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This is exactly what I was able to get out of Electric Man 2 – a pure action-oriented flash game that had a lot fight scenes and epic battles.Every aspect of it was dedicated to providing a better experience for the player and preparing him for the role of a stick figure warrior who was competing in a very dangerous tournament. In order to win you must progress through each round and this is the main objective that will always remain on your mind as you play Electric Man 2.
The game starts in a poorly designed menu which doesn’t give out such a positive first impression. The tournament consists of three rounds in which you have to defeat four groups of opponents to progress further. You won’t exactly find high quality visual effects in this game nor is the soundtrack very impressive, but it does go well with the overall style of the game.
Over the years I have played a lot of them, but nothing quite matches the experience as when I first sat down to play Electric Man 2. It is hard to say that it contains any special features that you won’t find anywhere else, but the game itself puts all these together very nicely and creates a very interesting game mechanism.

However, if you stick with the game long enough you will be rather impressed with the gameplay and the fun factor that it provides. Once this has been accomplished you need to win two semi-final matches before challenging the final enemy for the title of tournament champion. The slow-motion effects that popup when you use advanced moves will certainly be thrilling to watch and the electro music does fit well with the game theme. It is this mechanism that gave birth to a fun, new battle system that makes it worth your time to play Electric Man 2. After you customize your character and go through the included tutorial you are ready to play Electric Man 2 and climb to the top of the tournament ladder. The character animations are very smooth and render quite quickly which is always a good thing and will make your experience while playing the game much more enjoyable.
Although I prefer playing games that deal with puzzle and mystery, I also enjoy a pure action game once in a while.

The game features a set of controls which are easy to get used to and provides the player with a great tutorial at the start of the game. This is why I highly recommend that you take some time off and play Electric Man 2 since I don’t think that you will be disappointed. By “action game” I really mean what the name suggests – a game that only has a lot of action and fighting in it and doesn’t contain much annoying dialogue.

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