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Certainly, the young and moldable mind of a child lends itself well to learning the piano, but adults interested in learning should not consider this a reason why children are the only ones who can learn. Young minds begin to wrap around the idea of notes on a piece of music corresponding to keys on a piano and sounds in their ears very quickly.
ButChildren tend to give up quickly and be uninterested in “making progress, whereas adults are far more likely that youngsters to set a practice schedule and stick to it. If you are an adult who is interested in learning the piano, in the end, it will come down to what you want to do with this new skill and how much time you’re willing to put into it. If you are an adult beginner, then by all means go to Piano Lessons By Video For Adults and read all about it! So you are a pianist and play the piano rather well, but if you can't play by ear and improvise on the piano, you are missing out the biggest joy of being a piano player. You see, most pianist cannot improvise as much as they desire to and if there is no music sheet before them, they are as good as someone who has never learnt how to play the piano before and at best, they just rely on their memory to play a tune.
However, if you can improvise well on the piano, you will also be able to play any songs that you have heard.
Think of it this way, playing the piano with the music score in front of you is simply playing out another person's work.
One of the main reasons why most pianists can't improvise or play by ear is that most piano players started learning how to play the piano in structured classical format. We learnt how to play the works of great classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Lizt etc and during the lessons, if we play anything out of the music sheet of these composers, we get a slap on the wrist by our piano teachers. As such, we never strayed from relying on sight reading of music sheets and that cramped our musical style and creative ideas. Yes, learning how to read music can be very important at times but it is certainly very pleasant to develop a new skill as well, and that is learning how to improvise so that you can also play by ear.
This will allow you to reveal your real talent and express the feelings that you have inside and with that, you are making a statement of your own originality and who you are!
It is vital to have the time to just sit in front of the piano to experiment and play your own style. Venture out of your initial fear of experimentation because now, no one is going to chastise you for making any mistakes. We can't deny the fact that sight reading skills are important and are highlighted by most traditional piano lessons.
Just take a good look at those piano players who can play by ear and play with their own improvisation. The keyboard is one of the most versatile and beautiful instruments that exists and learning to play the keyboard or piano requires, as all instruments do, a great deal of time, dedication, desire and consistency. Really, the best way to learn to play keyboard varies depending on each individual and what they desire to learn.

This is an instructional video about how to read music, the most common notes used in music and their respective time values.
Reading music is not necessarily vital, although understanding and reading rhythms and time values is very useful for rhythm training and for creating and improvising rhythms on the keyboard. Shipping charges noted in parentheses apply in addition to our standard shipping & service. Oversized items scheduled for expedited delivery (Premium or Express) may incur additional shipping and services charges because of their unusual size.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. When someone plays a musical instrument, it’s often revealed to be the popular piano. The reason that children tend to learn new things like the piano very well is that their minds are like sponges, and physically, they are very able. Becoming a concert pianist may not be a definite option for you if you have never played before, but becoming a decent player and enjoying the skill to the fullest extent definitely is. There are several reasons why adults may, in fact, be better at learning the piano than children.
This is because we cannot adulterate the works of the classical geniuses and will fail our exams if we did so. Piano improvisations and playing by ear is all about creativity and if our creativity was stifled since we were young when we started taking piano lessons, we have to change our mindset and start practising improvisation skills without the music sheets. In fact, with this skill, you can even write your own songs and be your own original composer!
In fact, it is through the pressing of the wrong chords and notes that you will learn what sounds right and what sounds not so correct.
Especially when a person is first starting to learn, they come upon many difficulties and frustrations with certain exercises. Perhaps they want to learn classical piano, or basic piano to accompany their singing, or maybe someone just wants to learn the Blues.
A 3" LCD panel above the keyboard displays animated piano keys, left and right hands, and a metronome. For complete shipping & service charges please call Customer Service at 1-800-321-1484. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Even if not a principle instrument, in general the piano still tends to be an instrument that most musicians either started out playing or have learned to play over the years. Adults’ hands are also bigger, so they are able to stretch more easily on the keyboard.

Try to find a teacher who specializes in beginners, and make sure that he or she can see you weekly.
It is also very important to schedule in your day a determined and programmed time for practicing and learning.
Many people choose to learn how to play electronic music and learn techniques on the synthesizer. As one of the 12 lesson songs plays through the piano's speaker, the correct animated fingers and keys illuminate on the LCD to indicate which of the actual keys the child should play. After all, the piano is the instrument that is the closest visual representation of a piece of music, each key representing physically the notes in the scales. It is easier to learn a hand-eye task such as piano-playing at a young age, because as one grows and continues it, the routine becomes rote more quickly. And finally, because music can be quite complicated sometimes, adults have the developed brains that can comprehend the theory behind it much better. Also ask your teacher to teach you theory from the get-go, as some teachers will only teach how to read music notation. Aspiring musicians can customize the lessons to practice playing with one or both hands and the metronome adjusts from 16 to 400 beats per minute, allowing song tempo to be tailored to a pianist's skill level. In addition, their fingers have more flexibility and they do not suffer from ailments like arthritis as adults might. Knowing your key signatures and chords will provide you the freedom to improvise down the road. The truth is that there are so many reasons why a person would like to learn to play the keyboard or piano and this determines which way is the right way for that particular person to learn. The piano can record and play back original compositions, it has 30 demonstration songs, and can play eight different background drum beats. After you get started, if you practice your piano daily for even 20 minutes, you will pick up the skill and be playing your favorite tunes in no time. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.Should you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You have to push the keys harder than normal to make piano keys work, but at least its in tune! Had a few other sound FX options, both my boys (3 and 1.5 yrs) seem to love jamming out on it.

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