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People want to learn how to play chords in order to be able to play any song they desire easily. When you’re learning to play the piano, the first and most basic chords you learn will form the foundation of everything that is to come. The vast majority of songs can be played – or at least accompanied – by playing these basic chords. Subscribe to our "Learn Piano Chords" newsletter and receive a free PDF copy of the all major, minor, major 7 and minor 7 piano chords.
In this free beginner piano lesson we’re going to quickly learn how to play a C piano chord. I recommend you use fingers 1, 3, and 5 in both your left and right hands to play this chord.
If you want a fun beginner piano song to use the C chord in, I recommend you check out this Amazing Grace Piano Lesson. If you want to learn how to do variations on this chord I also recommend you check out this how to play variations on major piano chords lesson.
Learning your major chords in all your keys is going to be super helpful for you as you to continue to learn piano.

I’ll be adding video demonstrations of the other 11 piano chords very soon. Make sure you keep checking the site for the upcoming lessons! If you’re new here be sure to subscribe to the pianolessonsonline free email list as well. In fact, the basic, three-tone beginner piano chords constitutes one of the foundational elements of total harmony, which is the basis of most Western music itself, at least until the 20th century.
In order to be properly called a chord, a simultaneously struck combination of keys must have at least three notes. Each of the chords you have learned forms the root chord for any piece in the corresponding key. This is part 1 in a whole series of lessons teaching you how to play major chords on piano. Once you have a firm grasp of this chord and play it comfortably try to add it into a song.
A common mistake that beginners make is focusing to much on only playing things in the right hand. Striking one note, obviously, is a note and striking two different notes simultaneously is called an interval.

You can experiment a bit and crawl up and down the keyboard using three note intervals to create major and minor chords. That is to say, if you were in the key of a minor, you could assume that the chords A, D and E would work to accompany most any melody, and you would likely be right. It’s a very easy chord to play and learn so let’s get started learning right now! One of the most common mistakes beginner piano students make is that they use different fingering every time they play something on the piano. Immediately to the left of the leftmost black key in any two-key group you’ll find the white key that corresponds to the note C. Just as is the case with the major keys, these minor key chords form the foundation of their respective keys. The notes that follow, in the key of C and including the black keys are: C, C#(Db), D, D#(Eb), F, F#(Gb), G, G#(Ab), A, A#(Bb), B.

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