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We realize that this may be a bit on the elementary side, but the problem with many online piano courses is that they assume you may have more musical knowledge than you actually have.
Your beginner piano lessons must also stress that fingerings (which note you place each finger on) is of the utmost importance. Let’s talk briefly (three paragraphs) about the basic essentials that make up piano music.
Come and check out our new blog, and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to receive notices of updates in your email. How to make Microwaves work for you: You really can get results in a very short period of time with these piano lessons because they step away from the "traditional rules" and get right to the business of having fun playing! If your piano has different groupings of black notes, you either need a new piano or a very strong cup of coffee.

On a full size piano, the forth C from the bottom (extreme left) of the keyboard is middle C. Each finger is represented by a number as follows: one - thumb, two - index, three - rude and aggressive finger, four - married or seriously taken finger and five - the pinky. Beginners should stick to our free piano lessons guide and click on the sharps and flats link at the bottom of this page.
A scale is simply a bunch of notes that move stepwise up a piano keyboard (to the right) or down a piano keyboard (to the left). Chords are the basis of harmony and harmony is the vertical music that accompanies the horizontal melody. How about 10 Ebooks, 200 Videos,500 Audio Lessons for $39.95? No piano lessons or experience?
We believe that a good start to a beginner piano lesson must provide an anchor note from which to branch out of. On a small keyboard, the name of the piano manufacturer is usually around the middle C area. Saying H will give your musician friends ammunition for at least two weeks of ridicule towards you.

Pianists with some prior training can either stick with our free lessons and review the basics, or check out our piano chords link. There’s even a chance that some well informed non-musician friends will take potshots.
However, if you decide to go to the chords link, please review the next three paragraphs and the notation charts below. A half step is called a semitone (the distance between adjacent notes) and a step is called a tone (the distance of two semitones).
No reading necessary - not your traditional lesson - not even close. Want lessons that will get you playing faster than a flash?

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