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Lisa Handman is passionate about her teaching the Piano in her private studio located in Alpharetta, and Johns Creek, Georgia.  Lessons are given on a weekly basis with various repertoire, technique, music theory, and rhythm studies covered. We’ve discussed the benefits of playing the piano on the blog before, but there’s always more to learn!
What’s more is that the benefits of learning to play an instrument persist long after a child stops taking lessons. Those are just two of the interesting facts OnlinePianist rounded up… continue reading the rest of the article here!
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Our private piano lessons London will turn you into a top-notch pianist (even if it’s for your own pleasure!). In Home Music Teachers prides itself in its excellent quality service, the ability to match students and teachers, the promotion of fun and productive lessons, and the results nurturing a lifelong art. Students will learn to read and write music and develop these skills along with proper ear training and site reading. Our program's instructors teach all skill levels from beginners to experienced piano players that want to bring their performance to a higher level.
To register for piano lessons, contact In Home Music Teachers at 214-295-8381 or fill out our Lesson Request Form online, and we'll be happy to match you with one of our professional teachers, answer any questions or help you register for lessons.
Piano Lessons London teach contemporary piano to beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Piano Lessons London really are the top piano teachers in London for children as well as adults! Piano Lessons London specialises in teaching piano lessons to London’s musicians. Piano Lessons London’s goal is to help my students pursue their passion and find new ways to express themselves through music.
The piano is designed with gravity in mind because the human body has evolved to match gravity identically, which means that the force needed to play the piano during piano tuition Edinburgh is virtually equal to the weight of the performer’s arm. Trying to move the fingers independently and quickly in this state is like trying to run a sprint race with rubber bands around both legs. Diligent music students learn how rewarding it is to achieve a goal – practice really does make perfect!

It seems like every time we turn around, a new study has emerged that proves just how important music is to our brains, our emotions, and even our social behavior. Numerous longitudinal studies indicate that taking music lessons as a child increases brain plasticity, and can help men and women — get this — resist the effects [of aging] and cognitive decline! Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. Just the thought of having a new skill can have a positive effect on your self esteem and confidence.
Where you choose to have your piano lessons will greatly determine whether you will be able to live your dream of become a pianist or not. We are the best and have a team of the best concert pianists in London who will ensure that you learn the piano at your own pace and privacy.
We have worked with many people, most who did not have even a clue on how to play the piano but today, they are some of the best concert pianists in the world. Perfect if you are looking for piano lessons E1, EC1, piano lessons EC2, piano lessons in EC3, EC4 piano lessons. By learning the notes on a piano, students begin to understand music theory through chord structure, scales, and identifying keys. Students will also learn to express emotion through their music while mastering techniques like tempo, timbre and intonation. I aim to make lessons enjoyable whilst still keeping students motivated and eager to learn. When performing challenging pieces, such as playing a complex piano piece during Piano lessons Edinburgh, there is a tendency to tense up so that the whole body becomes a contracted mass of muscle. However, the piano tutor Edinburgh can show the player how to relax unneeded muscles, and use only the required muscles for just the time in which they are needed. There are many optional performing opportunities – from Student Recitals to Mall performances, National Federation of Musician Festivals, and Royal School auditions.
Yes, learning to play piano actually keeps you young at heart, or more specifically, young up top.
You will have individual lessons that are simplified to make the whole process more fulfilling and enjoyable. As you train with us, you will realize that this is one of the best decisions you have ever made.

That’s why we are Edinburgh, the Lothians and Borders biggest Piano tuition provider. This way, you can play very quickly fast, effortlessly, for long periods of time and without becoming tired.
Well fear not, because evidence based on research shows that the brain regions involved in creative playing, known in scientific circles as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (what a mouthful!), are active when a pianist plays an improvisational piece.
You also get a chance to diversify your career options and it becomes easier to entertain guests and family members. They learn correct hand positioning and finger movement used by all accomplished piano players. Since 1994, we have been providing expert Piano lessons Edinburgh for all age groups and abilities. This brain region has been linked to suppression of stereotypical responses and instead generates more improvised actions.
Being the best in London means that we have to strive to give you the best quality lessons. You will not regret investing your time and money with us for we are genuinely here to help you become an expert pianist. Learning good technique also builds muscle and nerve memory, which in turn improves coordination and increases cognitive reasoning skills, memory, and self-discipline. From Beginners level Piano tuition Edinburgh to Advanced, our Piano tutors Edinburgh provide expert individual Piano tuition at a modest price you can afford. To put it in layman terms, this means playing whatever comes to mind on a piano may in fact help you be creative in other aspects of your life, as it triggers the part of our brains that leads to those “Eureka!” moments. Our team of highly qualified, motivated and friendly pianist will go out of there way to ensure that your dreams become a reality.

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