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Sketchpad  is a cool platform that you can use to make awesome drawings using text and a wide range of colours and patterns. Explanation and illustrations present on these websites play a leading role in making you understand the basic concepts of accounting. Test yourself tab offer you with 3 ways of testing your accounting knowledge, which are quizzes, crossword puzzles, and word scrambles.
SimpleStudies is another free website that offers accounting tutorials, accounting articles, accounting tests, accounting dictionary, etc. Principles of Accounting is another free and independent website which offers a comprehensive textbook and other learning stuffs to learn accounting. Accounting-World, as the name itself suggests that this website helps you to learn accounting in a better way. Animation-ish is not a free animation software, but it has a 15-day free trial for you to explore. I will personally recommend Animation-ish since the user interface is easy to grasp and allows me to see immediate action results.
Need help in animation?Step By Step Checklist To Realistic Animation (Printable Version)Use this cheat sheet to help you monitor your animation progress. PRINTABLE COLORING MATH SHEETS 4TH GRADEprintable first grade math worksheets - deck clica„? - we embrace.
Here’s a list of 5 learn programming apps for Android which you can use to at least get some basic understanding of programming.
Udacity is a very popular online platform for offering courses in many different IT related fields. Learn Programming is basically a reminder app where you can find info on the commands, expressions and functions which are available in most common programming languages.
Coursera is another well known source for free online courses, and with this app you can access much more than just its selection of courses on programming, although it is extensive, Python, Java, and more are supported.
There are courses for web app development, mobile app development or desktop app development.
I have 2 favorites from the list of learn programming apps above, and those two favorites are Udemy and Coursera.
These websites to learn accounting offer video tutorials, explanations, illustrations, tests, multiple choice questions related to accounting.
This website is basically designed for those people who don’t belong to accounting background, as it makes them easily understand the concepts in accounting.
Like the above reviewed websites, this website also lets you easily learn financial and managerial accounting.
This website to learn accounting offers accounting explanation, multiple choice questions, abbreviations, lectures, accounting questions, etc.,  so that you easily understand accounting concepts. On this website, you will find loads of online accounting information on accounting topics like managerial accounting, bookkeeping, financial accounting and basic accounting. However, you can always practice with some free software that comes with drawing and animating capability.

Its interface is filled with hand drawn graphic, giving a fun cartoon atmosphere and generally easy to learn. You can also download the professional version for another 30-day free trial, so in total you get 60 days of free trial. I've also included check points to help you apply principle of animation which will make your animation looks realistic. Knowing how to program can be a great thing, seeing how apps, weather they are mobile, desktop or web, seem to be increasingly more in demand. Not all of the courses are available for free, at least not entirely, but those that are available will be more than enough to help you out if you’re just getting started with programming. Lessons are spread out into categories like software engineering, Android, web development, data science (they talk about databases), etc. It also offers lectures on entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, music (there’s a great beginners guitar course) and more.
Even though a lot of courses on Udemy are paid to sign-up, there’s also a lot of free ones that you can use to get started with a programming language of your choice.
Give these two a spin and then use Programming Hub to further solidify and practice what you learned. Being an Accounting graduate myself, I am always in search for newer resources to refresh my knowledge, and these websites come handy. This website include 7 tabs which are accounting topics, test yourself, bookkeeping, Q&A, careers, dictionary, and pro materials.
Within the accounting tutorials tab, you will find tutorials related to financial accounting and managerial accounting with illustrations that make you understand the accounting concepts in a better way.
This website also include illustrations related to accounting concepts to make you clearly understand about the accounting concepts. I've searched on the internet for free software for Mac's Maverick OS that you can consider if you wish to learn to create your own cartoon video. This software makes use of the traditional frame by frame approach to create animation digitally. Anime Studio is similar to Adobe Flash except that it does not have any interactive aspect.
New users will need to spend some time to familiarise with its interface before any project development.
Learning animation does not necessarily needs a professional software, albeit it will be the ideal situation. Apps that I mentioned down below are offering courses in a wide range of programming languages. There’s hundreds of other similar info snippets that will help you hone your programming skills.
Dictionary tab is like an online dictionary that include almost all accounting terms and their meanings.
Accounting articles tab include several articles related to accounting concepts.  Accounting tests tab allows you to test your accounting knowledge by asking you multiple choice questions.

Each tab includes 4 accounting chapters, and in each chapter you will find textbook, study guide, problems, objectives, and key terms.
You can even test your accounting knowledge by answering the MCQ’s available on this website. The software's interface provides a beginner mode, which simplifies the usage of the tools for new users. You can still learn the animation fundamentals by having fun with drawing things that you like.
From HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the web, to C++, Java, Python (which can also be used for web) and many others for the desktop and mobile apps.
Select the accounting topic first, then choose between the explanation, quiz, questions & answers and crosswords for the selected topic. Accounting dictionary tab is similar to an online dictionary which is also present there in AccountingCoach, this dictionary is full of accounting terms and their meaning. Each chapter offers you with illustrations within the comprehensive textbook to make you understand accounting concepts. This is similar to the traditional development where the artist uses light box to see through tracing paper for drawing reference.
This software comes with pre-drawn animation which you can easily insert into your canvas and learn from them.
This software comes with powerful animation tools such as bones and rigging tools to control characters easily. With Blender, you can create 3D models and animation just like other professional 3D software.
There’s plenty of free courses, but there are also paid ones which go into more details.
You will find the illustrations related to your selected accounting topic with the explanation.
This website does not include any sign in or registration option, so you can easily access each and every content available on the website.
The final animation video will have a Digicel logo watermark for this trial version until you buy the full version at USD$58.
If you like to draw and learn animation, Animation-ish could be great affordable animation software to start with. In order to take membership, you need to sign in yourself and choose you paid plan, either for personal use or for business use. It's priced at USD$59 and can be downloaded digitally so it is very convenient to get a copy of it.

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