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Two CFMEU heavyweights have blamed each other for trying to cover up the destruction of tonnes of documents during a fiery day of evidence at the trade union royal commission.CFMEU national vice-president Michael Ravbar and former second-in-command David Hanna traded verbal blows from the witness box in Brisbane on Thursday while insisting there was nothing unusual about the April 2014 document purge.
Mr Ravbar accused Mr Hanna of stupidity and corrupt behaviour, while Mr Hanna described his old boss as a micro-manager who went through dozens of staff.Both said it was the other's idea to cover security cameras during a massive but "normal" clean-out of the CFMEU's Brisbane office on the same day it was served with a notice to produce evidence. And the state took over that division.Dollard said the Governor’s Review and Advisory Council, set up under former Democratic Gov.
Tom Corbett.“Instead of looking at 2012 codes, they decided that they didn’t want any new codes,” Dollard told Media Trackers.

Gillespie added the owner had wanted to purchase the Salvation Army building, but negotiations were unsuccessful.“I hope the grand jury looks at that quite closely,” he said. I hope that guy gets charged with murder.”The owner of the building, Richard Basciano, hired contractor Griffin Campbell Construction to handle the demolition. Benschop was found to have marijuana in his system at the time of the building collapse.Neither Pennsylvania nor Philadelphia license demolition contractors.
She said her husband had recommended they rent a high-lift device to make the demolition safer. William Keller is sponsoring House Bill 1591 which would modify the state’s Uniform Construction Code to provide more public safety and more stringent building codes.The Philadelphia City Council special committee hearings as well as the other investigations are ongoing.

And while there is agreement that the city needs better safety regulations, it is unclear what that entails or when those changes might take place.

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