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Our day care facility is based in one large room divided into two separate areas and caters for up to 15 children each day. Our day care is a fun, friendly exciting environment for children to learn, play and develop.
All children in day care experience a safe, secure and stimulating environment which offers activities to promote positive images of all cultures, in a non stereotypical way, through play equipments, displays, books and role play. For further information about our Child Care facilities, or to come and have a look around please contact the school or children’s centre reception. In addition to our own on site child care provision we have links with local Child Minder networks and other local Day Care providers. Some links on this site are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. I am always writing about how important getting out in nature is if you want your kids to enjoy math (see this post and this post, for example), so today I am writing about some great outdoor math activities for kids! Spin a certain number of times in one direction, and then “unwind” by spinning the same number of times in the opposite direction.
Measure distances, first by carefully placing one foot in front of the other, then by running, and then by leaping. An Awesome Creative Sensory Play Experience for All AgesWe live in "the house for playing". Franco*, an English language learner in Blair Daugherty’s preschool class, is playing with toy dinosaurs during a free play period when he shares something with his teacher: “Look, Ms. Franco’s discovery highlights one of two key benefits of playing: promoting academic learning. Students who miss time to play miss opportunities to let their minds soar and connect the dots between what they do at their desks and what surrounds them in the world.
By engaging multiple areas of the brain simultaneously, play links to “foundational capacities such as memory, self-regulation, oral language abilities, social skills, and success in school,” according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Psychologist Peter Gray, author of Free to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life, pinpoints the example of any playtime activity that involves keeping score. These crucial, play-derived social skills prepare us all to live agreeably alongside others, Gray says. By some definitions, guided play is not considered true “play” because it is not child-initiated; adults provide direction, resources or learning input. Playful, teacher-led learning activities tap into the brain’s multisensory engagement, making content more memorable, says Jean Blaydes, a 27-year classroom and physical educator and co-creator of the consulting company Action Based Learning.
Daugherty—who now teaches first grade—agrees that making learning fun is more effective than keeping the students in their desks. Teachers struggling to find time for both free and structured play may find it beneficial to fuse the two.
Incorporating free play, guided play or something in between may require some creativity on the part of educators, but the academic and social emotional learning benefits inherent in play are too vital to overlook.
Start with just one lesson, Reed and Blaydes suggest, and modify it to suit your students’ needs. From full-length features to 10-minute shorts, these films caught our attention—and deserve yours. Richard Sanchez helps Noah Mattke, 6, build a structure at the Seguin Public Library Lego Club on Sept.

Kevin Jackson, 8, holds up his "speed racer," he built at the Seguin Public Library Lego Club, on Sept.
After they were done building, the children were allowed to show off their design skills at the Seguin Public Library on Sept. Mallory Yarbrough, 9, pieces together a "shake proof" building at the Seguin Public Library on Sept.
Colin Spencer-Dibble, 4, holds his Lego structure that he created during the Lego Club, held at the Seguin Public Library on Sept.
Mallory Yarbrough, 9, builds a car out of Legos at the Seguin Public Library Lego Club on Sept.
Cole Yarbrough, 12, looks through a box of Legos as he decides which piece to add to his building, on Sept.
Children enjoy building and playing with Legos at the Seguin Public Library Lego Club on Sept. Damian Chavando,6, and his mother pose as he holds up his "shake proof" structure at the Seguin Public Library's Lego Club on Sept. Mallory Yarbrough, 9, digs through a big box of Legos to find pieces to build her "shake proof" structure, at the Seguin Public Library Lego Club on Sept. Cole Schwanz, 8, plays with a structure he created at the monthly Lego Club, hosted by the Seguin Public Library on Sept.
Cole Yarbrough, 12, holds his creation at the Lego Club held at the Seguin Public Library on Sept.
This piece, from the last Lego Club meeting, features a horse and buggy being driven by a Lego man. Learn Engineering Skills By Playing Minecraft on Raspberry PiGet the Piper Raspberry Pi kit for only $239. When your child attends our day care every day will begin with a smile from a friendly face. They are well trained and qualified and all necessary safeguarding procedures have been completed.
Physical exercise is fully promoted and encouraged with access to 2 direct well resourced outdoor areas, use of a central sensory area and access to the main school hall for extra fun and games.
Add some simple science in by testing if you they feel more or less dizzy if they spin fewer times in one direction than the other. Then see how much longer it takes if you are jumping, skipping, hopping, or running backwards.
I think of spider webs as being made up of a bunch of lines, but with morning dew present there are a lot more spheres to look at than lines!
This kind of careful examination will help your child learn to look for and recognize patterns – another valuable mathematical skill!
Math and nature are closely intertwined, and I am convinced that learning to see the nature in the world around us makes all of us better mathematicians! Here are some great ideas from my co-hosts for this series, and clicking on the button above will take you to the links from my blog for both last year and this year!
I can imagine the giggles if I had my kids count their spins in one direction, then the other! It makes perfect sense that if we want our kids to enjoy math, we can’t expect them to just sit inside looking at flashcards.

