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I love this fastpitch softball success tip which I believe came from Softball Because (based on the wording on the picture). For over a decade Pokémon fans have been facing-off against one another in fierce trading card based battles around the world. I know Gamefreak are almost married to Nintendo, but i would play this on Xbox Live, almost asmuch as my partner plays magic. Although I played it quite extensively, I was very disappointed with the Pokemon trading card game.
They fixed it to some extent by reducing the power of weakness and resistance had over dictating the course of the game, but this meant new cards had a distinct advantage over the older ones.

Basically the new cards seem to be balanced when considered by themselves in their set, it just makes me bitter that my old cards are worthless. The rules for this card game are crazy, just about everyone in my childhood has no idea how to play it. Earlier this year The Pokémon Company launched a singleplayer version, the Trainer Challenge, paving the way for this full online multiplayer instalment of the popular trading card game. The game features a broad selection of pre-made decks for players that would rather get into the game quickly. The progressive over-powering of cards in sequential sets, forcing everyone to continually buy them to even stand a chance in new battles was something that also irked me.

Thus the system involving weakness and resistance made single pokemon counter entire decks, so my friends and I never incorporated those into our games.
This, in hindsight, was an error made by the original developers, as stringent limits on overall power of a single card meant that battles lasted shorter. This essentially removes any element of strategy that the video games had, as this alternative system meant all our pokemon were typeless.

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