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Playing along with your favorite songs is an enjoyable, and highly effective, way of developing your playing technique. This song is played when Kim Jan Di and Gu Jun Pyo were stranded in a wooden hut during their skiing trip.
The complete piano sheet and its demo (In MP3 Format) will be emailed to you upon purchase. Here's a free piano sheet of You are so beautiful as demonstrated at the beginning of this piano tutorial. MIDI Yoke works sending every MIDI event written to an OUT port to the corresponding IN port.
When you select channel 10 on a standard MIDI synth, it plays percussion sounds assigned to many keys but not to all of them. You need to provide an .INS file describing exactly your synthesizer's sound set or soundfont. You can find the latest sources, Windows, and Mac OSX packages at SourceForge project site. If you distribute VMPK packages for any distro, please drop me an email and I will add a link to your site here. WinMM in Windows and CoreMIDI in Mac OSX, which are the native MIDI systems in each supported platform.
You can use a keyboard or piano to tune each individual string on your ukulele to a specific note. The picture above shows you each string on the uke, and how it corresponds to the same note on the Piano or Keyboard.

Unlike on most other stringed instruments, the order of the notes from left to right on the keyboard does not correspond to the order of the strings on the ukulele. In this piano tutorial, you'll learn how to play "Do You Want to Know a Secret" by John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles.
Growing up we didn't play instruments, and looking back, I didn't really have an interest in learning one.
The included file (gmgsxg.ins) contains definitions for only standard GM, GS and XG instruments. It is pretty easy and great for beginners because you are only playing open strings on the ukulele, and so you can have a free hand to turn the pegs while the piano and the ukulele are resonating. Just follow the picture for each individual string, play the note on the piano or keyboard and tune the string to that note until the two notes match. Start with the C-string first, and keep an eye on the picture above to make sure you are working with the right note and the right string. While the lesson is geared toward players of an intermediate skill level, all players can follow along given adequate time and motivation. Next time if I am going to have a candlelight dinner, maybe I will ask the restaurant to play this song. Sure, I wanted to be able to sit in front of a piano and play, but I knew the work that went into reading music and that made the aspiration more than a little daunting. If your MIDI synth doesn't match exactly any of them, you need to get another .INS file, or create it yourself. You can even use the utility sftovkb from vkeybd to create an .INS file from any SF2 soundfont, but there is also a function to import the instrument names from SF2 and DLS files in VMPK.

Make sure you use the Middle-C on the picture as a reference point so you don't try to tune your ukulele an octave too low, or too high.
To get started playing "Do You Want to Know a Secret" on your own piano or keyboard, press play! But after going to New York and seeing my seven year old niece play the guitar and the piano, I felt inspired. If you are using a piano, hold down the foot-pedal so the note you are playing rings out for longer. So after seeing a great keyboard on sale, husband and I decided to get it and see if it was something we could do.
Reading music is INSANELY hard (who creates such a bizarre system?!), but when it comes together, and you can play a song that you actually like, it's amazing. When you bake, you put all these seemingly random ingredients together and get this great result. I'm quite positive I'll never play at Carnegie Hall, but I'm definitely on my way to playing Christmas carols during the holiday season, or some Modest Mouse when I really want to impress Husband.

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