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271kochu’s video not only displayed a hilarious cat fountain (purring effect included) but also went through explaining to others how they can build a cat fountain in Minecraft themselves. There are about 365,000 Minecraft tutorials on Youtube, some of them better than others, guiding you step by step through building your way through the game. Finally, wether its Nyan cats, breading cats or catsplosions, one great thing about the web is that you can remix it and make it your own. Before you get all catted-out, what I m trying to get to in the post is that we have an opportunity here to do things differently, we don’t have to follow the (out-of date) classroom model when it comes to learning online.
Submitting to the right section to make sure your post gets the right exposure it deserves! Step 4: Making the fishCut out the fish that you printed earlier and glue one to a piece of cardboard.

So I was trying to come up with an epic cat toy, I couldn't come up with one for quite a while, and then it hit me. The catsplosion video is pretty unique in that it also stands as joke by itself making the video appealing to (cat loving) audiences outside of the Minecraft community. The (great-er) thing about that, when it comes to video memes, is that people make remixes of an original meme really well - sometimes even better than the original ones. Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what makes you laugh. They spend time and put a lot of effort to add a new perspective, a new punchline and get assessed by the number of views, shares and likes that come along with the endorsements of their peers. So what if assessment was embedded within what people make on the web? As a viewer you take on a silly mindset and follow along the narrative of a tart looking cat with a rainbow flag flying into space - because within that context its really exceptionally engaging.

Well, the first part to that answer is above, and the materials I used were basically cardboard, scissors, paint, tape, glue,  paper, printer, and string. Again, part of this is explaned above, but I didn't work with anyone else, (I've tried, I don't trust my friends with my projects :) ) And I just thought about it for a couple of weeks before I started, so not much changed.
At home, and I love to build things, especially stuff that ties different things together to make something unique, such as minecraft and a cat toy. If I could do anything different, it would probably be to get some stronger glue that's in a big quantity.

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