones, and perhaps their sorrows, with the piano player.

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