I'm MaryAnne, and I write about how to build a better family life through parenting, education, and crafts.
Nicole Morales, a first-grade teacher in Florida, has found this to be the case with some of her students. Studies commissioned by the Alliance for Childhood in 2008 found that students in 254 all-day kindergartens spent two to three hours per day on math and literacy instruction and standardized test-taking skills.
It builds on knowledge acquisition by allowing children to practice their knowledge in social contexts. Such activities require children to add numbers, hold each other accountable, self-regulate and solve any problems or disputes that arise. However, in classrooms where schedules or policies do not allow for unstructured time, guided play is a good alternative. She sets up math and literacy centers in her classroom where students play games, such as a math-oriented Go Fish, a card game that requires students to apply their knowledge of place values.
The Alliance for Childhood states that kindergarteners in particular “need a balance of child-initiated play in the presence of engaged teachers and more focused experiential learning guided by teachers.” Getting children to play is the most important thing.
Reed knows many teachers fear losing control of their classrooms, but he emphasizes that not only does more movement cut down on behavior issues; it’s proven to benefit students’ learning. You and your child will get to know your key worker which enables us all to share valuable information, develop a partnership and work towards ensuring your child reaches their full potential. Staff are dedicated, enthusiastic and share a love of children with a desire to see them grow and develop.
These are specific guided activities that you and your child can enjoy together, but I want to stress that free time in nature is also a wonderful way for kids to develop critical thinking and observation skills that will help them excel in math. I can sort things!” He’s taken Daugherty’s lessons on sorting by color a step further—and he’s done it while playing. Play is, after all, the way children are wired to learn, especially in the preschool and kindergarten years. That built-in practice allows children to learn how to relate to one another—and it happens instinctively. An example activity for teaching punctuation asks students to first come up with motions and sounds for punctuation marks (for instance, jumping into the air and yelling, “Yes!” for exclamation points), then act out those movements at appropriate moments during a text read-aloud. Use your Minecraft mastery to learn engineering skills with help from the Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit, now $239 at TweakTown Deals.  The Piper Raspberry Pi kit comes with a Raspberry Pi 2 microcomputer, an LCD screen, a speaker, bread boards, buttons, switches, and LED lights-everything you need to start putting it together and start learning useful engineering skills. Most teachers know the classroom is the perfect place for children to play, but opportunities to provide those benefits are on the decline.
Marcon of the University of North Florida suggests that those kindergarteners may have had trouble in school later on. It’s likely he would have eventually made the connection between sorting by colors and sorting by other criteria, but the organic, creative way in which playing opened that door can’t be duplicated. You'll learn how to assemble a computer and then play Minecraft challenges that teach you how to work with hardware and how parts of a computer interact with each other.
Reduced recess, cuts to physical education courses and limited free time in the classroom coupled with an increasing emphasis on testing are propelling this decline all over the country.

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