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Check out the Early Learning GPS for more tips and activities to help your child learn and grow!
Includes activities you can do around the house (bedroom, kitchen) and in your neighborhood.
Includes activities based on authors of popular children’s books, such as Eric Carle and Dr. Activities you can do to help your child learn and develop using daily routines, every day interactions and Play.  This guide provides ideas for learning in many areas of development for infants and toddlers.
Recipes for Readiness provides various family-friendly activities that will assist in promoting the skills that Kindergarten teachers are looking for as children enter their classrooms. Building Blocks for Babies are fun activities that adults and young children can do together! Based on the PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood, Building Blocks for Babies offer simple at-home experiences that build infants’ and toddlers’ learning in the areas of social, emotional, physical and academic development.

Imitate the sounds your baby makes and try to have a “conversation” as you coo or babble back and forth to each other.
Do children have access to different play areas that are developmentally appropriate, i.e., not too easy or too hard? Do teachers make sure children are safe, but allow the children to decide how they want to play? Some parents seem to forget how turning kids over to their imaginations in the backyard is the best kind of learning you can provide them! Affiliate Links:Some (not all) links to products may result in an affiliate share paid to Not Just Cute. Using the Piano Chords Dictionary, I have created a minimum set of chords which could be used as a base for learning to play piano.

A safe environment (home & school) and proper health and nutrition support early learning. Each activity includes something for infants, toddlers and preschoolers and kindergartners so the whole family can participate!
Each month focuses on a different area of development, such as sparking creativity and celebrating your child’s difference!
Activities are designed for use with children age 3-5 and are aligned to the PA Learning Standards for Early Childhood.  One set of cards comes in both English (one side) and Spanish (the other side).

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